Giving my clothes away I enjoy as much as buying them. When recently I gave away 2 silk dresses, a pair of leather pants and two tops, I felt so relieved to see them go – because seeing them hang in my closet I felt guilty for not wearing them.

I know many women cannot easily let go of what has been part of their wardrobe for many, many years, but a friend of mine has a slogan, that might help, “If you don’t wear it, let somebody else enjoy it.” Thinking that you are doing a good deed will make it easier to separate yourself from that lovely Burberry jacket you bought on sale three years ago, and never wore because it is a little snug – I know – who can resist a Burberry blazer for only $99?

Remember the minute you have doubts about an item, and you have not worn it in the last year, it is time to let it go!

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TIP NO. 15  Is your Wardrobe bulging?    

When you stand in front of your wardrobe are you overwhelmed by what you see? If that is the case you have too many clothes in your closet. It is probably because you keep adding new items and don’t eliminate any.

The rule of thumb is that when you buy a new piece you must eliminate something. Say you bought a new sweater today – the piece you take out of your wardrobe does not have to be a sweater, it can be that skirt you have not worn in a long while – applying this rule, you will never be like this womanscan0001-2!

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     Now let’s talk about your budget. Your funds are probably limited, which means that you have to plan your wardrobe to get the most for you money – this means creating many different looks with relatively few pieces.

     Therefore, these pieces have to match any way you put them together. You cannot have both a navy-blue and a black suit because they and their accessories can’t be interchanged. The best solution is to pick two colours that suit you well and build your wardrobe around them.

     Of course, if these two colours are red and royal blue, they might not fit your lifestyle, which is your next consideration. Red and royal blue would not be suitable as basic colours. They are noticed and remembered too easily by others and they are inappropriate in many situations. So you should concentrate on the  neutral tones that suit you: black, white grey, brown, beige navy, and so on. From these pick two for the basic items in your wardrobe, such as coats, suits, dresses, pants, and skirts. Don’t worry about being too monotone in your look, for there are endless variations and shades in these colours. Another advantage of the basic colours is that you will never look out-of-place, either at work or in a more casual setting. Furthermore,  you will never be overpowered by these shades. I am referring not only to your complexion but also to your personality. It takes a certain bravado and energy to carry off flamboyant colours. Unless you have plenty of both, you will feel and look uncomfortable in, for example,  bright pink. You can see how true this is when you think of days when you don’t feel well; don’t you automatically choose a darker outfit? This comes from you unconscious desire to fade into the background.

NOTE: When you’re tired, it’s better not to wear black at all. Instead put a lighter shade next to your face.

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Hello Everybody

          Don’t let a few warm days fool you. Winter is around the corner and soon we will be wearing sweaters, boots, and mittens. Therefore, it is time to put away the camisoles, shorts and skimpy dresses. And I really mean putting away, away out of sight. Do you have 2 closets? Or at least one big one,  giving you enough space to separate your clothes by season?

          I know from experience that it is a pain in the neck to organize your closets that way, but if you don’t do it, getting dressed in the morning is even more of a pain. It took me 3 hours last weekend to make the switch. Opening my closets, fortunately I have two, it seemed an overwhelming task. I always start by looking at what I have worn this season, in this case summer. Then I decide what I don’t want to wear again next summer. I found some t-shirts that had paid their dues, two dresses that after 5 years don’t have to make a comeback, and some jeans that really had lost their shape this summer. Putting them all in a bag for recycling, I then hang, or folded the rest and filed it away. That was not too difficult, but the next step is.

           I started by removing the plastic covers from the items I had stored a few months ago. To my surprise there were a few things I did not remember I have. For example; there was a very pretty black knit dress I had forgotten. Luckily I found it because I was ready to order one from a  catalogues I had just received. I am telling you this, because we do forget what we have until we see it in front of us.

         Besides the distinct summer and winter clothes, there is a third category. The clothes you can wear all year around – like some t-shirts, blouses, light sweaters, cardigans and jeans. You know which they are and they never move, but stay in your current wardrobe at all times

          It took me 3 hours to switch my wardrobe, because I tried on many of my winter clothes to find out

– if they still FIT

– if I still LIKE them

– if they are still FASHIONABLE

– if I can make them look more UP-TO-DATE by coordinating them differently

– if I could still wear this or that jacket by wearing a FUR  VEST with it

          Having made the effort of trying things on and deciding what goes with what, you might wonder how you can remember all this in a few weeks? Unfortunately there are only two ways you can –

l. You must have a good memory

2. Or you make a list. This means you write it down,  like: – black skirt, white blouse, camel blazer, and red boots, and so on. When your list is done, stick it to the door of your wardrobe.

          You might ask, “Why can’t I hang a skirt together with the blouse that matches it?” The reason this won’t work is that your skirt can be worn with other items in your wardrobe. However, to make things a little easier hang all pants. all skirts, all blazers, and all tops and blouses together, colour coordinated – all white tops together, all black tops together and so on.

             This process applies to shoes and handbags as well. But this should not be too difficult,  because it is easy to separates sandals from boots, and many handbags can be worn year around.

            Please remember  —  if you  have a question about your wardrobe, you can contact me by email – bbnnic@gmaill.com – and you can even send a photo of yourself or a garment you are not sure about

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                 LOOK YOUR BEST

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