TIP NO. 6  Buy the right size – you will say of course I do – but sometimes we fall in love with a dress or top because it is on sale, or it is sexy, or it is a Ralph Lauren, but it is a little small – thinking well I am going to lose those extra pounds, and then it will fit!’

Most of the time we don’t lose the extra pounds and we are stuck with something we can’t wear or we look like this!


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Hello Everybody

Now that I have talked about what to wear and how to look your best, I would like to hear from YOU.

So I am starting something new – if you have a question about ANYTHING  – your hairstyle, your make-up, a dress, or what to wear for a special occasion, or for work,  please write to me – or better yet send me a picture of yourself with your question – my email is bbnnic@gmail.com – this is a free service to help you get an honest answer,  to erase any doubt you might have about your image or what to wear.

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    Hello Everyone

          Are you among the women who say, “I love hats, but I never wear them!” For a long time hats were regarded as a dressed-up  look one tried to avoid like the plague. But this excuse is no longer valid – HATS ARE BACK. I am glad to see that they have finally left the runways of the fashion designers and are seen more and more on the streets. The other day while shopping, I counted six women with hats. It gave an interesting touch to their look, pulling together whatever they wore.   

          The return to more elegant, dressier clothes is the reason for hats again. For a beautiful outfit, a hat is like the dot on the letter  i. It is the most glamorous finishing-off accessory you can add. HALSTON, who became famous first for his creations of hats, once said, “A hat is a head covering which is supposed to make you glamorous, exciting and more interesting than anyone else.”

          And wearing the right hat does just that — it makes you stand out from the crowd. Of course it has to be the right one; it has to add interest to your look and frame your face in a flattering way. Here ae some guidelines:

– Hats with a brim (any size) are always flattering to the face.

– A woman 5’4″ and under must stay with a medium size brim — a large one will make her look like a mushroom. A high crown adds height, however.

– Hats must be in proportion to your figure. Remember that the smaller the hat, the fuller the figure will appear; the larger the hat, the slimmer the figure will look. Here are a few styles of hats to think about:

          When you go to buy a hat, allow yourself enough time to try on every hat on display. And don’t buy one unless you feel completely at ease and attractive in it. It must give you the feeling that you want to walk out of the store wearing it. If it doesn’t feel right when you first put it on, and you buy it anyway,  it will sit in your closet and you will still say, “I love hats, but never wear them?”

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