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Here are 4 more tips

5. Try on what you plan to take. Even if your clothes are cleaned or laundered regularly, it’s necessary to try on what you have chosen to pack. Sometimes a button is missing, a hem loose, or the outfit is less appropriate than you remember. This exercise will also assure you that your planning is correct and that everything you choose looks good together. Once you’ve made your final choice, hang all the items together, but apart from the rest of your clothes.

6. Never take more than you can carry yourself. Since porters are a disappearing breed, and luggage carts are often unavailable, the only other alternative is a young man who rushes to your rescue………but they too are getting scarce.

So plan accordingly. Nothing is worse than standing with three suitcases, or even two,in an airport,not knowing how to get to the taxi stand or bus stop. Try to keep your luggage down to what you can carry without too much effort —- one large suitcase, and a medium size carry-on bag.

7. Choose the right suitcase. Maybe you can’t afford Louis Vitton, but there are many good, reasonable priced suitcases on the market. Stay away from the very soft type, they don’t protect your clothes. Choose one that can withstand being kicked and thrown around, like the Samsonite type that is now making a comeback.

8. Packing your clothes. Put shoes and handbags, filled with underwear and hose, on the bottom of the suitcase, opposite the handles. This will prevent them from shifting and crushing things when the suitcase is carried or standing.  Then take your sweaters, and tops putting them FLAT, one on top of the other, filling out as much surface as possible without folding them. Whatever hangs over must be folded into the case. Pants are put lengthwise, folded once. Packing jackets, dresses or blouses, put the top part in first, horizontally, next fold in the sleeves and then fold  the bottom part over.

I know some people suggest rolling up every item, but this system allows you to put the maximum in a suitcase without wrinkling the clothes. Delicate blouses and dresses go in last.

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Hello Everyone

The joy of making a trip or going on vacation is often dimmed by the thought of packing a suitcase. Don’t let worry over forgetting something or frustration about having left at home what you need, spoil your fun. The secret is to get organized and to plan your travel wardrobe on paper first. Here are the first 4 of 12 tips.

1. – Find out about the temperature and climate where you’re going. This is easy to do through the internet.

2. Write down the number if days you will be away. Break these into activities, such as: sporty events, city shopping or activities, evening entertainment(dinners, parties around the pool, barbecues, etc.).

3. Look at your wardrobe and pull out what you think you will wear for each occasion.

 4. Then decide which of these outfits can be worn for more than one occasion. So if you have pulled out 6 outfits for evening activities, but 3 can be worn twice because you go to different places, or you don’t see the same people, you can eliminate 3 of the 6 you original took out of your wardrobe – making your packing easier and your suitcase lighter.

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