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Hello Everyone –

I thank you  for following my Blog over the last few years. Today I want to let  you know that from now on I will follow you – How?  By answering your questions! I have worked with many women over the years,  helping them with their wardrobe and finding their image.

Fashion Magazines and sites on the internet inundated us with fashion advice, but they are all addressed to a wide audience and not to YOU personally. They don’t know YOU. But I would like to change this. If you have a question about the following please write  in the comment box, and you can even attach a photo :

  • Shopping
  • Your Wardrobe
  • What suits you best
  • What to wear when
  • How to find your look
  • How to make a clothing budget
  • How to clean out your wardrobe
  • How to save money

And if your question doesn’t fall into one of these categories, please let me hear from you anyway- I look forward to working with you to help you find your style, save you money, and always Dress to loo your best!





You might say ‘but that is obvious’ – no it isn’t! I am presently associated with the Bottomless Closet, an organization that helps women to have the right image and proper clothing when they go for an interview.

While working with the women I am surprised to learn how many of them think a garment fits when it really doesn’t. Even when they can’t button a jacket – they say it fits. Don’t let that happen to you – here are a few tips how to avoid these mistakes.

1. You must be able to button a jacket  – even if, as I often hear  ‘I never button my jacket’  you should be able to

2. When buttoned  – jackets or shirts should no GAPE – and if it doesn’t when you button it, make sure it doesn’t when you move.

3. When pants show horizontal pleats in the crotch area, it indicates that they are to snug.

4. If you have any extra weight around the middle, on the top or around the hips, a dress should be loose enough not to point them out – or it will look like this !scan0004- 2.jpg too tight dress-2

See you tomorrow

   scan0004-2                Brigitte


TIP NO. 14 – Spend more for………

Coats,  Pants — and of course Shoes, and Handbags.

These are investment pieces, because you wear them often and probably for a few years.

Coats – it is best to buy a good cloth coat in a basic colour, of course, black is on top of everybody’s list, but another versatile colour is camel or maroon – and make sure it is not too tight under the arm – you might want to wear a suit or heavier sweater under it.

Pants – pants are the item we wear more than any other garment in our wardrobe, therefore,  paying more will guarantee a better fit – no baggy knees and no baggy backside, it will keep its shape and make you look good.

Bottega bag
Bottega Veneta – February Town & Country

Shoes  and HandbagsmyGrandmother used to say that you can judge a woman’s taste and status by her shoes and handbag – how true – the styles of expensive shoes are more interesting, and that goes for the handbags as well. Expensive shoes are also more comfortable because they are usually made of leather and not an imitation there of – and for handbags – how many do you need? I know all the pretty styles out there are very tempting, but tell me honestly do you change your handbag often, or do you use the same one most of the time? If that is the case you can really buy an expensive one, and enjoy it and have it speak for you!                                                                                               

See you tomorrow

           scan0004-2                    Brigitte


Tip No. 11 Look at what you have before you buy.

A comment from Dana, who is following my blog, was, and I quote “I suppose if I took more time to assess my closet, instead of shopping, I can know better what pieces to purchase.”

How true! Have you ever said, while looking into your closet “Oh I had forgotten I have that!”  This happens because you don’t take inventory of your wardrobe. I know time can be an issue, but if you go through your closet once a month – by going through, I mean take a quick look at what is hanging there, put the tops together, the pants, etc. you will get a feeling of what you have – and next time you are in a store you won’t buy a second pair of brown pants, you know you have one – you just saw it in your closet!

See you tomorrow




Hello Everyone

No, I have not been in touch for a while, so let me tell you first about my New Year’s Resolution – I promise to be in touch more often and I hope you will be too!

The New Year’s Resolution I would like you to make is:

NOT to buy a top or skirt, or whatever else might be on sale,because it is CHEAP. The best value you can get is to buy something you need, something of good quality, something you love and will wear for a long time – and please make sure that it has a mate – don’t buy just a top or bottom – buy an outfit and you won’t ever have to worry about what goes with what!


Until next time

             scan0003-3                    Brigitte


Hello Everybody

If you are thinking of buying a dress this summer, the shirtwaist dress is your answer. It is one of the most useful dresses you can own, and this year it has made a comeback. It is useful because it is appropriate for many occasions. It looks well in any fabric – cotton, silk, linen – and it is stunning in gold or lame fabrics. Which fabric you chose depends on where you want to wear it

It does change its style slightly depending on fashion trends, but it always has collar, a buttoned front (at least to the waist, and sleeves). And it is becoming for all figure types. A SLIM WOMAN can wear a shirtwaist dress with a belt and a full skirt; a HEAVIER WOMAN can wear it with a straight skirt and no belt. It looks good with a short skirt or a long skirt. However, if the skirt is long, leave the last few buttons open. It looks good with long sleeves and short sleeves.


Of course, how you wear it is also important. A customer of mine came to me with a shirtwaist dress that she had just bought but which her husband disliked. ‘He can’t say why, he just doesn’t like it.’ I asked her to put it on. She buttoned it up to the top, fastened the sleeves neatly at the wrist, and buckled the belt loosely around her waist. Result: no shape and no sex appeal! I asked her to open the top three buttons, roll the sleeves halfway up her lower arm, and pull the belt tight to show her waist. Now, it was a different dress, which her husband thought was much better than the one she wore before, never realizing that it was the same dress.

Note- When you decide how far a dress or blouse can be unbuttoned, don’t look down at yourself. You will see a lot more than anyone else looking at you. To see what others see, look straight into the mirror and then decide how much you want to show.

Until the next time

                                STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST



Hello Everyone

I hope that you have started the New Year with a lot of fun and some New Year’s resolutions.

One of them should be  —  make sure that the clothes you buy are earning their keep. What do I mean? Well sometimes we spend a lot of money on an item and hardly ever wear it – that item is not earning its keep. And on the other hand we have things in our wardrobe, which might have been less expensive, but we could not imagine life without.

I once bought a pair of black pants on sale which I did not really need – but you know how it goes –  they were on sale. Well, it so happened that none of the other black pants I have, perform as well. as these. These fit, keep their crease and are washable – that is real dividend.

If you are wondering about the performance of your clothes, take some time to go through you wardrobe. Put the items you love and wear a lot to one side and those you rarely wear, for whatever reason, on the other. And looking at the clothes you hardly wear, you will be surprised how much you have invested in things that bring no return.

So this year’s New Year’s resolution: – buy only clothes which have a lot of mileage, which allow you to wear them frequently. In order to focus on this while you are shopping remember:

– don’t fall in love with that cute top

– decide if you need it

– will it fit into my lifestyle

– do I have anything to wear it with

– do I really feel comfortable in it

By answering these questions you will avoid the items we refer to as “I don’t know why I ever bought this, I hardly wear it. ” It will save you money, and your clothes will earn their keep!

Until the next time

                        STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST


PS: I thank you all for your kind comments about my blog and remember if you have a question, you can reach me at



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