Hello Everyone

Yes, I am back from the land of the Pharaohs – it was wonderful, it was safe, and the Egyptians are courteous and welcoming people. I know I promised to find out what the woman are wearing, but before we get to the clothes let me show you first how pretty the girls are.

This being my second visit to Egypt I notices many more women wearing the higab (head scarf) than before, but apart from that, as you can see on these pictures, they dress just like the girls here – jeans, sneakers, and their tops could have been bought at the GAP.

This changed when looking at older women. Very often they were wearing a gallabiyya (a long loose robe)that covered them totally, but as you can see in the next picture both is accepted and  what a woman chooses to wear is certainly dictated by her religious believe.

The next picture, showing the front of a house from another era I thought was very interesting – the wood lattice-work on these windows is very small, but it allowed the women of the house to look out, without being seen by anybody on the street – aren’t we lucky times have changed?

Putting the higab (head scarf) aside the young women in Egypt love their  jeans and sneakers just as much as we do.

Sending you greetings from the Pyramids.

Until the next time

                                         STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST


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