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          Today it is back to basics, namely to the next steps helping you to have the right clothes in your wardrobe.


            You might think that you will lose weight in the near future, but remember how many times you didn’t or it took longer than you thought it would. Seeing this purchase in your wardrobe will frustrate you every time you see it hanging in your closet. First, and most importantly, because it reminds you of not having lost the weight, and second because you bought a garment you can’t wear, or if you do you might look like this.

          Even a size 7 woman looks fat in a tight garment. Better to buy things a bit larger. I can assure you that you won’t look bigger but slimmer in a slightly looser garment.

         #15 BUY THE RIGHT SIZE

         The right size is what fits you.  If you are a size 10 don’t hesitate to try on a size 12. Today sizes are not true to what we once knew. In order for manufacturers to save money they often cut their garments on the small side, or they patterns are designed differently. In one brand you might wear a size 10 and in another a size 12. Better merchandise is often cut  more generously than cheap clothes.

         So don’t insists that your are a size 8. Instead try a larger or sometimes smaller size – IF IT FITS – IT’S YOUR SIZE.

         Hoping that you will find well-fitting bargains this week when you go shopping 

         Until next time




When I tried on the silver slippers, one of the ladies came over, “Are you going to buy these?” I looked at her feet. At that moment 3 other ladies walked in. It turned out that all 5 ladies came from Staten Island.
“Do you remember the Italian restaurant?”


I spent the last weekend in a Bed & Breakfast in New Jersey. While driving around the area I saw a sign next to a church – ‘Our Thrift shop is open every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.’ I stepped on the brakes and slowed down, then I remembered it was only Friday – what a pity. But after breakfast the next morning it was my first stop.
When I walked in at 10.30 there were two ladies looking around and chatting away. “Be careful not to trip, we are doing some work this morning, but they will be out of here soon,” the older lady minding the store warned.

                  “That is right we won’t be in your way for long,” the man hammering away said laughingly.
I started to look for the shoe rack because that is where I always start my search for bargains. The first pair I took of the shelf was size 9, so was the second, third and fourth pair – wow what luck – there must have been a generous person in the congregation who had the same size as me. Usually the ones I like are 7 or 6 and I have to pass them up. When I tried on the silver slippers, one of the ladies came over. “Are you going to buy these?”

           “I don’t know yet!” I answered
          “Well if you don’t I will.” I looked at her feet. She was wearing sneakers and her feet did not look narrow.   “They are very small in front! “I said
           “I see, but I have narrow feet, you know.” No I didn’t and I doubted it, but I handed them to her and she rushed away to sit down and try them on. At that moment 3 other ladies walked in. When one of them said to her friend, “You know when we lived in Staten Island – did you know I was born there?” ………..There was a cry of surprise and the lady holding the silver slipper said: ”I don’t believe it! You are from Staten Island too! Do you live here now? When did you come here?” It turned out that all 5 ladies came from Staten Island.
          “Do you remember the Italian restaurant?” “Sure we went every Saturday night; my husband knew the owner and he always treated us well.”
It was like a high school reunion, I enjoyed listening. They laughed and joked, remembering the good times back when. They also shopped and told each other what looked good and what didn’t. After about an hour they were ready to go.
          ”Let’s have lunch some where.”

          “What a good idea,” the others agreed.” 

           While they moved towards the door I asked my lady, “Did you buy the silver slippers?”
           “No, they were too narrow. I have a broad foot, you know!”
I knew! And watching them walk out I thought that having found new friends she did not need silver slippers anyway.

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