When we fall in love with a pair of shoes, and the salesman says, “Sorry, we don’t have them in eight and a half” – we convince ourselves that size 8, which we are trying on, really doesn’t feel so tight, even if our big toe is going to sleep.

Here are a few ideas to help you get the right size:

-Buy your shoes in the afternoon,  or after you have been on your feet for a few hours -in the morning when your feet are rested, they will be half a size smaller than later in the day.

– See if there is an area that is not carpeted in the store – and walk there for a minutes, you will feel the difference – a soft carpet makes every shoe feel so much more comfortable

– and most important – when the salesman says, “Don’t worry they will stretch. DON’T BELIEVE HIM! (Check in your wardrobe how man shoes you have which didn’t stretch!)

– the shoes you buy must feel so comfortable that you would like to walk out of the store with them –

Don’t compromise – you owe it to your feet to give them a comfortable home.

See you tomorrow

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As we have heard yesterday ‘high heels’  are very becoming and seductive. But if you have not worn any for a long time – how do you start?

Buy a pair with a small heel.  Maybe 2″ high, and start wearing them around the house. It will give your feet a chance to get used to them – remember only practice makes perfect – and with  time you can wear them when you go out – and with more time – you might work yourself up to this

Piaget shoes
Paige – Harper’s Bazaar March 2013

Your partner will be certainly appreciate your new look!

Until tomorrow

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Hello Everybody

You have all heard of Maria Antoinette, the French Queen who lost her head on October 16, 1793.

She was known for her extravagant taste and wardrobe. It was so extravagant that after more than 300 years a pair of her silk slippers sold at an auction in Toulon, France for $57,336.

Don’t be sorry to have missed the sale, – here is a picture of the slippers maybe – you wouldn’t even have liked them, or maybe they were not your size – or is 6.5 your size?


Until the next time




Hello Everyone

          Now that dresses have made a comeback, hose are an important accessory – so important, that they have taken on many different looks and purposes. Choosing the wrong kind can ruin your appearance, as much as the right kind can enhance your look.

          You can also use hose to change your look. A black suit worn during the day with natural hose, looks totally different when worn with lace hose in the evening. But to know which kind fits your outfit best, remember this;  it is the fabric of your dress or skirt that determines the type of hose you should wear.

– Tweed and heavy wool fabrics, for example, look good with opaque or textured hose.           

–  Light wool materials (or mixtures thereof) need a slightly sheerer look.

– Silk, chiffon, cotton, voiles need a nude, very sheer hose.

         Then there is the question of colour.  This is more influenced by the shape of your legs than anything else. Therefore, start by looking at your legs. Do you want to draw attention to them or not? If you have good legs, you can wear all kinds and colours. But maybe your legs are not your best feature and you don’t want to highlight them by wearing unusual designs or colours. To be more specific:


– don’t wear light shades.

– don’t wear heavy textures or very thick opaque hose, and never woolen ones.

– don’t wear gold, or silver, or lace hose – they too add volume.

Stay with darker shades. Flattering are hose in shades of dark brown (coffee), blues, blacks, and grays.


– don’t wear sheer black hose. They will make your leg look skinnier.  A 30 denier weight or a light opaque is more becoming, and you can wear it in any colour.


– it is advisable never to wear anything sheerer than a 30 dernier weight 

– the many types of light weight opaque are very flattering and hide a multitude of sins.

To give your legs a longer look,  match the colour of you hose to the shoes (with or without matching the skirt). Of course if the colour of the skirt matches as well, your silhouette will still look slimmer.

          Besides the shape of your legs, you need to keep in mind the shoes you are going to wear. Heavier textured hose should be worn with lower-healed shoes or boots. Nothing looks worse than a rough textured stocking with a delicate, high-heeled shoe. The higher the heel, the sheerer the hose should be.

         If in doubt, a plain opaque hose is your best choice. They come in any imaginable colour, and thickness – so have fun with your legs this winter – and if you are daring, a wild animal print one can make all the difference.

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 Hello Everyone!

          I am interrupting my 20 Steps again, because there is something I want to bring to your attention while it is still summer. Yes, it has to do with feet again. You must think I have a foot fetish. Maybe a little bit, or at least,  a shoe fetish. So what I am talking about today is the health of your feet, and the look of your feet.

                                          WHO INVENTED THE FLIP FLOPS?


                        Whoever it was should get a medal for inventing such a comfortable style of shoe and should be condemned for making women give into wearing just a sole and two straps in the name of comfort for any occasion.

                        When walking into my building this week I was following a lady who was about 60 years old. She wore a black and white skirt with a pretty black top. ’That looks nice I thought.’ When we reached the elevator we had to wait for it, and that’s when I looked down at her feet. What do you think I saw? Yes, a pair of white flip-flops made of cheap white rubber. Her pale feet, looked even whiter and very naked, like she was not wearing any shoes at all.

          According to the files she was carrying under her arm, she was either going or coming from work – maybe a real estate agent? I was ready to ask her what she was thinking when she put on those shoes. Probably she wasn’t thinking – or just wanted to be comfortable, but I curved my impulse and minded my own business.

            When the elevator came she walked in with great determination, and asked: “What is your floor?” “12” I said. She was going to 34.

            Hoping that her client was not as sensitive to flip-flops as I, I left the elevator, and wished her ‘A Good Day.’ But if her client did not think that flip-flops are a business attire, she was in trouble. A piety, because from her well cut grey hair down to her ankles, everything was perfect.

            The excuse ‘ I want to be comfortable’ or I have to walk a lot today, is not valid, because this year the choices of comfortable, nice shoes are endless – open, closed, with a little heel, with no heel, anyway you want it – it is out there. So let’s enjoy the choices we have and leave those flip-flops for where they belong, the beach or in a garden,

          But if you insist on wearing them do what I saw a young lady do the other day. She stepped out of an elevator in one of the big office buildings and put down her attaché case, She took her high-heeled shoes off and exchanged them for a pair of flip-flops, which came out of another bag she was carrying. After putting her high heels away, she was walking quickly and in great comfort out of the building. By doing this she had not compromised her image, and not sacrificed her comfort.

            But we have not found out yet who has invented flip-flops?


This is hard to say. Many people have claimed they did, and some even had their models patented. In many developing countries flip-flops are the cheapest footwear available, often less than a $1 and are made of recycled tires.

In New Zealand the woven soled Japanese Zori was worn in 1930. And their popularity increased when the Australian swimming team wore them during the Melbourne Olympic Games in 1956. So they have been around a long time and certainly come a long way – all the way to the white house. When the Northwestern Women’s Lacrosse team was honored by President Bush on July 19, 2005, four of the women were wearing flip-flops – but there the protocol of the White House drew the line, and these women were criticized for not knowing better.  But the popularity of flip-flops has not suffered. On the contrary. They have never been as popular as now – we see them in restaurants, in theaters in the offices, just anywhere.

          But if you don’t agree with my views on the elegance and appropriateness of flip-flops, may I leave you with some facts on what they do to your feet? Wearing them for a long period of time and walking in them for a long time, will result in sore feet, ankles and legs. These are the findings of a study conducted by  the Auburn University in 2008. And the lack of support for your ankles can also create other foot problems.

            So now there are two reasons for wearing flip-flops with discretion – one, not to hurt your feet, and the other is not to let them spoil your image where it counts.

            So until next week





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When I tried on the silver slippers, one of the ladies came over, “Are you going to buy these?” I looked at her feet. At that moment 3 other ladies walked in. It turned out that all 5 ladies came from Staten Island.
“Do you remember the Italian restaurant?”


I spent the last weekend in a Bed & Breakfast in New Jersey. While driving around the area I saw a sign next to a church – ‘Our Thrift shop is open every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.’ I stepped on the brakes and slowed down, then I remembered it was only Friday – what a pity. But after breakfast the next morning it was my first stop.
When I walked in at 10.30 there were two ladies looking around and chatting away. “Be careful not to trip, we are doing some work this morning, but they will be out of here soon,” the older lady minding the store warned.

                  “That is right we won’t be in your way for long,” the man hammering away said laughingly.
I started to look for the shoe rack because that is where I always start my search for bargains. The first pair I took of the shelf was size 9, so was the second, third and fourth pair – wow what luck – there must have been a generous person in the congregation who had the same size as me. Usually the ones I like are 7 or 6 and I have to pass them up. When I tried on the silver slippers, one of the ladies came over. “Are you going to buy these?”

           “I don’t know yet!” I answered
          “Well if you don’t I will.” I looked at her feet. She was wearing sneakers and her feet did not look narrow.   “They are very small in front! “I said
           “I see, but I have narrow feet, you know.” No I didn’t and I doubted it, but I handed them to her and she rushed away to sit down and try them on. At that moment 3 other ladies walked in. When one of them said to her friend, “You know when we lived in Staten Island – did you know I was born there?” ………..There was a cry of surprise and the lady holding the silver slipper said: ”I don’t believe it! You are from Staten Island too! Do you live here now? When did you come here?” It turned out that all 5 ladies came from Staten Island.
          “Do you remember the Italian restaurant?” “Sure we went every Saturday night; my husband knew the owner and he always treated us well.”
It was like a high school reunion, I enjoyed listening. They laughed and joked, remembering the good times back when. They also shopped and told each other what looked good and what didn’t. After about an hour they were ready to go.
          ”Let’s have lunch some where.”

          “What a good idea,” the others agreed.” 

           While they moved towards the door I asked my lady, “Did you buy the silver slippers?”
           “No, they were too narrow. I have a broad foot, you know!”
I knew! And watching them walk out I thought that having found new friends she did not need silver slippers anyway.

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Buy your shoes in the afternoon. If you have shoes with an uncomfortably high heel, your local shoe repair shop can cut them down. Happy feet are healthy feet, but they can only be healthy when we treat them well; with respect, care and the right shoes!


You won’t believe – and I still don’t believe what happened to me this morning. I was putting on a pair of jeans which needed to be worn with high heels. So once I had the jeans on, I looked at my shoe rack to see which shoes to wear. They had to be comfortable because I was going to do quite a bit of walking. I slipped my left foot into an open toe, pink platform sandal, and the right one into one with a smaller heel, a little dressier in silver leather.
Obviously I did not make a decision then and there, because when I stepped out of the elevator, one foot felt different from the other, and wondering why, I looked down – and would you believe it I had a pink sandal on one and a silver one on the other foot.
But you don’t have to wear two different styles of shoes to be comfortable –here are a few tips on wearing the same shoe on both feet and have happy feet.

– Buy your shoes in the afternoon. If you buy them in the morning when your feet are rested they will feel tight when your feet swell during the day.
– Make sure you try both shoes on – our feet are a little different and a shoe can be comfortable on the right foot, but not on the left.
– Walk around the store for a few minutes, and try to find a spot without carpet (I don’t know if you are like me, but I have come home with shoes which felt comfortable while walking on the carpet, but once wearing them on the street, it was not the same).
– Never buy a pair that is a little tight thinking THEY WILL STRETCH – they don’t. I know it is very tempting to think so when you fall in love with a cute pair that will match your bag perfectly, but don’t give into that temptation. If you don’t believe me, look in your closet and I am sure you will find a few of those THEY WILL STRETCH ones, which didn’t and you never wear.
– However, when wearing any new shoe to soften them up a little put body lotion on your feet – it takes the stiffness out of them.
– If you have shoes with an uncomfortably high heel, your local shoe repair shop can cut them down. This has saved many of my sexy shoes, they are still sexy but don’t make me fall over anymore. Yes, there is a limit to how much they can cut, but sometimes a 1” or even ½” makes all the difference.
– Change your shoes half way through the day – it will prevent your feet to be in the same position for too long and relax them
Happy feet are healthy feet, but they can only be healthy when we treat them well; with respect, care and the right shoes — remember you will need them for a long time — no, not the shoes — your feet!

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