As we have heard yesterday ‘high heels’  are very becoming and seductive. But if you have not worn any for a long time – how do you start?

Buy a pair with a small heel.  Maybe 2″ high, and start wearing them around the house. It will give your feet a chance to get used to them – remember only practice makes perfect – and with  time you can wear them when you go out – and with more time – you might work yourself up to this

Piaget shoes
Paige – Harper’s Bazaar March 2013

Your partner will be certainly appreciate your new look!

Until tomorrow

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Are you wearing glasses? Have you ever wondered if you would be more attractive to the opposite sex if you didn’t have to wear glasses? Don’t worry anymore ……. here are the results from a study done a few years ago – they were  published in the book What Turns Men On.

The question was: “Do you find women wearing glasses less attractive?’

84% answered in the negative

A twenty-nine-year-old free-lance writer in New York answered:

Emphatically no. On the contrary, many women’s beauty is enhanced by a nice pair of stylish glasses. They can decorate a face, because large lenses may serve as display windows for a fascinating pair of eyes. Glasses can also suggest an additional dimension to a lady’s personality, i.e. intelligence, thoughtfulness, etc.

Others said:

–  Glasses can make a woman look better, providing they are the right style

– On the contrary, some woman look beautiful with glasses, if they are fashionable they can be very sexy, but they have to be the right ones.

The emphasize is on the right ones – choose a pair that makes a statement, BE2127 $210.00 rimless, small styles don’t.

See you tomorrow

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Hi Everyone

What’s more exciting than suspense? Think of unwrapping a gift. The best moment of all comes when you’re wondering what’s in the parcel as you carefully open it. Not that the object loses its attraction when you see it, but the suspense adds to its appeal.              

It’s the same with a woman and underwear.Lingerie is the wrapping paper for her body. It increases her desirability and sex appeal.

Your partner is, of course, already attracted to you, otherwise he wouldn’t be there. But the act of “unwrapping” can certainly add to the stimulation of the evening (or day) And, as you may know, some people don’t unwrap their presents all the way. It’s often fun to keep something back. A little mystery works wonders. I truly believe that nudity has not added to sexual appeal; but instead detracted from it. It has eliminated the art of seduction. The underwear a woman is wearing, if it’s sexy, will certainly increase the pleasure and degree of eroticism she and her partner feel.

Lingerie gives you the chance to look and be someone else for a special occasion. Change keeps life interesting. A garter belt, a special bra, a sexy pair of stockings can be a great boost to your love life. I am not saying this just for the benefit of your partner, but also for you. After a number of years, life may have gone a little flat for you too, and you may not always feel inspired. But wearing sexy, soft, silky underwear will change your mood too. Feeling naughty and provocative will give you back the excitement you’ve missed. Just imagine going out for dinner wearing a beautiful red bra and bikini panty. Besides the pleasant feeling of the soft fabric against your skin, your anticipation of what your lover will say when he sees you will make you more seductive and exciting.

Of course, we all know that Victoria’s Secret is the place to go for sexy, naughty lingerie. But since the choice is overwhelming we will talk about how to shop the next time.

Until then




Buy your shoes in the afternoon. If you have shoes with an uncomfortably high heel, your local shoe repair shop can cut them down. Happy feet are healthy feet, but they can only be healthy when we treat them well; with respect, care and the right shoes!


You won’t believe – and I still don’t believe what happened to me this morning. I was putting on a pair of jeans which needed to be worn with high heels. So once I had the jeans on, I looked at my shoe rack to see which shoes to wear. They had to be comfortable because I was going to do quite a bit of walking. I slipped my left foot into an open toe, pink platform sandal, and the right one into one with a smaller heel, a little dressier in silver leather.
Obviously I did not make a decision then and there, because when I stepped out of the elevator, one foot felt different from the other, and wondering why, I looked down – and would you believe it I had a pink sandal on one and a silver one on the other foot.
But you don’t have to wear two different styles of shoes to be comfortable –here are a few tips on wearing the same shoe on both feet and have happy feet.

– Buy your shoes in the afternoon. If you buy them in the morning when your feet are rested they will feel tight when your feet swell during the day.
– Make sure you try both shoes on – our feet are a little different and a shoe can be comfortable on the right foot, but not on the left.
– Walk around the store for a few minutes, and try to find a spot without carpet (I don’t know if you are like me, but I have come home with shoes which felt comfortable while walking on the carpet, but once wearing them on the street, it was not the same).
– Never buy a pair that is a little tight thinking THEY WILL STRETCH – they don’t. I know it is very tempting to think so when you fall in love with a cute pair that will match your bag perfectly, but don’t give into that temptation. If you don’t believe me, look in your closet and I am sure you will find a few of those THEY WILL STRETCH ones, which didn’t and you never wear.
– However, when wearing any new shoe to soften them up a little put body lotion on your feet – it takes the stiffness out of them.
– If you have shoes with an uncomfortably high heel, your local shoe repair shop can cut them down. This has saved many of my sexy shoes, they are still sexy but don’t make me fall over anymore. Yes, there is a limit to how much they can cut, but sometimes a 1” or even ½” makes all the difference.
– Change your shoes half way through the day – it will prevent your feet to be in the same position for too long and relax them
Happy feet are healthy feet, but they can only be healthy when we treat them well; with respect, care and the right shoes — remember you will need them for a long time — no, not the shoes — your feet!

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