Dress to Impress – Find Out How……. – First Installment – Looking Your Best

Good News for every woman who wants to knows how to dress well and find her style  – today I am starting to post my book Dress to Impress on my blog. Chapter by chapter, and page by page.

It will be posted in instalments, giving you an opportunity to take in the advice and apply it while we go along. There will be a new post every Sunday.

And here is the first one:


          How to Look and Feel Your Best Every Day

How good looking you are, and how confident you feel about yourself is not a matter of how fashionable you are, or of how much money you have, or even of how beautiful you are, it is a matter of how well you can present and package yourself.

Yes, packaging is what sells most products and when it comes to looking good, you are the product and your clothes are the wrapping.

The belief that there are no ugly women, just women who do not know how to look attractive, is truer today than ever before. Today there are no limits on what a woman can wear. There are no do’s and don’ts, and not even the fashion designers impose any particular look on today’s woman. Our options are varied and plentiful and if a woman cannot find her particular look among them, she can only blame herself.

Without over-emphasizing the importance of appearance, don’t forget that the biggest asset you have in life is yourself and you must use it to its best advantage. The French philosopher Voltaire once said: ‘Dress changes the manner’. That was true in the eighteenth century and it is still true today. Think about how good you feel when wearing your favorite outfit—or how you want to fade into the wall when you are wearing something you don’t like.

Choosing the right clothes can make you look and feel your best everyday. However, it does not happen by itself. It takes a little time and more importantly, a commitment to yourself.

Having made the decision to find out HOW TO LOOK AND FEEL YOUR BEST EVERY DAY you might ask, ‘Now what?’

The first step is to take inventory of yourself. This is not an exercise in scrutinizing your defects. The point is to look at your body objectively and make a list of your assets: my legs are good; I could probably wear my skirts a bit shorter. Maybe my hair shouldn’t be pulled back, or maybe it would look more feminine a little longer. What about makeup to bring out my eyes?

How to take inventory of yourself we will talk about next Sunday – see you then

And never forget – A Smile Changes Everything!




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Whether you wear pant suits, or suits with a skirt, it is the jacket that dictates the look. And there again proportions are  most important, and your figure type decides which style is best.

A SMALL SLIM WOMAN will look best in a fitted short jacket, and if she is a little on the heavy side, a slightly looser style is better, but it should still be on the short side – maybe two inches longer than for a slimmer woman.

A SLIM WOMAN, 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 8 inches can choose any jacket length that pleases her, fitted or loose.

A TALL SLIM WOMAN, 5 feet  and up, can wear many styles, but a fitted or belted  will show off her figure best.

A TALL HEAVY WOMAN should wear a straight, fairly long jacket, but nothing longer than halfway over her  bottom or it will make her look heavier.

Please don’t feel bad when you don’t look good in the latest style – remember fashion is what suits you!

See you tomorrow





The answer is for YOURSELF

What do you mean?” you might ask. It is not something we think about, but when we have a date, we dress to look nice for the man we meet.When we go to work we dress appropriately for work, but otherwise – what happens?

Please don’t say ‘nobody sees me anyway.’ Are you nobody? And to convince you a little more, remember how you feel when you look good! I am sure that you walk with more confidence, that your spirit is higher, and you feel happier about life.

You can feel that way everyday if you make yourself a priority and make the extra effort to look nice and be well dressed all the time – it will change your life and make your days brighter.

See you tomorrow

              scan0004-2                Brigitte


TIP NO. 19 – Trust Your Own Judgement

Many women say: “But I don’t know what suits me.” I can tell you from experience that most women know what they like and that is usually what suits them best. Just ask yourself: Do I like it? Does it make me look good?”

I am certain that you know the answer if you take the time to look carefully at – and think  about  – what you are buying.

See you tomorrow

             scan0004-2                                Brigitte

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Here’s an excerpt:

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Hello Everybody 

Guess what? This is Blog number 100!

Having written about ‘how to look your best’ for over a year now, today , in Blog number 100 I want to recap what should be important to us, and I think number one on that list is to be WELL GROOMED.

If this brings up  images of bullet proof hairstyles and white gloves, be assured we have left that look behind a long time ago. Being WELL GROOMED really means that you look like you are taking care of yourself – clean, shiny HAIR, manicured HANDS and FEET, healthy SKIN, and TEETH……… and if you can manage a trim BODY, your wardrobe will be but an accessory.

An accessory that should be simple –

– don’t have too many clothes. You really only need four to five outfits for each season. This does not require too much maintenance, and deciding what to wear will be easy.

– narrow it down in terms of colors, have fewer colors which interrelate to give you more use.

– buy outfits? – some women can mix and match very well, others are at odds, so they should just buy what they see and wear it like that.

– make sure whatever you buy feels comfortable. What makes a garment uncomfortable? When the material doesn’t fall and break probably on the body, it looks awkward and then you will feel awkward.

To be able to take care of yourself and your wardrobe there are two other things needed –

1. – you must know yourself – and to get to know yourself  spend some time in front of the mirror to understand who you are, and to see your assets and make the most of them.

2. – you need time for yourself! It is often difficult to find that time, but if you set yourself up as another priority in your life, you will become part of the routine – a routine that will make you feel better and make you ‘look your best.’

Until the next time

                             STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST



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If you are asking your husband, your girlfriend, the saleslady – how something looks on you – take it off.

If it looked great, you would not have to ask , you would know- right?

So follow your feeling and the image YOU see in the mirror. Trust yourself

            Have a nice day



Hello Everyone

You got up late – the children are slow to eat their breakfast – a phone call from your mother takes up time – you are being pulled in different directions – but you have to get dressed to go to work – ‘oh, what will I wear today?’ You are standing helplessly in front of your wardrobe wondering.  Finally you pull out something  and hope it will look alright.                                                                                                 

                         Bad start of the day!

But you can change this by taking 15 minutes the night before  to decide what to wear the next day. It does not take more, maybe even less.  If you know your wardrobe well, you can also do it by thinking about it. But the surest way it to take out the items and try them on, or as a girlfriend of mine does,  lay them out on the bed to see how that top looks with that skirt. – It will also prevent you from discovering in  the last-minute that a button is missing or that there is a spot you had not noticed before.

However,  to be really sure try it on – and when you have decided,  hang it separately so you can just slip into the next morning. No, please don’t tell me that ‘we never know what the weather will be like the next day’ – because it never chances too drastically from one day to another and if rain has arrived all you have to do is add a raincoat.

And if there is no emergency in the morning, knowing that your clothes for the day are waiting for you, gives you time for an extra cup of coffee or to sit down with your husband for a few minutes to wish him a good day.

Once you get into this habit, it will not only guarantee you a good start of the day, but also a day when you feel confident about yourself and your appearance –and don’t forget to add the shoes!

Until the next time

                                        STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST



Hi Everybody

          Did you find an item you liked enough to buy it in different colors? You didn’t  have time to go shopping last week – well, remember it when you do.

Here are the next two tips:


      When you slip into a dress, a coat, a suit, or whatever, it should instantly make you feel better. If you think it looks nice but you don’t feel quite right in it, it’s not for you. Don’t convince yourself by saying: “It’s not bad.”   is not good enough. Keep in mind if you feel good in your clothes you will move well in them. You project a certain reassurance and confidence.

        Whenever you hesitate or are in doubt, don’t buy it. You should love an item the minute you put it on.


          A bad fit can ruin the look.

          Make sure that you can see yourselfu  back and from the side. The garment should not pull anywhere or pucker in the wrong places – like in the crotch when trying on a pair of pants. If there is no mirror to look at the back, use your powder compact to see the back.

         SHOULDER SEAMS must on you natural shoulder line, not farther in or out, unless a dropped shoulder is the style of the dress. Shoulders that are too narrow make a garment look too small, when they are too wide, a garment looks too big.

        Watch the SLEEVE LENGTH. A long sleeve must not extend over your hand – I know some women think it is attractive when you don’t see their hands anymore – but the right length for a long sleeve is your wrist bone.

        PANTS should not pull in the crotch area or pucker in the back when you are standing straight. It is indeed difficult to find a well-fitting pair of pants, but worth the trouble of trying on a few pairs until you find the one that flatters your figure.When it comes to length, the pants should cover your heel half way – unless fashion says ankle length or less, and you want to wear that style.

         If BLOUSES and JACKETS pull across the front,it means that they are too small and you need a bigger size. But the contrary is also true, if you feel too comfortable, look again – you might be able to take a size smaller.

Until next week


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