Jeans – How They Become Your Second Skin

In most people’s mind Jeans and washing machines go hand in hand – and that being so, there are ways to make your jeans fit better and to adjust to your body. Here are a few tricks you can try:

  1. If you want to look as if you’d been poured into them, put them on and sit in the bathtub with warm water and get them completely wet (by the way  everybody did this when Calvin Klein’s ads with Brook Shields came out).
  2. Once well soaked stand up and let the water drip off. Then get out of the carefully and hang them up to dry. When they are nearly dry put them on again and keep them on until completely dry. I know, quite a production but it really works – now the jeans and you have become one!
  3. When you have a pair that fits nicely, don’t spoil the new look by washing; dry clean them instead. I know for some of you dry cleaning  is like a dirty word, but if you have paid a lot of money –  over $100 or more – they deserve special treatment.
  4. While washing jeans, you can prevent shrinkage by not putting them in the dryer. This precaution should be taken even with preshrunk materials. The reverse works too. If you lose weight and you want your jeans to lose weight too, by all means put them in the dryer.
  5. Do not, I repeat not, turn the excess length into cuffs. they will make your legs look shorter. A lot of women do it, but they look stubby, not long-legged. If you can’t find the right length, have them shortened, or just cut them off neatly which will create a fringe when washed.
  6. If you consider buying a pair of corduroy or velvet jeans, remember that these fabrics add weight, so unless you are slim enough to get by, stay with smoother, flatter materials.
  7.  Bell-Bottoms are not a good choice for a Heavy or a Small Woman

I am sure if you follow these tips, or  some of them, your jeans will become your best friend.

And Never Forget – A Smile Changes Everything!





For many years now we have been brainwashed into thinking that skinny is beautiful just because we see and admire flat-chested, narrow-hipped models in fashion magazines. It is indeed nice to be slim, but skinny is not beautiful or attractive.

Gentlemen do NOT prefer scarecrows. A very thin woman may look well in clothes,but without them she doesn’t offer much to hold on to – is that maybe why some men prefer heavier women?

What is more important than being slim is to be well proportioned. If you wear a size 10 on the top and size 12 or 14 around the hips, exercise is the only thing that will correct this. Dieting alone will make you lose weight all over, where exercise will take off the bulk where you don’t need it.

And when getting older being thin is no advantage – because when the skin starts to sag and the bones begin to show a woman will certainly look older than she is. In moderation a few extra pounds will make you look younger and more feminine.

See you tomorrow



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