1. If you wear make-up don’t try on clothes the day you don’t – without make-up the result will not be dependable.

2. When you are tired, it’s better not to wear black. Instead, put a lighter shade next to your face.

3. Prints or designs of any kind need simple, quiet accessories in solid tones.

4. Since long sleeves lead the eyes to your hands, pay attention to your manicure.

5. When wearing white – any garment in white – must be of good quality. A white garment in a cheap fabric will make you look that way.

See you tomorrow




Hello Everybody 

Guess what? This is Blog number 100!

Having written about ‘how to look your best’ for over a year now, today , in Blog number 100 I want to recap what should be important to us, and I think number one on that list is to be WELL GROOMED.

If this brings up  images of bullet proof hairstyles and white gloves, be assured we have left that look behind a long time ago. Being WELL GROOMED really means that you look like you are taking care of yourself – clean, shiny HAIR, manicured HANDS and FEET, healthy SKIN, and TEETH……… and if you can manage a trim BODY, your wardrobe will be but an accessory.

An accessory that should be simple –

– don’t have too many clothes. You really only need four to five outfits for each season. This does not require too much maintenance, and deciding what to wear will be easy.

– narrow it down in terms of colors, have fewer colors which interrelate to give you more use.

– buy outfits? – some women can mix and match very well, others are at odds, so they should just buy what they see and wear it like that.

– make sure whatever you buy feels comfortable. What makes a garment uncomfortable? When the material doesn’t fall and break probably on the body, it looks awkward and then you will feel awkward.

To be able to take care of yourself and your wardrobe there are two other things needed –

1. – you must know yourself – and to get to know yourself  spend some time in front of the mirror to understand who you are, and to see your assets and make the most of them.

2. – you need time for yourself! It is often difficult to find that time, but if you set yourself up as another priority in your life, you will become part of the routine – a routine that will make you feel better and make you ‘look your best.’

Until the next time

                             STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST



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Hello Everyone

Today when I had my nails done I witnessed something that is worth sharing with you.

The young lady next to me had her head buried in a newspaper, while the girl was cutting and filing away silently – all of a sudden the young lady looked up and with a shriek of horror yelled, “But you have cut all my nails  – I had said just trim them.” The girl looked at her not understanding a word.

“You have to watch what they are doing” I told the young lady  ” I thought this is a place to relax” was her defense. The girls looked frightened and confused and the lady kept looking in disbelieve at her hands.

The truth is that you can not have your nails done and relax, you have to watch what the girl is doing, and the reason for this is that many of these girls do not understand English., and don’t know what you have asked them to do.

You can read your paper and relax when your nails are drying, but not until then

Until the next time

                  STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST




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