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If you are thinking of buying a dress this summer, the shirtwaist dress is your answer. It is one of the most useful dresses you can own, and this year it has made a comeback. It is useful because it is appropriate for many occasions. It looks well in any fabric – cotton, silk, linen – and it is stunning in gold or lame fabrics. Which fabric you chose depends on where you want to wear it

It does change its style slightly depending on fashion trends, but it always has collar, a buttoned front (at least to the waist, and sleeves). And it is becoming for all figure types. A SLIM WOMAN can wear a shirtwaist dress with a belt and a full skirt; a HEAVIER WOMAN can wear it with a straight skirt and no belt. It looks good with a short skirt or a long skirt. However, if the skirt is long, leave the last few buttons open. It looks good with long sleeves and short sleeves.


Of course, how you wear it is also important. A customer of mine came to me with a shirtwaist dress that she had just bought but which her husband disliked. ‘He can’t say why, he just doesn’t like it.’ I asked her to put it on. She buttoned it up to the top, fastened the sleeves neatly at the wrist, and buckled the belt loosely around her waist. Result: no shape and no sex appeal! I asked her to open the top three buttons, roll the sleeves halfway up her lower arm, and pull the belt tight to show her waist. Now, it was a different dress, which her husband thought was much better than the one she wore before, never realizing that it was the same dress.

Note- When you decide how far a dress or blouse can be unbuttoned, don’t look down at yourself. You will see a lot more than anyone else looking at you. To see what others see, look straight into the mirror and then decide how much you want to show.

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