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Guess what? This is Blog number 100!

Having written about ‘how to look your best’ for over a year now, today , in Blog number 100 I want to recap what should be important to us, and I think number one on that list is to be WELL GROOMED.

If this brings up  images of bullet proof hairstyles and white gloves, be assured we have left that look behind a long time ago. Being WELL GROOMED really means that you look like you are taking care of yourself – clean, shiny HAIR, manicured HANDS and FEET, healthy SKIN, and TEETH……… and if you can manage a trim BODY, your wardrobe will be but an accessory.

An accessory that should be simple –

– don’t have too many clothes. You really only need four to five outfits for each season. This does not require too much maintenance, and deciding what to wear will be easy.

– narrow it down in terms of colors, have fewer colors which interrelate to give you more use.

– buy outfits? – some women can mix and match very well, others are at odds, so they should just buy what they see and wear it like that.

– make sure whatever you buy feels comfortable. What makes a garment uncomfortable? When the material doesn’t fall and break probably on the body, it looks awkward and then you will feel awkward.

To be able to take care of yourself and your wardrobe there are two other things needed –

1. – you must know yourself – and to get to know yourself  spend some time in front of the mirror to understand who you are, and to see your assets and make the most of them.

2. – you need time for yourself! It is often difficult to find that time, but if you set yourself up as another priority in your life, you will become part of the routine – a routine that will make you feel better and make you ‘look your best.’

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                             STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST



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Hello Everyone

Here are the other four steps to find the image YOU need.

5. BUY ONLY GOOD QUALITY CLOTHES. In business it is most important to project a successful image. No one likes a loser and a well dressed person always indicates success. This is true for any industry or type of business you are in. A silk or cotton blouse will do more for you than a polyester one. A well cut, well made suit fits better and lasts longer than a cheaper version.

6. LIMIT THE SIZE OF YOUR WARDROBE. Buy only what you really wear. A small wardrobe has several advantages:

-it is more manageable

-it is less confusing

– it allows you to buy better quality clothes

How limited your wardrobe is depends on how many changes you feel comfortable with. Some women are happy with five (one for each day of the week) others feel that they need 10 (I think more than 12 is too much). Different looks can be achieved by interchanging suits, skirts, blazers with blouses or sweaters. If you find it difficult to limit yourself to a certain number of outfits, just think of how few suits men get by with and how appropriate they always look. It is important to look good every day not different.

7. PLAN YOUR WARDROBE. By having decided how many changes you want nd knowing how much you can spend, you can now plan what you need. Understanding exactly what you need is half the battle when it comes to shopping. You will not get sidetracked or confused.

8. BE WELL GROOMED.  A “well taken care of” look should be high on your list of priorities. Anyone can quarrel with taste but never with a groomed look. This means; well cut, clean hair, a natural looking make-up, manicured hands (not necessarily with nailpolish). Don’t forget that a well-groomed appearance manifest self-confidence and self-respect.

If. while reading this, you worry about the time and attention that is needed to find YOUR business image, let me remind you that professional success and increased self-confidence are indeed, high dividens for the effort you  have to make in finding and maintaining your business image.

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                              STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST


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