Hello Everybody

Today I want to help you hide some of those unwanted pounds by following the following tips:

– Strive for a low-keyed look and avoid trying to make a dramatic statement with your clothes – dress simply!

 – Augment your height by choosing clothes with vertical lines; subtle stripes, vertical trimmings will help to slenderize the waist.

– Keep clothes neat and well-defined. Uncontrolled fullness always exaggerates size. Voluminous caftans may conceal body details, but they manage to make the entire silhouette look bigger.

– Play up your assets: If you have beautiful hands, wear rings and lots of bracelets. A pretty face? Nice legs? Wear simple dresses that lead the eye to wear you want it.

– If you are short and heavy, never wear fluffy, fussy clothes …..they add bulk. Instead wear loosely fitted soft materials which produce gently vertical lines.

– A generous bosom can be minimized by draping a long shawl or stole over the shoulders to create an illusion of slimness and height.

– Know your figure type and lifestyle, and follow fashion only when it’s right for you.

– Avoid clothes that overwhelm your figure or personality – they should be as natural to your body as your hair or skin.

 – Avoid stark colors such as all white, bright colors like fire-engine red, large prints or big plaids — they will make you look bigger.

– Floor length clothes that touch the tips of the toes – either pants or dresses help elongate a large or stocky figure. Pants are only slimming when they fit properly and are not too tight, or too loose.

– Reduce the appearance of bulk by wearing lightweight fabrics – they are also more comfortable.

– Anything that creates a vertical line suggests slimness. Try wearing a shawl or extra long scarf that drops to the hemline or a full length sleeveless tunic over a dress or pants – they both leave a long narrow center opening that gives an illusion of verticality.

– Don’t get swept up in fads – buy fewer clothes that are classic, of good quality and flatter your body.

Until the nest time

                           STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST


If you have a question – please contact me by email bbnnic@gmail.com for a free advice.

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