For many years now we have been brainwashed into thinking that skinny is beautiful just because we see and admire flat-chested, narrow-hipped models in fashion magazines. It is indeed nice to be slim, but skinny is not beautiful or attractive.

Gentlemen do NOT prefer scarecrows. A very thin woman may look well in clothes,but without them she doesn’t offer much to hold on to – is that maybe why some men prefer heavier women?

What is more important than being slim is to be well proportioned. If you wear a size 10 on the top and size 12 or 14 around the hips, exercise is the only thing that will correct this. Dieting alone will make you lose weight all over, where exercise will take off the bulk where you don’t need it.

And when getting older being thin is no advantage – because when the skin starts to sag and the bones begin to show a woman will certainly look older than she is. In moderation a few extra pounds will make you look younger and more feminine.

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The other day I was watching a model being interviewed on TV. She was asked, “What do you do to always look so glamorous?” Her answer was, “I don’t always look glamorous. It takes a lot of work and time, not to speak of the airbrushing that is done on my photos.  I would like young girls to realize that models don’t look in reality as we appear in the magazines –  knowing this would help them feel less inadequate because they don’t look like the girl in Vogue.”

Most of us don’t look like the girl in Vogue, but if we take a little time for ourselves, we will look better. For example:

– if you ever wonder should I wash your hair today?’ – yes, you should  – you will look better for it

putting on some make-up (even if you are at home) will make you feel better

having a manicure will give you prettier hands

a face mask once a week will give you better skin

an extra hour of sleep or just relaxing a moment here and there will do more for your complexion than the most expensive cream

an hour of exercise once or twice a week – or just going for a walk – will make you feel more alive

If your excuse is ‘I don’t have the time’ remember in order to take care of everything and everybody in your life, you have to include yourself – take  care of yourself, spend some time with yourself and on yourself – you will feel and look better!

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Whatever we decide to do to improve ourselves – our looks, our health, our body —- will only work if done regularly. You’re not obliged to do something everyday, but work out a certain pattern such as a face masque once a week – exercise twice a week, or having four nights of enough sleep.

It’s like saving money: A little regularly will become a lot eventually!

No, I won’t see you tomorrow because I am going away, and believe it or not, to a place that  has no internet connection – yes they still do exist – but I will see you again regularly as of February 27, 2013. Until then, stay well.

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Hello Everyone

         Whenever we feel unhappy with our appearance we think that a new dress would be the answer. But unfortunately it isn’t. It is the body wearing it that makes the difference.

          Instead of being preoccupied with what to wear, we should pay more attention to the condition of our body. I know that paying several hundred dollars on a membership for a spa or health club is a lot of money. Or we might feel that spending $30 or more at the hairdresser every week can be saved if we do it ourselves. But since health and beauty care make a bigger difference to our look than a new suit, we must spend our money (and attention) differently. We have to reduce the amount we spend on clothes and spend it on our body instead.

          Isn’t it true that when we come from the hairdresser any dress we wear looks good? And believe me, there is no designer in the world who can make a dress that would replace a firm, well proportioned body.

          Having stressed the importance of the body, let us now look at the different ways we can improve and take car of it:

1. EXERCISE – if you are serious about keeping or getting your body into shape, join a  health club or exercise group. Your intention to exercise at home is certainly genuine, but alone it will be harder than having the support of a group and teacher. I know from my own experience that at home you won’t do it regularly, and eventually stop all together. Let me mention here that the idea of exercise is not only to be slim – but to be firm and well proportioned. A size 7 out of proportion  (heavier on the lower part of the body) is much less attractive than a size 14 in proportion.

2. HAIRDRESSER – it is necessary to have your hair cut regularly. Don’t allow yourself to look unattractive by passing the due date by a week or two. In between cuts, a set or blow-dry can be a real treat. And to those ladies who go once or twice a year (or never) I would like to say that nothing dates a person more than an old-fashioned hairstyle.

3. MAKEUP -a good makeup does not require much money. Most women have cosmetics at home that they never use because they don’t succeed to apply it properly. To overcome this, have an expert show you. In every department store the cosmetic counters have ladies waiting to help you.

4. MANICURE  – your hands say as much about you as your face. You might not want to have long red fingernails, but having well manicured hands, with a clear  or light pink polish are just as pretty. And please don’t say, “I don’t have enough patience to do my nails” or “I don’t see too well”, or “my nails don’t grow anyway” , or “I don’t have time.” If one of these is your excuse treat yourself to a manicure once a week – they only cost between $10 – $15.

5. PEDICURE- the nicest sandal or open shoe does not look appealing unless your feet are. Having a pedicure done once a month is quite sufficient and you can have it done at the same time as your nails.  Cost varies between $19 on a (Monday& Tuesday) to $29 for both. your hands and feet – and it is a wonderful feeling of being pampered when a person is applying polish to your toes and massaging your legs!

          What we have discussed so far, does require a readjustment of your budget –  spend less for clothes and more on health and beauty care. But the next three steps do not cost a penny and are equally effective:

 1 –  FOOD – when I was growing up my grandmother kept telling me, “You look like what you eat.”  How true! But it is not followed by everyone. If you want to be healthy, feel better, and have a good complexion, learn about the foods which are nutritious, and good for you. For example: vegetables, and vegetables, and vegetables, plus fruits, less fatty foods and less sugar.

2. SPEND MORE TIME RESTING – taking an hour here and there to do something relaxing – like reading, taking a walk, giving yourself a face mask, indulging in a hot bath – will be most beneficial. It will give your face a more relaxed look.

          You don’t have time! To find it, go over your activities and see what you could change – eliminating a TV program? – shortening your telephone conversations? Finding the time for something we really want to do is just a matter of priorities!

3. SLEEP MORE – enough sleep does not only guarantee more energy, it does wonders for your skin. There is no cream or lotion on the market that can replace it. Oh yes, creams are necessary, but can never substitute for the healthy glow of a good night’s sleep.

          Nothing I have mentioned here includes clothes. So far we don’t have a stitch on. But taking care of our body we look rested, our hair is well done, our makeup is enhancing, our nails, both hands and feet, are taken care of, and we feel good about our figure. The clothes we now choose become an accessory. An accessory to a body and face we are proud of.

          Therefore, the next time you want to buy a new piece of clothing, stop and think – do I really need a new top, or would the money be better spend on a visit to a spa, or a three months subscription to a health club?

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