Hello Everyone

75% Off – 90% Off is like  magic – it pulls us into the stores every time, and at this time of the year there is hardly a store not advertising what they promise to give away.

But beware …. the reason you can  buy a top for $12 is because it is a left over from the last season. Do you really want a left over? Do you really need it? Or are you buying it because it is reduced? Most of us don’t need to add another t-shirt to the other 15 in our closet.

Therefore, if you see the sales signs – walk on – don’t even go in the store thinking ‘let me just see what they have’ – they have nothing you want for the coming season.

It is wiser to keep the $12 and all the other twelve dollars and put the money towards your fall wardrobe. Soon the new collections are in the stores –  of course, they will be full price, but not having spend your money in the sales, you can, and you will enjoy buying an item that is the latest look. It  will make you  look up-to-date, and it will make you feel good.