Few women will know how to answer this question, or maybe say, “I don’t know but my wardrobe is bulging, I might.

A sign of too many clothes in your wardrobe is when you come home with a new item you just bought and you can’t find an empty hanger – you look in this closet and the one in the hallway – nothing doing – they are all taken. Maybe you think that you have to get some new hangers – please don’t – instead look at your wardrobe and take something out, because nothing is more overwhelming than a wardrobe that is bulging!

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Everything in our life is better with a little TLC  – even your clothes. Treat them kindly and well, they will repay you by always making you look good.

When getting undressed don’t put clothes over the back of a chair, or worth yet, drop them on the floor because they need to be washed or dry cleaned. Instead hang them up, or at least fold them neatly while they are waiting to go to the cleaners or being washed, avoid wrinkling them unnecessary because even pressing them later does not always make wrinkles disappear totally and does not improve their shape.

Doing a wardrobe consultation recently my client, who had lots and lots of t-shirts, I think like most of us, had rolled them up and stuffed them in a drawer. When we pulled them out they looked more like rags than t-shirts – believe me they didn’t make her look good when she put them on — please fold them before placing them on a shelf or in a drawer, you don’t want to look like you are coming out of the washing machine.

Another way to help your clothes to keep their shape is not to use wire hangers;  use good plastic hangers, or wooden ones for coats and jackets.

The money you have spent on your wardrobe can only pay real dividend when you take care of your investment by giving it a little Tender Loving Care.

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Hello Everyone

Did you ever take a good look at a coat hanger? Did you ever notice how many different kinds of hangers there are? Or is a hanger just a hanger for you? Are you taking them for granted – throwing your clothes over them whenever needed?

Well, hangers are much more important than you might think. Each type has its own character and function. Unless you recognize this fact and give hangers the respect they deserve, your clothes will suffer the consequences.

I recently did a wardrobe consultation and saw a wardrobe where the clothes, hanging on wire hangers, looked like drunken sailors. For her skirts the lady had bent up both ends of the hangers to suspend the two sides of the garment. The fronts and backs slumped down so that hemlines were uneven.  Hangers were pushed together so tightly that each garment would certainly need pressing before it could be worn. Other hangers could barely support the weight of the jacket or coat they carried ,  and in case you have a lot of wire hangers in your closet – let me say that the usefulness of a wire hangers expires (or should) when it comes back from the Dry Cleaners and you take your garment off.

Now that we’ve eliminated wire hangers, let me first mention items that should not be hung:

-Sweaters – they should be folded. Any type of hanger will leave a pronounced crease across the shoulder. You may have been in doubt because you have seen sweaters displayed on hangers in stores. Don’t be. Fold your sweaters. Aside from the hump on the shoulders hangers create, folded they will keep their overall shape longer.

– Knit Dresses – if it’s a one piece, fold it vertically once and hang it over the bar of a tubular plastic or wooden hanger, If it is a two-piece, handle the top like a sweater or a one piece dress, and fasten the skirt at the waistband on a skirt hanger.

– Blouses and Dressed – the best type of hanger for these items is the plastic tubular hanger. It provides good support and, because of the thickness of the tubes keeps your garments from being jammed together.

– Skirts – use the type with clips to hold the waistband, and make sure it is straight, don’t let the middle sag, otherwise the hemlines will eventually do the same, and it will be longer in the back and front than the sides. Especially important when the skirt is cut on the bias.

– Pants- these hang best on men’s wooden pant hangers with the bottom of the pants in the clip – hanging upside down.

– Coats and Jackets – need a wooden coat hanger wide enough to support their shoulder padding and weight.

There is another kind of hanger – the pretty satin padded one with  ribbon and bows, often received as gifts. Their popularity is due more to their looks than their usefulness. A dainty blouse, a spaghetti strap dress, a satin nightgown are candidates for this type of hanger. But since most women don’t have satin gowns in great quantities, five or six of these are sufficient.

To sum it up: If you have not been paying attention to the kind of hanger you use, or worth yet, if you’ve been relying on wire hangers, it is time to replace them with a kind that treats your clothes with the respect they deserve.

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