Dress To Impress – Find Out How – Instalment 6 – Fit

Good Morning my Sunday friends  – today we will talk about how clothes should fit to impress and to make you feel good about yourself – so let’s dive right into it.

A good fit determines how smart you look. A bad cut distorts your figure, while a good one shows it to its best advantage. We read a lot about how we can hide and camouflage figure flaws—but why should the flaw always be us? Have you ever tried on a dress that you liked, but found that it didn’t look right on you? You may have thought that something was wrong with your figure but the garment itself could have been the culprit. When the shoulders of a garment are a little too wide or if a sleeve is not set in well, the resulting pulls and puckers are unsightly. Unfortunately, with mass production of clothing, workmanship has declined greatly. Today, more than ever, time and money are needed to find the correct fit. You need time to check an item thoroughly to see how it is made. And you need money to get a better fit and finish. Well-made buttonholes, carefully stitched hems and seams, pattern co-ordination and good fabrics cannot be found in cheap merchandise. The extra money you spend will pay off because your garment will last longer and will keep its good looks as long as you own it.

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The fit of these pants does not help you too look good
The fit of any of these pants will enhance your figure

It is important to keep in mind that you will look better in clothes that fit well without distorting your figure. For example, avoid a jacket that makes you appear too large on top, a pair of pants with a crotch so low that the length of your legs is reduced by a few inches, or which are too long and drag on the floor.

Or a halter-neck that gapes and thus distorts your bust-line. A halter-neck should fit snugly like the one in the picture.


You may have trouble finding good-fitting clothes if you wear one size on top and a different one on the bottom. But don’t be discouraged. What you feel to be a drawback might really be an asset. A client of mine found that out one day when we went shopping.

Nancy, a good-looking woman in her early thirties, was convinced that she had a big problem, since she was not a standard size. Her ‘problem’ turned out to be a size 38 bust with 36-inch hips—in other words, a very sensual figure and one that most women would give their right arm for. (The other way around—the pear-shaped figure—is much more common and much less attractive.)

Admittedly, it took time to find what we wanted. But we found a handsome, conservative blazer in a subdued black-and-white check, paying special attention to the fit over the bust. The lapels had to lie flat, and the jacket had to close easily without being too loose. Under it we chose a blouse that was slightly loose to avoid a too-busty look. The colour was fuchsia, lively but not too bright or loud. A straight black skirt completed the outfit. It was too long, so it had to be shortened ( more about alterations the next time)to show the world that she had a pretty pair of legs. When we had finished our shopping, Nancy looked both business-like and feminine in her trim blazer and soft classic blouse. It was a change from her ill-fitting two-piece dress.


How clothes fit has nothing to do with your height or weight. Clothes can be adjusted to any figure. But, as in Nancy’s case, you may need time and patience to find exactly what you want. Among the vast choices available today, there are clothes to fit every body type. Some·stores and manufacturers specialise in garments for very small women (yes, there is a size 2), while others cater to tall women or to large sizes (18 to 24). If you have special needs but don’t know where to find them go on line for help. But never give in to the feeling that nothing better can be found, or that you are so tired (after a day of shopping) that second-best ‘will do.’ What you want is out there. Just don’t get discouraged.

When you’re trying on clothes, make sure you have an unobstructed three-way view of yourself in the mirror. If the fitting room doesn’t have a three-way mirror, use your hand mirror to look at the back of the garment. There should be no pleats and pulls anywhere. Look at yourself from the side, too. You’ll be surprised to see how many styles that look good front and back look less so sideways—perhaps revealing more stomach than you thought you had.


Once you have checked out front, back, and sides there are details on a garment you have to look at to make sure the fit is right for you – and that is what we will talk about next Sunday – until then

Never forget – A Smile Changes Everything!











Giving my clothes away I enjoy as much as buying them. When recently I gave away 2 silk dresses, a pair of leather pants and two tops, I felt so relieved to see them go – because seeing them hang in my closet I felt guilty for not wearing them.

I know many women cannot easily let go of what has been part of their wardrobe for many, many years, but a friend of mine has a slogan, that might help, “If you don’t wear it, let somebody else enjoy it.” Thinking that you are doing a good deed will make it easier to separate yourself from that lovely Burberry jacket you bought on sale three years ago, and never wore because it is a little snug – I know – who can resist a Burberry blazer for only $99?

Remember the minute you have doubts about an item, and you have not worn it in the last year, it is time to let it go!

See you tomorrow




Hello Everyone

No, I have not been in touch for a while, so let me tell you first about my New Year’s Resolution – I promise to be in touch more often and I hope you will be too!

The New Year’s Resolution I would like you to make is:

NOT to buy a top or skirt, or whatever else might be on sale,because it is CHEAP. The best value you can get is to buy something you need, something of good quality, something you love and will wear for a long time – and please make sure that it has a mate – don’t buy just a top or bottom – buy an outfit and you won’t ever have to worry about what goes with what!


Until next time

             scan0003-3                    Brigitte


Giving my clothes away I enjoy as much as buying them. Maybe you don’t believe me, but it is true. Just this week my housekeeper went home with 2 silk dresses, a pair of leather pants and two tops. It is such a relieve to see them go. It means I don’t have to deal with them anymore. They are gone. They are out of my life. I won’t have to worry about them anymore. Oh, yes I worry about my clothes, especially those I don’t wear much. There they hang and each time I see them I have a bad conscience for not wearing them.
So when Maria walked out with the shopping bag, I thought ‘good riddance.’ They had been eliminated when I put my winter wardrobe away and out came the summer candidates – when I saw them again, actually I had forgotten that I had them – I thought ‘Oh, not that dress again’ – and without further hesitation – like how much did I pay for it – how much wear did I get out of it, I took a shopping bag, folded them carefully and put them in. Yes, even when I say goodbye to my clothes I treat them with respect, and hope the next wearer does the same, but once they are in the bag I never look inside again. Why do I say that? Because I have known women who went through cleaning out their wardrobe with a professional, only to put back half of what was eliminated. I even put the shopping bag out of sight until I see the person I give it to.
I know that many women cannot easily let go of what has been part of their wardrobe for many, many years, but a friend of mine has a slogan, that might help, “If you don’t wear it, let somebody else enjoy it.”
Thinking that you are doing a good deed will make it easier to separate yourself from that lovely Burberry jacket you bought on sale three years ago, and never really wore because it was a little snug, but you could not resist the bargain at the time – what a Burberry blazer for only $99?
Our emotions and our clothes are very connected, and often get us all mixed up and confused. Has it happened to you that in the morning you put on a dress and not feeling right in it you decided that this is its last day, when somebody came along and said, “Oh that looks nice on you!” – Now what? A remark like that can really mess us up, because now we have to reconsider, rethink. Maybe I am wrong – and why don’t I like this dress – what is the matter with me. Well, when in doubt for any reason, just remember they are your clothes and you can do with them what you want, and only you know how you feel in them- and furthermore your clothes are there for you and not you for them.
For some people it is easier to get rid of a friend, than a 10 year old coat. Don’t forget that your clothes are an extension of you and the minute, you have doubts about an item, it is usually time to let it go, because if you loved it you would have no doubts. Clothes are a little bit like people when you get second thoughts or it takes too much tucking and pulling and trying to make it look right – it is time to let it go.


Another sign of too much clutter are our friends the coat hangers. When we can’t find one to hang our new blouse on they tell us that our wardrobe is overcrowded, and that it is time to clean out, to give away those leftovers from days gone by.
And after the cleanup, the now empty hangers in our closet, which make a ringing, clicking sound when we come close to them, are really telling us, “IT IS ALRIGHT TO GO SHOPPING AGAIN!”

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