TIP NO. 14 – Spend more for………

Coats,  Pants — and of course Shoes, and Handbags.

These are investment pieces, because you wear them often and probably for a few years.

Coats – it is best to buy a good cloth coat in a basic colour, of course, black is on top of everybody’s list, but another versatile colour is camel or maroon – and make sure it is not too tight under the arm – you might want to wear a suit or heavier sweater under it.

Pants – pants are the item we wear more than any other garment in our wardrobe, therefore,  paying more will guarantee a better fit – no baggy knees and no baggy backside, it will keep its shape and make you look good.

Bottega bag
Bottega Veneta – February Town & Country

Shoes  and HandbagsmyGrandmother used to say that you can judge a woman’s taste and status by her shoes and handbag – how true – the styles of expensive shoes are more interesting, and that goes for the handbags as well. Expensive shoes are also more comfortable because they are usually made of leather and not an imitation there of – and for handbags – how many do you need? I know all the pretty styles out there are very tempting, but tell me honestly do you change your handbag often, or do you use the same one most of the time? If that is the case you can really buy an expensive one, and enjoy it and have it speak for you!                                                                                               

See you tomorrow

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