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Since we were looking at sexy bras yesterday, let’s now see how the right panty can enhance our hips and thighs.


Illustration No. 1 – a very skimpy style, like G-strings or the type held together at the side with a bow or ring, is a great look for SMALL HIPS AND THIGHS

ILlustration No. 2 – If your thighs are not as slim as you would like them to be, always choose a style that is cut hight on the outside, exposing part of your hip. This will make your legs appear longer and slimmer. Stay away from boy-leg cuts; they are not only unbecoming but they make your legs seem larger than they really are.

Illustration No. 3  good for MEDIUM SIZE HIPS AND THIGHS. The wide elastic band on top helps to hold you together and gives a better shape under pants.

Illustration No. 4 – If your hips are large and you are looking for a sexy panty, consider culottes, slit up the side. The advantage of the slit is that it gives room as well as flare to the panty without revealing too much of the leg. Stay with darker colors, they will also make your legs look slimmer.

Illustration No. 5 Many women are unhappy that they don’t have a curvier bottom – but it is easier to cope with a flat one than a big one! So unless you need a waist-high style for a particular outer garment, avoid this type as it will make your rear look even flatter. Instead select lace fabrics to add volume, and buy panties slightly bigger than you need. The extra room will create the illusion of more.

NOTE: Whatever style panties you wear, be sure to get them big enough. Asking for a size 4 (sizes of panties are different from dress sizes) may make you feel better than asking for a size 6, but most of the time the bigger size will be more flattering. Nothing looks worse than a spare tire created by the elastic cutting into your flesh at the waist or legs. This applies even to a very slim woman.

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                               STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST


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