Dress to Impress – Find Out How……. – First Installment – Looking Your Best

Good News for every woman who wants to knows how to dress well and find her style  – today I am starting to post my book Dress to Impress on my blog. Chapter by chapter, and page by page.

It will be posted in instalments, giving you an opportunity to take in the advice and apply it while we go along. There will be a new post every Sunday.

And here is the first one:


          How to Look and Feel Your Best Every Day

How good looking you are, and how confident you feel about yourself is not a matter of how fashionable you are, or of how much money you have, or even of how beautiful you are, it is a matter of how well you can present and package yourself.

Yes, packaging is what sells most products and when it comes to looking good, you are the product and your clothes are the wrapping.

The belief that there are no ugly women, just women who do not know how to look attractive, is truer today than ever before. Today there are no limits on what a woman can wear. There are no do’s and don’ts, and not even the fashion designers impose any particular look on today’s woman. Our options are varied and plentiful and if a woman cannot find her particular look among them, she can only blame herself.

Without over-emphasizing the importance of appearance, don’t forget that the biggest asset you have in life is yourself and you must use it to its best advantage. The French philosopher Voltaire once said: ‘Dress changes the manner’. That was true in the eighteenth century and it is still true today. Think about how good you feel when wearing your favorite outfit—or how you want to fade into the wall when you are wearing something you don’t like.

Choosing the right clothes can make you look and feel your best everyday. However, it does not happen by itself. It takes a little time and more importantly, a commitment to yourself.

Having made the decision to find out HOW TO LOOK AND FEEL YOUR BEST EVERY DAY you might ask, ‘Now what?’

The first step is to take inventory of yourself. This is not an exercise in scrutinizing your defects. The point is to look at your body objectively and make a list of your assets: my legs are good; I could probably wear my skirts a bit shorter. Maybe my hair shouldn’t be pulled back, or maybe it would look more feminine a little longer. What about makeup to bring out my eyes?

How to take inventory of yourself we will talk about next Sunday – see you then

And never forget – A Smile Changes Everything!




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The art of making perfume started in Ancient Egypt, and through the ages became  part of a women’s aura. In the France on the court of Louis XIV perfume even substituted for soap and water.

Today we are lucky to have soap, water and perfume. And for most women it is part of their daily beauty routine to spray on their favorite fragrance Lady with perfume– but if you want to extend its allure, put your empty or nearly empty perfume bottles (open) in your lingerie drawers  – and your underwear will smell as good as you.

See you tomorrow

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Are you wearing glasses? Have you ever wondered if you would be more attractive to the opposite sex if you didn’t have to wear glasses? Don’t worry anymore ……. here are the results from a study done a few years ago – they were  published in the book What Turns Men On.

The question was: “Do you find women wearing glasses less attractive?’

84% answered in the negative

A twenty-nine-year-old free-lance writer in New York answered:

Emphatically no. On the contrary, many women’s beauty is enhanced by a nice pair of stylish glasses. They can decorate a face, because large lenses may serve as display windows for a fascinating pair of eyes. Glasses can also suggest an additional dimension to a lady’s personality, i.e. intelligence, thoughtfulness, etc.

Others said:

–  Glasses can make a woman look better, providing they are the right style

– On the contrary, some woman look beautiful with glasses, if they are fashionable they can be very sexy, but they have to be the right ones.

The emphasize is on the right ones – choose a pair that makes a statement, BE2127 $210.00 rimless, small styles don’t.

See you tomorrow

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TIP NO. 13  Invest in your Wardrobe!

I am sure you have heard this before – buy quality not quantity – but we do forget and it is not really our fault. Manufacturers today can make things look so good that when something is new it really does look great,  but when it is washed only once it often looks, well poor, and has lost all its charm – to evaluate how good something is, just consider  how good can top really be for $19.95?

A girlfriend of mine said quite emphatically the other day, ” I am through buying these cheap t-shirts and tops. After the first wash I don’t recognize them anymore.” Has this happened to you?

Clothing, like many other things in our life, are an investment, when you buy quality it will reward you again and again, by making you feel good because you look good –  and  everybody can tell when you are wearing cashmere sweater!

See you tomorrow

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Hello Everyone

Today I want to share with you my latest discovery on how to improve your look. Seeing its benefits I can say without hesitation that it must be one of the best beauty products I have found. It makes me look relaxed and happy, and it gives me a feeling of luxury. And if that is not enough, it takes extra good care of my hands. Broken fingernails are something of the past and so is dry skin or shipped nail polish.

By now you must be wondering what this miracle product is, and how much it costs? Well, it isn’t a bargain, but how can it be considering all the wonderful things it can do. I admit that without it I would save $120 a months, and for that money I could buy a new blouse or sweater. I did consider it, but then I came to the conclusion that a new blouse or sweater could do nothing for me when I look exhausted.

Sorry for getting carried away and keeping you in suspense, but I feel like a different person since I found Tania  ——– She is a dark-haired girl, 5’6 inches tall with a lovely disposition and strong arms to take care of my apartment. She comes twice a month, and I pay her $60 per visit.

Before finding Tania I was a person who wanted to do everything herself. But now having her help, I rather go without a new dress than not having Tania in my life. When I feel overwhelmed by having to take care of my apartment, I think of next Wednesday when she comes; and I relax and appreciate that I am not alone in a task that can overwhelm any woman who works and has a family.

If you worry about finding the right Tania – don’t! Just put out the word, with your neighbors, or other people who have a help. Soon some nice person will come and offer her services. If she is not to your satisfaction, you will find somebody else. Since Tania started, three other women came and left me their card -‘ just in case’ they said.

Should you still  be in doubt, let me reassure you that the shine of your sparkling house will be reflected on your face.

Until the next time

                              STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST


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