Who is the Bustiest?

          According to a recent study – commissioned by Triumph International Underwear company, British women have the biggest busts – now who would have thought that?

           The survey, conducted by GFK, a German market research firm, found that the average British bra size is a DD cup. The survey was conducted in 7 countries (1000 per country) and further found out that Continental Europe and Asian women wear a B cup, and American woman wear a C cup.


  Hello Everyone

          How was your week? Did you find bargains that fit into your wardrobe? Well here are the last three steps to help you have a better wardrobe.


          As you all know accessories include; handbags, shoes, jewelry, scarves,belts, and hats. But no one wears all of them, and we all have some accessories we love and some we never wear. Shoes and bags, of course are also a necessity, but please don’t treat them only as that, because they can make or break your look.

          Carrying an expensive bag will save any outfit, even a less expensive one. In the last few years the variety of bags which are fashionable, certainly show us what statement you can make with the right bag. Some are very big, so when you are not tall, be careful that the bag does not overpower you.

          I recently saw a bag in a store window and went in to look at it. It was more expensive than I has expected, so I told the sales lady that I would think about it. To overcome my hesitation she said, “It is the only one.” I still left without it.  The next morning I went back to store.

          “You are lucky that it is still here,” the sales lady told me. I looked surprised. “There was an Italian lady in earlier this morning, who loved it until her husband pointed out that the bag was nearly bigger than her – she was just 5′ tall.  Lucky for me!? Ten minutes later I walked out with the bag!

         SHOES – I know they have to be comfortable  – but looking at some of the young girls (18…..?) they actually wear the latest styles with 3″+ heels. I envy them. I shouldn’t. because there was a time I did too — long ago – so now I  go for the 2” heels or flats. But whatever type of shoe you buy make sure it is a good-looking, which is the case when they are more expensive. Not only are they prettier, they are also more comfortable, because they are better made and the material is better –leather is the best, upper and lower.

          SCARVES – the women who are experts in making a scarf part of their look are the French women. Maybe that is why the famous  ‘HERMES’  scarf if French too. They know how to tie them, and most importantly they look comfortable wearing them.

          If, you are like me,  tugging and pulling on it every five minutes a scarf is not a plus. I like them on other women, and envy those who wear them, but I have never been successful, so I do without – except in the winter when I can take it off with my coat.  So, when wearing a scarf, make sure it is part of you, and not something you need to adjust and fidget with.

          JEWELRY – there is real jewelry and then there is costume jewelry, which I call the FUN accessory.  You can decorate yourself with it anywhere you want – neck, wrist, finger, even ankles – pin it on, hang it on and have fun with it. It certainly brightens up an outfit,  a big bold chain, so fashionable now, can spruce up your top from last year.

          HATS – I was told once that a hat intimidates men! Maybe that is true because very few women wear them today – unless it is against the sun, or rain. I have only one friend who wears  hats, and she gets lots of compliments and remarks –  yes, even from men. But the hats she wears are the most outlandish, fun creations I have ever seen. So they are more than a hat, they are a reflection of her personality. Maybe you want to try it?

          BELTS – they can be a wonderful finishing touch, but only if your waist allows it – otherwise wearing a belt, only emphasizes that your waist is not small, and who wants to point that out?


          One of the most important advice I can give you it to measure the use of any item against the price. If you buy a top for $10 and you wear it only once a year (or not at all), it is too expensive. If however, a pair of pants cost $30 more than you wanted to spend, but you wear them all the time, it’s certainly worth every penny.  So before you decide to buy, think:

 -Do I need it?

-Is it something I want to add to my wardrobe?

-How much use will I get for the money I’m spending?


         Many women say, “But I don’t know what suits me.”

        Yes, you do! Most women know what they like and that is usually what suits them best. Just ask yourself, “Do I like it? Does it make me look good?”

          I am certain that you know the answer if you take the time to look and think about what you are buying. And be careful when taking a friend’s advice. She (or he) doesn’t see you  the way you see yourself, nor how you feel in something.

          This completes our 20 Steps – I am sure none of us is guilty of making all the mistakes discussed, but while reading these 20 Steps you will know when the shoe fits.

          If you try to avoid the mistakes you presently make, you will soon find yourself  saving money and owning a better wardrobe. And you will never again have to ask, “WHAT WILL I WEAR?’

Until next week




Hello Everyone

          Since we are still in the midst of sales, sales, sales —-everywhere! our next step is to avoid the temptations marked  ‘Reduced.’


          Of course you can find a bargain in a sale……but only if you are an experienced shopper.

          During sales more mistakes are made than any other time. Remember, it doesn’t matter how pretty a dress is, if you have no use for it………. IT’S NO BARGAIN. Say you find a lovely dress reduced to $80 from $400 (Who can resist a bargain like that? Not many of us) but if you have no occasion in the near future to wear it, it will just hang in your closet — and when months later you are invited and wonder what to wear, you remember the dress you bought a while ago. Getting it out of your wardrobe, probably still with the tag on it, you might ask yourself the following questions:

-Do I still like the dress?

-Is it still in style?

– Do I still feel that it is a new dress? (having seen it in my closet for months).

          Whatever the answer, you will probably wear the dress because you have it. Wouldn’t it be better to buy a nice dress NOW? – A dress that will fit your mood and the occasion? Nothing lifts your spirits more than wearing a brand new dress — don’t let a bargain spoil your fun.

          Sales are great when you can find an item that you need and can wear —-NOW!





These items should cost more than other things in your wardrobe. You will wear a coat or a suit longer than other thing. Spending more means better quality. Better quality means that you will look better and project a positive image.

          Accessories should not be cheap – a good scarf can always make a simple, inexpensive dress look good, but never the other way around.

More on accessories next week  — until then



Hello Everyone

          I know it is not Monday, when I usually write to you, but this is too important not to share with you right away.

          This morning when I picked up my copy of the Women’s Wear Daily and looked at the front page, my heart made a little jump. The model, who always shows the latest fashion, was wearing a skirt covering her knees by 2″ to 3″ – what bliss – was my reaction.

         Bliss for whom you might ask? For all the women who are not 20 any more – for all the women who don’t have long, perfect legs – for all the women who did not want to be seen with half their dress missing – and  for all the women who did not know how to sit down in a micro-mini skirt.

          It looks like common sense has returned – hems are getting lower.  For those of us who were not part of the short, shorter, shortest – craze, the new length – over the knee – will makes us feel very fashionable, and comfortable again.

          In case you are not yet aware of the new trend, it won’t be long before you will see in stores and magazines.

         Until next time

        STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST (in a longer skirt)

Image from WWD August 25, 2010


Hello Everyone

          Today it is back to basics, namely to the next steps helping you to have the right clothes in your wardrobe.


            You might think that you will lose weight in the near future, but remember how many times you didn’t or it took longer than you thought it would. Seeing this purchase in your wardrobe will frustrate you every time you see it hanging in your closet. First, and most importantly, because it reminds you of not having lost the weight, and second because you bought a garment you can’t wear, or if you do you might look like this.

          Even a size 7 woman looks fat in a tight garment. Better to buy things a bit larger. I can assure you that you won’t look bigger but slimmer in a slightly looser garment.

         #15 BUY THE RIGHT SIZE

         The right size is what fits you.  If you are a size 10 don’t hesitate to try on a size 12. Today sizes are not true to what we once knew. In order for manufacturers to save money they often cut their garments on the small side, or they patterns are designed differently. In one brand you might wear a size 10 and in another a size 12. Better merchandise is often cut  more generously than cheap clothes.

         So don’t insists that your are a size 8. Instead try a larger or sometimes smaller size – IF IT FITS – IT’S YOUR SIZE.

         Hoping that you will find well-fitting bargains this week when you go shopping 

         Until next time



 Hello Everyone!

          I am interrupting my 20 Steps again, because there is something I want to bring to your attention while it is still summer. Yes, it has to do with feet again. You must think I have a foot fetish. Maybe a little bit, or at least,  a shoe fetish. So what I am talking about today is the health of your feet, and the look of your feet.

                                          WHO INVENTED THE FLIP FLOPS?


                        Whoever it was should get a medal for inventing such a comfortable style of shoe and should be condemned for making women give into wearing just a sole and two straps in the name of comfort for any occasion.

                        When walking into my building this week I was following a lady who was about 60 years old. She wore a black and white skirt with a pretty black top. ’That looks nice I thought.’ When we reached the elevator we had to wait for it, and that’s when I looked down at her feet. What do you think I saw? Yes, a pair of white flip-flops made of cheap white rubber. Her pale feet, looked even whiter and very naked, like she was not wearing any shoes at all.

          According to the files she was carrying under her arm, she was either going or coming from work – maybe a real estate agent? I was ready to ask her what she was thinking when she put on those shoes. Probably she wasn’t thinking – or just wanted to be comfortable, but I curved my impulse and minded my own business.

            When the elevator came she walked in with great determination, and asked: “What is your floor?” “12” I said. She was going to 34.

            Hoping that her client was not as sensitive to flip-flops as I, I left the elevator, and wished her ‘A Good Day.’ But if her client did not think that flip-flops are a business attire, she was in trouble. A piety, because from her well cut grey hair down to her ankles, everything was perfect.

            The excuse ‘ I want to be comfortable’ or I have to walk a lot today, is not valid, because this year the choices of comfortable, nice shoes are endless – open, closed, with a little heel, with no heel, anyway you want it – it is out there. So let’s enjoy the choices we have and leave those flip-flops for where they belong, the beach or in a garden,

          But if you insist on wearing them do what I saw a young lady do the other day. She stepped out of an elevator in one of the big office buildings and put down her attaché case, She took her high-heeled shoes off and exchanged them for a pair of flip-flops, which came out of another bag she was carrying. After putting her high heels away, she was walking quickly and in great comfort out of the building. By doing this she had not compromised her image, and not sacrificed her comfort.

            But we have not found out yet who has invented flip-flops?


This is hard to say. Many people have claimed they did, and some even had their models patented. In many developing countries flip-flops are the cheapest footwear available, often less than a $1 and are made of recycled tires.

In New Zealand the woven soled Japanese Zori was worn in 1930. And their popularity increased when the Australian swimming team wore them during the Melbourne Olympic Games in 1956. So they have been around a long time and certainly come a long way – all the way to the white house. When the Northwestern Women’s Lacrosse team was honored by President Bush on July 19, 2005, four of the women were wearing flip-flops – but there the protocol of the White House drew the line, and these women were criticized for not knowing better.  But the popularity of flip-flops has not suffered. On the contrary. They have never been as popular as now – we see them in restaurants, in theaters in the offices, just anywhere.

          But if you don’t agree with my views on the elegance and appropriateness of flip-flops, may I leave you with some facts on what they do to your feet? Wearing them for a long period of time and walking in them for a long time, will result in sore feet, ankles and legs. These are the findings of a study conducted by  the Auburn University in 2008. And the lack of support for your ankles can also create other foot problems.

            So now there are two reasons for wearing flip-flops with discretion – one, not to hurt your feet, and the other is not to let them spoil your image where it counts.

            So until next week





Scource of pictures WIKIPEDIA



            Hello Everyone

            Has the heat kept you out of the stores the last few weeks? I know the worst thing to do , when we are all hot and sweaty is to try on a pair of pants, or anything else. But while you might be waiting for the cooler weather to take advantage of the sales, we can learn a little more on how to avoid a mistake.


            Do not buy only a skirt or only a top. (Exception: if you are buying a piece to match something you already have.) Often a top and bottom are designed to be worn together. But when you buy only one piece you might never find a match. If you cannot afford a whole outfit or two matching pieces, discipline yourself to wait and save until you have money to buy what goes together.


          When you want to find a blouse for your new gray suit, wear it to the store and try the blouse with it. Or if you need a skirt to wear with your cream-colored shirt, take the shirt and put it on when trying the skirt you’re consider buying. This way you can avoid coming home with a blouse that doesn’t fit the style of your jacket, or a skirt that looks wrong with the cream-colored blouse.

           No, don’t be hard on yourself by thinking you should know. After all, it is difficult to remember colors exactly or to see what styles go together unless you see them in front of you. I remember a customer of mine, who each time we went through her wardrobe, brought out a skirt she had fallen in love some years back. Whenever I hinted that it was time to let it go, since she had not found a match in last 4 years, she answered: “Don’t worry, one day I will.” and so we hang it back. But eventually, I don’t remember if it was year five or six, she greeted me by saying, “This skirt is really starting to frustrate me, let’s just get rid of it.”

            So, don’t let a skirt frustrate you, just make sure he has a mate when you buy it.

Until next time




Hi Everybody

          Did you find an item you liked enough to buy it in different colors? You didn’t  have time to go shopping last week – well, remember it when you do.

Here are the next two tips:


      When you slip into a dress, a coat, a suit, or whatever, it should instantly make you feel better. If you think it looks nice but you don’t feel quite right in it, it’s not for you. Don’t convince yourself by saying: “It’s not bad.”   is not good enough. Keep in mind if you feel good in your clothes you will move well in them. You project a certain reassurance and confidence.

        Whenever you hesitate or are in doubt, don’t buy it. You should love an item the minute you put it on.


          A bad fit can ruin the look.

          Make sure that you can see yourselfu  back and from the side. The garment should not pull anywhere or pucker in the wrong places – like in the crotch when trying on a pair of pants. If there is no mirror to look at the back, use your powder compact to see the back.

         SHOULDER SEAMS must on you natural shoulder line, not farther in or out, unless a dropped shoulder is the style of the dress. Shoulders that are too narrow make a garment look too small, when they are too wide, a garment looks too big.

        Watch the SLEEVE LENGTH. A long sleeve must not extend over your hand – I know some women think it is attractive when you don’t see their hands anymore – but the right length for a long sleeve is your wrist bone.

        PANTS should not pull in the crotch area or pucker in the back when you are standing straight. It is indeed difficult to find a well-fitting pair of pants, but worth the trouble of trying on a few pairs until you find the one that flatters your figure.When it comes to length, the pants should cover your heel half way – unless fashion says ankle length or less, and you want to wear that style.

         If BLOUSES and JACKETS pull across the front,it means that they are too small and you need a bigger size. But the contrary is also true, if you feel too comfortable, look again – you might be able to take a size smaller.

Until next week



   Hello Everyone

          I am interrupting my 20 Steps to tell you about a new arrival in  department and chain stores – BEDBUGS. They are no longer only in beds, they have come a long way, they are now living in stores. We have to fear meeting them in sweaters or, yes, underwear. Victoria Secret encountered a problem. Of course, they took immediate action to solve it. And Abercrombie & Fitch closed one of their stores for two days, and many other retailers are trying to nip the problem in the bud by taking preventive measures.

       I must admit my heart goes out to these retailers. They have not asked or done anything to deserve the visit of bedbugs. I remember a time when they were in beds. I even remember that when I was a child, to the horror of my mother, we found some in our beds. And I don’t remember an exterminate coming, but I can still see my mother turning our beds over and under every morning and evening to find them – and then they were gone!

          Well, that was then, and this  is now. Now bedbugs have found new ways to attack us. I am not squeamish, but I would not like to worry about having a visitor in the seams of my new bra. So what is there to do? To tell you the truth, I don’t know!  Maybe I will wait to go shopping again until this problem has been solved and the stores give us the green light!

          In the meantime, let’s look at our wardrobes and maybe by putting things together differently we can live with what we have until the coast is clear.

         Of course, if you don’t live in New York City, and the bedbugs have not come to your town, this will not throw a curve ball into your shopping spree.  But for the unfortunate women of Manhattan, we have to be patient. Instead of inviting bedbugs into our home by going shopping – let’s wait.

         I will continue with the 20 Steps next week

         Until then



Hi Everybody

Here are two more tips on how to buy what suits YOU BEST:


          When trying on a dress, or any other garment, — look at yourself. Does it do something for you? Does the color suit your complexion. Or is that beautiful print overpowering?

           I once watched a lady try on a dress that was very colorful. She loved it, but she looked only at the dress, never at her face. I asked her if she felt that the dress did something for her. Before answering she looked more carefully at herself, and saw that the bright colors washed out her pale complexion.

          You don’t buy a dress because it is beautiful, but because it becomes you –  because it makes you look better.


          When you find a blouse, top or anything else that suits and fits you well, or a pair of pants that fit like a dream, think about buying more than one, in different colors. Nobody will notice that your white shirt and your forest green shirt are the same. This applies also to shoes and underwear – but make sure they really suit you and make you feel good.

Until next week