Dress to Impress – Find Out How – Instalment 4

How time flights – another week has passed and it is Sunday morning  – time to look at colours and their effect on us. Today it’s all…..


Black makes most people think of long evening gowns, of deep decolletages, of silk and satin—in other words, of elegance and sensuality.

Because black is the most important of all colours, it deserves some extra attention. Black is becoming to every complexion and suits every figure. It can be worn during all seasons and looks attractive in all types of fabrics. It is elegant, authoritative, sexy, and sad. In the late nineteenth century domestic servants, shopgirls, clerks, and elderly people of modest means were only considered properly dressed when in black. It can be worn equally well by men and women.

Black is a colour worn by rich and poor, by the clergy and by call girls. It can show positions of social standing high and low. It is both serious and worldly. It is the colour that is universally the most appropriate for all occasions. Most important, it never really goes out of fashion. Around 1930 Gabrielle Chanel brought out the famous ‘little black dress,’ which since then has never left us.








Whenever someone asks me to describe the greatest error in dressing, I have to answer that it is the co-ordination of colours—or rather the lack of it. The other day I looked in disbelief at a young woman who was dressed like this: black coat, light grey trousers, beige shoes, blue cap, dark brown handbag, burgundy attaché case, and, to top it all off, striped gloves in bright red, yellow, blue, green, and mauve! From the various fashion components one could see that this woman purchased items of the highest quality but because of poor colour co-ordination she looked messy and unappealing. Unfortunately, this kind of dressing is not rare. Many women wear up to five or more different colours at the same time. (Just look around you.) In the winter the problem is worse, since people wear more clothes .

Women speak with respect of someone who is well co-ordinated: ‘She’s so well put together.’ There is really no secret in looking that way. It just takes planning. The same day I saw Ms. Striped Gloves, I saw another woman who also wore a black coat, but her accessories consisted of beige handbag, a black attaché case, beige boots, black gloves, and a beige hat-and-scarf set. Everyone looked at her admiringly. She wasn’t wearing anything special or outstanding, but what she did have on fitted together.

I am often asked, ‘How can I learn to co-ordinate my wardrobe better? ‘If you think about what you have in your wardrobe and only buy clothes that will fit into that colour and style scheme, you will have no problem coordinating your look.

Most of us know that brown goes with bone, and black with red. But for new ideas, fashion magazines are a real eye-opener. Study the way they combine colours. You would probably never think of wearing a royal-blue blouse with your tan suit, but seeing it in Vogue will convince you that it can look fabulous.

Since we all know that brown and beige or black and red go together, the following chart will help you to find  more unusual combinations. Colours that harmonise well are:

  • Black and orange
  • Black and maize
  • Black and lilac
  • Black and pink
  • Black and slate
  • Black and royal blue
  • Black, yellow, and crimson
  • Black, orange, and blue

If you have never tried any of these combinations, it’s time you do. You will be surprised how becoming a Black dress with a Pink Jacket is. Or you can add life to a black dress by wearing it with a bright coloured scarf

Another source of inspiration are the combinations of men’s clothing. The colours and prints used in men’s wear are as appropriate for women as they are for men. Many women say they envy men because they always look well co-ordinated . The secret is that the colours used are fewer and stay mostly in the same colour family, with shirt and tie adding life and colour. This should translate for us into wearing neutral basics and adding colour with accessories: scarves, belts, and blouses or other tops.

Until next Sunday when we will talk about PRINTS

And never forget – A Smile Changes everything!








In order to prevent your wardrobe from bulging, from having too many clothes, from not knowing that you have in your closet, you have to apply the One In One OUT Rule  meaning that when you buy a new item, you have to eliminate one.

But it is not tick for tack – if you have bought a new top you don’t have to get rid of  a top, instead you can take out the skirt you never wear – once you get used to doing this, it will be easy to manage your wardrobe, and you will have a better idea of what you have.

See you tomorrow





The other day I was watching a model being interviewed on TV. She was asked, “What do you do to always look so glamorous?” Her answer was, “I don’t always look glamorous. It takes a lot of work and time, not to speak of the airbrushing that is done on my photos.  I would like young girls to realize that models don’t look in reality as we appear in the magazines –  knowing this would help them feel less inadequate because they don’t look like the girl in Vogue.”

Most of us don’t look like the girl in Vogue, but if we take a little time for ourselves, we will look better. For example:

– if you ever wonder should I wash your hair today?’ – yes, you should  – you will look better for it

putting on some make-up (even if you are at home) will make you feel better

having a manicure will give you prettier hands

a face mask once a week will give you better skin

an extra hour of sleep or just relaxing a moment here and there will do more for your complexion than the most expensive cream

an hour of exercise once or twice a week – or just going for a walk – will make you feel more alive

If your excuse is ‘I don’t have the time’ remember in order to take care of everything and everybody in your life, you have to include yourself – take  care of yourself, spend some time with yourself and on yourself – you will feel and look better!

See you tomorrow

            scan0004-2                    Brigitte



You might have items in your wardrobe which don’t have a mate.  Like that wonderful skirt you bought in a sale, but you don’t  have anything that really matches –  so it is hanging in your closet not serving its purpose — and when you try to find something that can go with it, it will be hard to remember the exact tone of beige, or without having the skirt, to know how a top you are looking at is the right shape  —- not too long, not too loose——not the right color!

The only way to get it right is to take the item you want to match  to the store, find what goes with it and try it on together. I know it is a bit of a nuisance, but the effort will reward you with a new outfit.

See you tomorrow

           scan0004-2                                Brigitte

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