Marilyn Monroe once said: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Not that Marilyn needed the right shoes, even without shoes she could have conquered the world!

But it is true that the most effective way to look feminine and sexy is to wear high-heeled shoes. (Alas, if only someone could combine comfort with spike heels). From my survey, which was published in my book What Turns Men On – 80% said that they preferred and like women who wear high heels. Here is one comment: “High heels make legs appear longer and curvier. They also add height and give a woman’s silhouette a slimmer look. No man ever misses a pair of legs with high-heeled shoes. The style of the shoes doesn’t matter, it’s the heel that counts.

Another said: “I am extremely turned off by women who wear only flat shoes, because I feel that a high-heeled shoe is the trademark of a vibrant, sexy woman.”

Do you have any high-heeled shoes in your closet? If you can’t wear spike heels, maybe you could try a pair like these, with a medium heel?

Image (16)-2
J.Crew – Style Guide

See you tomorrow

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Are you wearing glasses? Have you ever wondered if you would be more attractive to the opposite sex if you didn’t have to wear glasses? Don’t worry anymore ……. here are the results from a study done a few years ago – they were  published in the book What Turns Men On.

The question was: “Do you find women wearing glasses less attractive?’

84% answered in the negative

A twenty-nine-year-old free-lance writer in New York answered:

Emphatically no. On the contrary, many women’s beauty is enhanced by a nice pair of stylish glasses. They can decorate a face, because large lenses may serve as display windows for a fascinating pair of eyes. Glasses can also suggest an additional dimension to a lady’s personality, i.e. intelligence, thoughtfulness, etc.

Others said:

–  Glasses can make a woman look better, providing they are the right style

– On the contrary, some woman look beautiful with glasses, if they are fashionable they can be very sexy, but they have to be the right ones.

The emphasize is on the right ones – choose a pair that makes a statement, BE2127 $210.00 rimless, small styles don’t.

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TIP NO. 14 – Spend more for………

Coats,  Pants — and of course Shoes, and Handbags.

These are investment pieces, because you wear them often and probably for a few years.

Coats – it is best to buy a good cloth coat in a basic colour, of course, black is on top of everybody’s list, but another versatile colour is camel or maroon – and make sure it is not too tight under the arm – you might want to wear a suit or heavier sweater under it.

Pants – pants are the item we wear more than any other garment in our wardrobe, therefore,  paying more will guarantee a better fit – no baggy knees and no baggy backside, it will keep its shape and make you look good.

Bottega bag
Bottega Veneta – February Town & Country

Shoes  and HandbagsmyGrandmother used to say that you can judge a woman’s taste and status by her shoes and handbag – how true – the styles of expensive shoes are more interesting, and that goes for the handbags as well. Expensive shoes are also more comfortable because they are usually made of leather and not an imitation there of – and for handbags – how many do you need? I know all the pretty styles out there are very tempting, but tell me honestly do you change your handbag often, or do you use the same one most of the time? If that is the case you can really buy an expensive one, and enjoy it and have it speak for you!                                                                                               

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Tip No. 11 Look at what you have before you buy.

A comment from Dana, who is following my blog, was, and I quote “I suppose if I took more time to assess my closet, instead of shopping, I can know better what pieces to purchase.”

How true! Have you ever said, while looking into your closet “Oh I had forgotten I have that!”  This happens because you don’t take inventory of your wardrobe. I know time can be an issue, but if you go through your closet once a month – by going through, I mean take a quick look at what is hanging there, put the tops together, the pants, etc. you will get a feeling of what you have – and next time you are in a store you won’t buy a second pair of brown pants, you know you have one – you just saw it in your closet!

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Hello Everyone

The last days of summer are here, fall is around the corner, and the windows of Department Stores and Boutiques show us the latest fashion for fall and winter.

Therefore it is time again to switch our wardrobes, from summer to winter – I must admit I prefer to change from winter to summer. because I never look forward to wearing coats, and boots, and I never look as good in winter clothes than in a pretty summer dress –  but what choice do I  have?

So since on this sunny Saturday afternoon, I had nothing important to do I opened, with a deep sigh, the doors of my wardrobe. I have three closets, not counting the one for coats – and yes, you are right that means I have too many clothes!

Standing in front of these closets , I decided that this has to change. and while thinking about it I asked myself  ‘why do I have so many clothes? How did this happen?’ – and looking closer at what was hanging there I had to ask myself another question
‘how many of these do I actually wear? About 50% or less. So what are the other garments for?’ I took then out and when I had them all hanging together they answered my question. They were the ‘IN CASE’ pieces –

– IN CASE I am invited to a wedding

– IN CASE  I have to go to a dressy affair

– IN CASE I need an extra jacket

– IN CASE I go on vacation in the Bahamas

– IN CASE it rains -(do I need 3 raincoats?)


– IN CASE I lose weight

Well most of these events happen very seldom or never,  and if they do – do  you really want to go to the wedding with a dress that has been hanging in your closet for many years? Or do you think the bathing suit that you bought the last time you went to Florida a few years ago, is what you want? And when it comes to losing weight……..we really don’t have to speak about that, because we know the reality is  -we did not lose the weight – and losing it in the future is just as unlikely.

You wonder if I did what I am telling you – yes, I did and guess what I have only two closets with clothing now instead of three.  I feel so good ..  so relieved not to see that blue top I never wore hanging there.

What did I do with the rejects – they are sitting in bags waiting to be taken to The Bottomless Closet.This organization, located here in New York, gives economically disadvantaged women a chance to select interview-appropriate clothing.  If you live in New York and want more information go to


As one of my friends always says: “Let someone else enjoy what I don’t need anymore.”




Hello Everyone

Today when I had my nails done I witnessed something that is worth sharing with you.

The young lady next to me had her head buried in a newspaper, while the girl was cutting and filing away silently – all of a sudden the young lady looked up and with a shriek of horror yelled, “But you have cut all my nails  – I had said just trim them.” The girl looked at her not understanding a word.

“You have to watch what they are doing” I told the young lady  ” I thought this is a place to relax” was her defense. The girls looked frightened and confused and the lady kept looking in disbelieve at her hands.

The truth is that you can not have your nails done and relax, you have to watch what the girl is doing, and the reason for this is that many of these girls do not understand English., and don’t know what you have asked them to do.

You can read your paper and relax when your nails are drying, but not until then

Until the next time

                  STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST





Hello Everybody

Are you shopping in Thrift Shops? I do! No, not for everything, after all I don’t want to  look like a second-hand rose – but there are some real bargains to be found.

What kind of bargains? For example I buy a lot of shoes there. They must be new or hardly worn. I think the reason why one can find shoes there, is that many women – as you might have done and I have – buy shoes which don’t fit properly, and being uncomfortable, we don’t wear them. So after a certain time, just standing in the closet, they are donated – and then you  or I, can pick up a nice pair of black pattern leather shoes from Calvin Klein for $ 4.

 The other advantage is that you can afford a little extravagance by buying the odd colour, like pink, turquoise, lime – colors you would normally not spend your money on. My latest find was a pair of white, blue and turquoise leather shoes from Italy  – very pretty, not very practical because I won’t be able to wear them with everything, but for $6.95 I don’t have to.

However, shoes are not the only bargains.  Sweaters, blouses, skirts, dresses, and jackets or coats can also be found, especially rain coats. Since it does not always rain they are not worn a lot. The one thing I stay away from are pants.

Before moving to the United States we did not know what Thrift Shops are. And when I started buying there, and occasionally bought something for my mother, she was appalled, “I don’t wear other people’s old cloth.”  But over the years she changed her mind and was happy when I brought her a pretty summer skirt, or dress, and after looking it over she always said, “Now I first need to wash it, you never know who wore it before.”

Maybe that is the reason you have never gone into a Thrift Shop? Yes, somebody has worn it, how much or how little, you can tell by looking at it. The other day while examining some sweaters, the lady next to me suddenly said, “You know what is hanging here is not more worn than what you find in department stores. I always wonder how many people have tried on a garment, and how do I know if they have taken a shower that day or not. I buy most of my clothing here, and before putting it on I wash it, or have it dry cleaned and I am sure that it is clean.”

The lady is right. We have absolutely no idea, when buying a blouse or dress, or worth yet, a bathing suit or bra, how many people have tried it on. Especially in the summer, when it is very hot and people perspire a lot – it makes whatever they try on a used garment.

Considering this, the next time you pass a Thrift Shop, don’t think ‘it is not for me.’ Walk in, look around! You might find out that it is fun to find a white blouse with the ticket from Jones of New York still on it, but here the price ticket says $4.95!

Until the next time

                               STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST



Hello Everyone

This morning I did something I tell everybody never to do – but then who is always doing the right thing – we all need reminders – ME TOO – and may this be one for YOU.

The Mantra is – always look your best – well my hair needed washing and to just post a letter, I threw on a pair of pants and a sweater – no make-up – who afterall would see me in those few minutes?

I live in a highrise building – the elevator door opened and I wanted to disappear. There stood that good-looking man I have seen from time to time. I stepped in and said: “Good Morning.” He gave me a big smile, looking me up and down.

I felt so uncomfortable and not knowing what to do, I remarked, “You are all bundled up, it is not that cold outside (stupid remark) but I didn’t know what else to do.

“Yes, I have just come back from Florence and it was mild there” now we had reached the lobby and he gestured for me to step out first – I really wanted to crawl out behind him, but stepped bravely in front of him

“Have a good day” were is parting words

Maybe, and ist must be a big MAYBE, he did not think I looked too bad, but I knew. My self-confidence was at cero and made me behave not like my usual self. I can assure your that going to the letter box will now count as a special occasion to look my best.

So do as I said, not as I did – because you never know when and where you will meet somebody you like.

Until the next time




Hello Everyone

There are only a few hours left before we greet the new year, and I hope that you have  plans to celebrate the arrival of 2012.

This is the time to pull out all the stops, get dressed up and have fun. Even if you stay at home with your man and family, it is a good time to get dressed in something special. Maybe you have not bought anything new in a while, but I am sure you have a pretty, maybe even sexy dress or top you have not worn in a while. Get it out and wear it. You will feel better and everyone around you will too. 

Looking ahead, with resolutions and hopes in place – take a moment to be grateful for what you have. Don’t just be glad that this year is over; remember the goods things that have happened to you this year. I am sure for everyone there have been happy moments, and by remembering them we don’t lose them!

Now I want to wish you a


UNTIL NEXT YEAR                                

                             STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST


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