Dress to Impress – Find out How……… 2. Installment – Telling the Truth

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To see what you like about yourself, you need—besides an open mind—a full-length mirror. Stand in front of it and try to imagine that the person reflected there is someone else. This way your good points become more apparent. Being more objective will make you more generous. You will give yourself credit for what you have instead of being over-critical.

Start with your hair. Does it frame your face the right way? Is it too short to do so? Or, if your hair is long, would a shorter style make it appear thicker and more sensual? Would more frequent brushing add the life that is missing? When looking at your face, it might occur to you that make-up could improve it. If you are not used to wearing any, or if you don’t want to look made-up, relax: having good make-up that enhances your face does not mean a heavy, painted look. It can be very subtle and still create the effect you want.

Now to your body. In order to know what to do about a large bust or thin arms, you must first be aware of your assets and liabilities. And to help you to get to know yourself well, I would like you to fill out the chart below. Standing in front of your full-length mirror, pull in your stomach and stand straight. Start with your shoulders; don’t accuse them of sloping when bad posture is the culprit. Examine yourself carefully and circle the appropriate adjectives.





SHOULDERS: Broad Narrow Sloping Just right
NECK: Long Short Fair Just right
BUS Big Small Fair Just right
ARMS: Heavy Thin Fair Just right

Long-waisted Protruding






Just right


Just right

HIPS:, Wide Narrow Fair Just right
DERRIERE: Big Flat Fair Just right
LEGS (length): Long Short Fair Just right
THIGHS: Heavy Thin Fair Just right
LEGS (below knees): Heavy Thin Fair Just right
HANDS: Small Large Fair Just right
My best features (s):

 What I don’t like about myself:                                                       


Now that you have completed the list, check it thoroughly. You will find that you have more assets than defects. And don’t feel depressed about something like heavy thighs; most defects (or what appear to be defects) can be corrected or minimized through diet, exercise, better posture, better care, or more attention to detail. There are very few things that are impossible to correct, and even those are easier to live with once you know them . Being aware of your body will help you buy the clothes that will make you feel and look more attractive and confident.


Until next Sunday when we start to look at  The Importance of Colour, Prints and Fit

And never forget – A Smile Changes Everything!






The other day when I was putting on my favourite black pants, and one of four sweaters I wear all the time, finishing it with a duffel coat I have worn all winter, it occurred to me that I wear these items all the time – why – because I feel very comfortable in them . They are like old faithful friends, I can always rely on to feel good.

Do you have friends like this in your wardrobe? I am sure you do – find out who they are and the next time they need replacing – BUY THE  BEST QUALITY  you can afford. You will never regret it, being of good quality they will be your best friends even longer.

See you tomorrow

    scan0004-2        Brigitte



How good-looking you are, and how confident you feel about yourself is not a matter of how fashionable you are, or of how much money you have, or even of how beautiful you are, it is a matter os how well you can present and package yourself.

Yes, packaging is what sells most products and when it comes to looking good, you are the product and your clothes are the wrapping. The believe that there are no ugly women, just women who do not know how to look attractive, is true. without over-emphasising the importance of appearance, don’t forget that the biggest asset you have in life is yourself and you must use it to its best advantage.

The French philosopher Voltaire once said: ‘Dress changes the manner.’ That was true in the eighteenth century and it is still true today. Think about how good you feel when wearing your favourite outfit – or how you want to fade into the wall when you are wearing something you don’t like.

Choosing the right clothes can make you look and feel your best everyday. But since it does not happen by itself – you must commit to yourself – TO BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE EVERY DAY.

See you tomorrow

     scan0004-2                 Brigitte



I have just come back from my trip to Switzerland, and of course shopping is part of what we do when we leave home.  But it is not the same as shopping at home. First I noticed that my attitude to money is quite different – different in the way I look at prices. After a few days when I have gotten used to the currency, and don’t calculate anymore how much something is in dollars, I pay 100 Swiss Francs for a pair of shoes without thinking that it is expensive – where here at home I would think twice about paying that much.

Well, it is part of our holiday mood – we think that we deserve these treats when we are on vacation, and we do! But be careful not to get carried away by your surroundings, by spending the extra money for something you can not use once you are back home.

Don’t fall in love with an adorable summer dress only appropriate for the beach – but not useful when you are back in New York. Or have you ever come home with a huge straw hat? Now only a reminder of that wonderful stay in the Bahamas! By all means go shopping, have fun, but buy something that will  remind you of your vacation while wearing it back home.

Oh, yes the shoes I bought are  something I will wear all summer – they are beige snake-skin, with a medium size heel, and very comfortable. But I had a moment of hesitation. There was also a pair of sexy, red ones with  very high heels, and my holiday mood was more for sexy and daring —- but then I took my own advice and bought what will be useful this spring and summer.

See you tomorrow

           scan0004-2                 Brigitte


Hello Everyone

I just want to tell you that I will not be posting for the next two weeks because I am going to visit Egypt. But I will take lots of pictures and let you know what the women are like and what they are wearing  — you might be surprised!

Until then




Hello Everyone

Here are the last 4 tips.

9. Avoiding wrinkles – if you are still concerned about wrinkles, here are some other preventive ideas. Don’t pack your suitcase too tightly – too tightly is when you have to sit on it to close it. But too much room is not good either, it will allow the items to shift.

But putting delicate items and jackets under a plastic cover will certainly keep them looking neat. However, if for whatever reason your clothes are wrinkled when you hang them up in your hotel room, and there is not iron and ironing board, or you don’t feel like ironing, hang them in the bathroom, fill the bathtub with hot water. The steam will erase wrinkles.

10. How to pack your Makeup. To safeguard against forgetting your favourite eye shadow or lipstick. pack your cosmetic bag a few days before going on your trip. You might say, but I can’t I am still using everything. That is right, but I would like you to pack everything as if you were already on your trip, and use it out of the bag you packed – this way you are sure you have not forgotten anything.

11. Choose a practical handbag. A practical handbag is one that is large enough to hold everything you need during the trip. But only what you really need, and that does not include the kitchen sink. Taking unnecessary things makes it heavy, and during the long hours of carrying your handbag around during a trip your shoulders won’t appreciate the extra weight.

12. Last but not least, here are items which come in handy.

– A raincoat is an absolute must – weather can be very unpredictable

– A swimsuit – even if you don’t see a chance to use one – don’t forget the indoor pools that many hotels now have

– Scissors

– Soap – the soap provided by hotels is often minuscule

– A shower cap – most hotels provide them, but there is always the chance there is none and then what do you do?

– A folding Umbrella

 – An alarm clock – wake-up services are not always reliable, or difficult to ask for when you don’t speak the language

– Scotch tape

– One or two coat hangers – many hotels provide hangers that can only be hung in the closet

– Several plastic bags – handy for packing a wet  swimsuit, or soiled items.

– An extra bag, like a tote bag, or any bag that folds up small. When you start shopping it will make carrying your purchases easy.

– Label your bags –  on the inside and outside with your name only. Including your address will tell the wrong people where you live. And if your suitcase is lost, the airline can find it with only your name, and you can give them your address at the time you report the loss.

Note: Don’t put anything you don’t want to lose – like jewelry, medication, documents – in your suitcase. If it gets lost and the airline can’t find it, money will not replace those important, valuable things.

                                                     HAVE A PLEASANT TRIP

Until the next time                                            

                                          STAY WELL AND LOOK YOU BEST




Hello Everyone

Here are 4 more tips

5. Try on what you plan to take. Even if your clothes are cleaned or laundered regularly, it’s necessary to try on what you have chosen to pack. Sometimes a button is missing, a hem loose, or the outfit is less appropriate than you remember. This exercise will also assure you that your planning is correct and that everything you choose looks good together. Once you’ve made your final choice, hang all the items together, but apart from the rest of your clothes.

6. Never take more than you can carry yourself. Since porters are a disappearing breed, and luggage carts are often unavailable, the only other alternative is a young man who rushes to your rescue………but they too are getting scarce.

So plan accordingly. Nothing is worse than standing with three suitcases, or even two,in an airport,not knowing how to get to the taxi stand or bus stop. Try to keep your luggage down to what you can carry without too much effort —- one large suitcase, and a medium size carry-on bag.

7. Choose the right suitcase. Maybe you can’t afford Louis Vitton, but there are many good, reasonable priced suitcases on the market. Stay away from the very soft type, they don’t protect your clothes. Choose one that can withstand being kicked and thrown around, like the Samsonite type that is now making a comeback.

8. Packing your clothes. Put shoes and handbags, filled with underwear and hose, on the bottom of the suitcase, opposite the handles. This will prevent them from shifting and crushing things when the suitcase is carried or standing.  Then take your sweaters, and tops putting them FLAT, one on top of the other, filling out as much surface as possible without folding them. Whatever hangs over must be folded into the case. Pants are put lengthwise, folded once. Packing jackets, dresses or blouses, put the top part in first, horizontally, next fold in the sleeves and then fold  the bottom part over.

I know some people suggest rolling up every item, but this system allows you to put the maximum in a suitcase without wrinkling the clothes. Delicate blouses and dresses go in last.

Until tomorrow —–

                             STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST


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