Dress to Impress – Garter Belts – Instalment 11

 Happy Sunday Our topic today is GARTER BELTS AND STOCKINGS

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Are you still wearing them or do they belong to the past? Maybe they do but for special occasions they still have a purpose.

Before pantyhose were introduced, every woman wore either a girdle with garter straps or a garter belt. Today garter belts are reserved for a sensual look. If you discarded yours when pantyhose came in, it will be a pleasant change to buy a new one for a different, more sexy, image.

For a very slim figure the narrow type, which is essentially an elastic band around the waist with four garter straps, is the best.

For a more voluptuous figure choose the type made like a little skirt, extending halfway down over the stomach.

There are also panties with garter straps attached, which are good for all figures, but especially for a bigger-size woman. It will give the garter effect, without exposing too much.

To complete the seductive look of a garter belt, wear stockings of the same colour. If, however, black or red stockings are not appropriate with your dress, try stockings with seams up the back or with designs—like a few black squares or dots. Even net stockings can be fun with the right dress and certainly make for a sexy image.

The purpose of stockings with seams or designs is to draw attention to your legs. A sexy leg is always a welcome and intriguing sight, even for the most conservative men

You might wonder whether pantyhose are sexy. I did quite a bit of research, asking different men . how they felt about pantyhose, and their answers were all negative. In fact, more than one of them said, ‘Pantyhose are the worst thing ever invented.’ When I asked why, the reason men gave was that pantyhose wrap a woman up, making her look unavailable, and untouchable—they don’t extend an invitation. When you think about it for a moment, you’ll see the truth of this impression. So if you want to seduce someone, stockings and a garter belt will be more helpful.

These, of course, should always be worn with high-heeled shoes even when you’re not wearing a dress!!!


If you wonder who still wears Garter Belts and Stockings –  go on line – you will be surprised at the choice and variety – it certainly tells us that there are still many women who wear them.

And Never Forget – A Smile Changes Everything! – (with or without a Garter Belt).




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