Are you wearing glasses? Have you ever wondered if you would be more attractive to the opposite sex if you didn’t have to wear glasses? Don’t worry anymore ……. here are the results from a study done a few years ago – they were  published in the book What Turns Men On.

The question was: “Do you find women wearing glasses less attractive?’

84% answered in the negative

A twenty-nine-year-old free-lance writer in New York answered:

Emphatically no. On the contrary, many women’s beauty is enhanced by a nice pair of stylish glasses. They can decorate a face, because large lenses may serve as display windows for a fascinating pair of eyes. Glasses can also suggest an additional dimension to a lady’s personality, i.e. intelligence, thoughtfulness, etc.

Others said:

–  Glasses can make a woman look better, providing they are the right style

– On the contrary, some woman look beautiful with glasses, if they are fashionable they can be very sexy, but they have to be the right ones.

The emphasize is on the right ones – choose a pair that makes a statement, BE2127 $210.00 rimless, small styles don’t.

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But by 11 am., even though we have done some work, we don’t feel so good. It is our subconscious telling us that we don’t  look as good as we did when we went out to work, and it is telling us so by making us feel uncomfortable. And when passing a mirror it gets even worse, looking at ourselves we might wonder -Who is that? And then with a deep sigh, our not so coiffed hair, or too large top is dismissed with – well nobody sees me anyway. You should stop and ask,” What do you mean? Am I nobody?”

Oh, I am not just preaching, I have been there and when one day, not by 11 am but by 2 pm I felt so bad that I thought I was sick. I took a shower, washed my hair, and put on a nice pair of pants with a fresh white blouse — I did not feel sick anymore, I felt well and alive. Since then I get dressed every morning, and even put on some make-up.

I don’t mean you have to wear your black suit around the house, but your jeans can be replaced by the slacks you have hanging in your closet. And you have other tops besides t-shirts and sweats. Of, course if you can’t miss the comfort of your sweats; buy nice ones, maybe a top with a zip in front, or a sweat or warm –up suit that matches.

My grandmother, who I admired for her down to earth wisdom, was always dressed and combed early in the morning. She used to say, “You never know who will be knocking at the door, and you don’t want to be embarrassed about how you look.”  You don’t either!

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Hello Everyone

Today I will start giving you  ONE TIP  a day – to help you look your best, and to make your life easier by having the perfect wardrobe.

The first serie of tips will be on how to buy your clothes because that is where it all starts — and that is where the mistakes are made.scan0004- 2

TIP NO I – Beware of Sales – especially at this time of the year when all stores are advertising big reductions, sometimes up to 70%. I have to admit I have never seen anything reduced by 70% but it made me come in the store. So if you go in, hang on to your purse, make sure you need what you buy.

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2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,400 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.


When buying a dress that you will wear mostly when sitting, such as at dinner or the theatre, or even behind a desk, make sure that the top is flattering to your face. Don’t wear styles that have all the design and interest in the skirt.

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Hello Everybody

If you are thinking of buying a dress this summer, the shirtwaist dress is your answer. It is one of the most useful dresses you can own, and this year it has made a comeback. It is useful because it is appropriate for many occasions. It looks well in any fabric – cotton, silk, linen – and it is stunning in gold or lame fabrics. Which fabric you chose depends on where you want to wear it

It does change its style slightly depending on fashion trends, but it always has collar, a buttoned front (at least to the waist, and sleeves). And it is becoming for all figure types. A SLIM WOMAN can wear a shirtwaist dress with a belt and a full skirt; a HEAVIER WOMAN can wear it with a straight skirt and no belt. It looks good with a short skirt or a long skirt. However, if the skirt is long, leave the last few buttons open. It looks good with long sleeves and short sleeves.


Of course, how you wear it is also important. A customer of mine came to me with a shirtwaist dress that she had just bought but which her husband disliked. ‘He can’t say why, he just doesn’t like it.’ I asked her to put it on. She buttoned it up to the top, fastened the sleeves neatly at the wrist, and buckled the belt loosely around her waist. Result: no shape and no sex appeal! I asked her to open the top three buttons, roll the sleeves halfway up her lower arm, and pull the belt tight to show her waist. Now, it was a different dress, which her husband thought was much better than the one she wore before, never realizing that it was the same dress.

Note- When you decide how far a dress or blouse can be unbuttoned, don’t look down at yourself. You will see a lot more than anyone else looking at you. To see what others see, look straight into the mirror and then decide how much you want to show.

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Hello Everyone – here is another chapter from my book DRESS TO IMPRESS

Before pantyhose were introduced, every woman wore either a girdle with garter straps or a garter belt. Today garter belts are reserved for a sensual look. If you discarded yours when pantyhose came in, it will be a pleasant change to buy a new one for a different , more sexy, occasion.

For a very slim figure the narrow type, which is essentially an elastic band around the waist with four garter straps, is the best.

For a more voluptuous figure choose the type made like a little skirt, extending halfway down over the stomach

There are also panties with garter straps attached, which are good for all figures, but especially for a bigger-size woman. It will give the garter effect, without exposing too much.

                                                          To complete the seductive look of a garter belt, wear stockings of the same colour, If, however, black or red stockings are not appropriate with your dress, try stockings with seams up the back or with designs – net stockings can be fun too and certainly make for a sexy image.

The purpose of stockings with seams or designs is to draw attention to your legs. A sexy leg is always a welcome and intriguing sight, even for the most conservative men.

You might wonder whether pantyhose are sexy. I did quite a bit of research, asking different men how they felt about pantyhose, and their answer were all negative. In fact, more than one of them said. “Pantyhose are the worst thing ever invented.” When I asked why, the reason men gave was that pantyhose wrap a woman up, making her unavailable, and unreachable – they don’t extend an invitation. When you think about if for a moment, you’ll see the truth of this statement. So if you want to seduce someone, stockings, and a garter belt will me more helpful.

And don’t forget they should always be worn with high-heeled shoes even when you’re not wearing a dress — and if you have not yet bought a Christmas present for the man in your life — maybe wearing a garter belt and net stockings for the holidays would be a welcomed stocking stuffer?!

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                         STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST