Jeans – How They Become Your Second Skin

In most people’s mind Jeans and washing machines go hand in hand – and that being so, there are ways to make your jeans fit better and to adjust to your body. Here are a few tricks you can try:

  1. If you want to look as if you’d been poured into them, put them on and sit in the bathtub with warm water and get them completely wet (by the way  everybody did this when Calvin Klein’s ads with Brook Shields came out).
  2. Once well soaked stand up and let the water drip off. Then get out of the carefully and hang them up to dry. When they are nearly dry put them on again and keep them on until completely dry. I know, quite a production but it really works – now the jeans and you have become one!
  3. When you have a pair that fits nicely, don’t spoil the new look by washing; dry clean them instead. I know for some of you dry cleaning  is like a dirty word, but if you have paid a lot of money –  over $100 or more – they deserve special treatment.
  4. While washing jeans, you can prevent shrinkage by not putting them in the dryer. This precaution should be taken even with preshrunk materials. The reverse works too. If you lose weight and you want your jeans to lose weight too, by all means put them in the dryer.
  5. Do not, I repeat not, turn the excess length into cuffs. they will make your legs look shorter. A lot of women do it, but they look stubby, not long-legged. If you can’t find the right length, have them shortened, or just cut them off neatly which will create a fringe when washed.
  6. If you consider buying a pair of corduroy or velvet jeans, remember that these fabrics add weight, so unless you are slim enough to get by, stay with smoother, flatter materials.
  7.  Bell-Bottoms are not a good choice for a Heavy or a Small Woman

I am sure if you follow these tips, or  some of them, your jeans will become your best friend.

And Never Forget – A Smile Changes Everything!



Dress to Impress – Garter Belts – Instalment 11

 Happy Sunday Our topic today is GARTER BELTS AND STOCKINGS

Seven 'til Midnight Floral Lace Crotchless Garter Tanga
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Are you still wearing them or do they belong to the past? Maybe they do but for special occasions they still have a purpose.

Before pantyhose were introduced, every woman wore either a girdle with garter straps or a garter belt. Today garter belts are reserved for a sensual look. If you discarded yours when pantyhose came in, it will be a pleasant change to buy a new one for a different, more sexy, image.

For a very slim figure the narrow type, which is essentially an elastic band around the waist with four garter straps, is the best.

For a more voluptuous figure choose the type made like a little skirt, extending halfway down over the stomach.

There are also panties with garter straps attached, which are good for all figures, but especially for a bigger-size woman. It will give the garter effect, without exposing too much.

To complete the seductive look of a garter belt, wear stockings of the same colour. If, however, black or red stockings are not appropriate with your dress, try stockings with seams up the back or with designs—like a few black squares or dots. Even net stockings can be fun with the right dress and certainly make for a sexy image.

The purpose of stockings with seams or designs is to draw attention to your legs. A sexy leg is always a welcome and intriguing sight, even for the most conservative men

You might wonder whether pantyhose are sexy. I did quite a bit of research, asking different men . how they felt about pantyhose, and their answers were all negative. In fact, more than one of them said, ‘Pantyhose are the worst thing ever invented.’ When I asked why, the reason men gave was that pantyhose wrap a woman up, making her look unavailable, and untouchable—they don’t extend an invitation. When you think about it for a moment, you’ll see the truth of this impression. So if you want to seduce someone, stockings and a garter belt will be more helpful.

These, of course, should always be worn with high-heeled shoes even when you’re not wearing a dress!!!


If you wonder who still wears Garter Belts and Stockings –  go on line – you will be surprised at the choice and variety – it certainly tells us that there are still many women who wear them.

And Never Forget – A Smile Changes Everything! – (with or without a Garter Belt).




DRESS TO IMPRESS – Lingerie – Instalment 10

Good Morning Everyone – Sunday again and you might have some time to continue coordinating your lingerie wardrobe – yes, I call it lingerie wardrobe because  it is as important as your outer wardrobe. As a matter of fact it can make or break any garment you wear by showing bra straps, emphasize your love handles or have pantie lines distract from the beauty of your dress or pants. So let us start by looking at which pantie style is good for what body shape.

For Small Hips, Slim Thighs – Illustration No. 1

This body type will look good in any sort of briefs. Obviously, the very skimpy styles, like G-strings or the type held together at the side with a bow or ring, are the sexiest (Illustration No. 1). Under trousers, however, they might show a mark or line where you don’t want one, so a type extending up to the waist would be more practical.

Medium-Size Hips and Thighs – Illustration No. 2

If your thighs are not as slim as you would like them to be, always choose a style that is cut high on the outside, exposing part of your hip (Illustration No. 2). This will make your legs seem longer and slimmer (and sexier). Stay away from boy-leg cuts; they are not only unbecoming but they make your legs seem larger than they are.

Also good for this figure is the type with a wide elastic lace band on top, extending to the middle of the stomach. Under trousers, choose a style that comes up to the waist (Illustration No. 3).

Big Hips, Heavy Thighs – Illustration No. 4

 If your hips are large and you are looking for a sexy panty, consider culottes, slit up the sides (Illustration No. 4). These are panties made like a little skirt. To look attractive, the leg part must not extend more than two inches over the top of your thigh. The advantage of the slit at the side is that it gives room as well as flare to the panty without revealing too much of the leg. (For this type of figure a high cut on the outside is not good, because it will expose what you don’t want to show.)

Culotte panties can be worn only under a full skirt, not under a straight one or trousers. For trousers or a straight skirt choose either a pair of pantyhose that have a panty part like Underalls, or a brief that goes from your waist to the top of your legs, making a smooth line. Should you need more support, wear a brief made from elastic tricot. And if still more control is necessary, wear a panty girdle with longer legs, made from elastic tricot. To make this type of garment more attractive and sexy, buy it in black instead of white or a flesh colour. The darker colour will also make you look slimmer. 

In this case a bikini or brief would be a disaster. Since this style does not extend to the waist, it will cut into the flesh, creating a spare tire. The best solution is an elastic panty that will give you a smooth line from waist to thigh. It can be sexy in a dark colour—burgundy, black, or brown—and in a fine fabric with a little sheen and pretty lace trim.

Flat Derriere – Illustration No. 5

 Many women are unhappy that they don’t have a curvier bottom, but a flat one is easier to cope with than a big one! Unless you need a waist-high style for a particular outer garment, avoid this type, as it will make you look flatter. The panty should stop just above the curve of the bottom (Illustration No. 5). Select lace fabrics to add volume, or at least ample lace trimmings and frills. Buy panties slightly bigger than you need; the extra room will create the illusion of more.

NOTE: Remember what ever style panties you wear, be sure to get them big enough, Asking for a size 5 may make you feel better than asking for a size 7, but most of the time the bigger size will be more flattering to your figure. Nothing looks worse than the spare tire created by elastic cutting into the flesh. This applies even to a very slim woman.



Before you go shopping I will ask you to look at the underwear you now own. Start by taking all your lingerie out of your drawers and closets (make sure that none of it is in the laundry). Eliminate the items you wouldn’t want to be seen in. Ask yourself why you bought them in the first place. If the flesh-colour bra was to go under your beige sweater, think back to when you bought it. Are you sure that there wasn’t a more attractive model, maybe with more lace or a better cut? And what about the slip to wear under your knitted dress; couldn’t you have found one that makes you look less like a sausage? With the choice of styles on the market today, we have no excuse for buying underwear that is practical but not attractive.

After the first weeding out, you should be left with items you like and those you need for certain outfits.

Maybe some of the items you have kept are not exactly favourites, but you feel that you couldn’t afford nicer versions. This brings us to the question of quantity. Do you really need fourteen bras and twenty pairs of panties? Most women wear four or five bras constantly; the others just lie in the drawer.

Think carefully about what you need before you buy. That way you can have five really good bras instead of ten or more mediocre ones. Maybe you hesitate to throw out panties because you do your laundry once every two weeks. You can solve this problem by washing your panties when you shower or bathe .

Then you will always have clean ones, you won’t need so many, and you can buy more expensive styles. (This rule applies to every other item, too; buy less and you can afford to splurge.)

When coordinating what you need, coordinate the colours as well. The new shades in lingerie we can omit pinks and baby blues if we choose. Colours like burgundy, navy, chocolate-brown, black, red, champagne, rose, and lavender allow us to select the most becoming and the most sexy colours, that flatters our skin – and consider black and red. (A study of men’s reaction to colours showed that black is regarded as the most exciting, with red a close second.) Beige and flesh colours are not becoming because there is not enough contrast with the skin. Beige should be worn only when outer garments need it; such as, under a white blouse beige is less visible than white 


Whenever you have a moment to spare, go into a shop or browse in a department store to see what is being offered. You don’t always have to buy, but you will know what is fashionable. Feel the materials and consider how the new colours this season would look on you. Imagine how those sexy styles would make you feel. If you find something interesting, take it to the fitting room and try it on. ALWAYS TRY ON. You may be sure of your size, but a particular model might be all wrong for your figure. (This applies even to panties, which unfortunately most women don’t try on.) I know it’s frustrating to see something you like and not have the time to try it on. But don’t take the risk. You might come home with an item that doesn’t suit you.


Wearing pretty, appealing, sexy underwear will do as much for your self-confidence than a pretty dress. You should never feel that you don’t want to be seen in that bra or those panties.

Has it ever happened to you that your underwear prevented you from enjoying an adventure? It did to me—only once, but I have never forgotten it and I have regretted it ever since.

My Grandmother’s motto was –  this will stand YOU in good stead too:



And Never forget – A Smile Changes Everything!





DressTo Impress – Find Out How – Lingerie and It’s Appeal – Instalment 8

Good Morning Everyone – here is another Sunday to be lazy – or maybe  you feel like finding out how Lingerie can increase your sex appeal? Let me ask you……………

what’s more exciting than suspense! Think of unwrapping a gift. The best moment of all comes when you’re wondering what’s in the parcel as you carefully open it. Not that the object loses its attraction when you see it, but the suspense adds to its appeal. It’s the same with a woman and underwear. Lingerie is the wrapping paper for her body. It increases her desirability and sex appeal.
Your partner is, of course, already attracted to you, otherwise he wouldn’t be there. But the act of ‘unwrapping’ can certainly add to the stimulation of the evening (or day). And, as you may know, some people don’t unwrap their presents all the way. It’s often fun to keep something back. A little mystery works wonders. I truly believe that nudity does not add to sexual appeal but instead detracts from it. It detracts from the art of seduction. The underwear a woman is wearing, if it’s sexy, will certainly increase the pleasure and degree of eroticism she and her partner feel.
Lingerie gives you the chance to look and be someone else for a special occasion. Change keeps life interesting. A garter belt, a special bra, a sexy pair of stockings can be a great boost to your love life. I’m not saying this just for the benefit of your partner, but also for you. After a number of years, life may have gone a little flat for you too, and you may not always feel inspired. But wearing sexy soft, silky underwear will change your mood. Feeling naughty and provocative will give you back the excitement you’ve missed. Just imagine going out for dinner wearing a beautiful red bra and bikini panties. Besides the pleasant feeling of the soft fabric against your skin, your anticipation of what your lover will say when he sees you will make you more seductive. Don’t feel apprehensive about your image. When you see the effect, you’ll soon forget your worries.


Underwear as we understand it did not come into existence until the later Middle Ages. Most underpinnings started as outerwear and then went underneath, usually because they became more functional. The most elementary of early garments for both sexes was the loincloth, a forerunner of what is known to us as briefs. The corset started as an outer garment as early as the twelfth century, but not until three centuries later did it become an undergarment used by both women and men to improve on nature by artificially shaping the body and influencing the look of fashion for many years.
Another original function of underwear was to protect outerwear— which could not be easily washed and was often made from elaborate and costly fabrics—from bodies that did not enjoy a daily bath. Undergarments were therefore made from cotton or linen, which was easy to wash.
By 1900 underwear was being made from silk, satin, and lace, and was becoming seductive and a fashion in itself. As such, it now had a name of its own—lingerie.
It took the form of negligees and peignoirs, corsets (the Gibson Girl S-shape corset of 1904), combinations, drawers, and petticoats. Image result for gibson girl underwear

Underwear followed and was adapted to the fashion trends of outerwear. In 1907 the French designer Paul Poiret banished the curved S-shape figure by bringing into fashion a more natural shape, and with it the brassiere was born. In 1913 came a new concept of the brassiere, when the American Mary Philips Jacobs (later known as Caresse Crosby) brought but a new soft, short model that separated the breasts.Image result for caresse crosby first bra
By the way, the terminology used to describe underwear has undergone constant change. Lingerie became known as undies in the 1920s, and petticoats became petties. Brassiere was shortened to ‘bra’ in the 1930s. Drawers first became stepins, then pants or panties: only after 1950 were they called briefs.
The discovery of nylon by Du Pont in 1938 is the most important invention in the history of underwear. Its attractiveness and low cost allowed underwear to be less exclusive, less expensive, and therefore available to women of all classes.
Elastic fabrics began to affect corsetry in the early 1920s, when shop catalogues referred to ‘corsets of porous elastic.’ They were further improved by new machinery that came into use in the 1950s, when fully elasticised foundation garments were made and introduced to the popular market.
With the youth explosion of the 1960s, underwear took a dramatic turn. The miniskirt had a lot to do with the disappearance of the girdle, regarded for many years as a must for a good figure. Tights and pantyhose replaced stockings, and made garter belts and girdles unnecessary. Underwear was losing its attraction. More and more women wore only a bra and tights or pantyhose.
The see-through fashions that appeared in the 1960s and Rudi Gernreich’s no-bra bra, introduced in 1963, minimised the concept of underwear even further.

rudi gernreich....... now his underwear line was very innovative for the 60's...with the nude-look bra ( luckily I found a much cheaper knockoff, which I wore and loved)...

The moulded seamless flesh-colour concept took over. Women now wore underwear that was nearly invisible and so were they. This type of lingerie does not enhance any woman’s sex appeal. It might be necessary under certain clothes, such as knits, but I am sure that every woman has clothes in her wardrobe that will allow for a more exciting image than the flesh-colour look. Fortunately for us, designers are now giving us many choices in seductive looks.

Now that we are on the right track knowing what lingerie can do for us (and/or the man in our life) next week we will look at the one item that is the most difficult to buy – A BRA –

Until then – Never Forget A Smile Changes Everything!



Dress to Impress – Find Out How – Instalment 4

How time flights – another week has passed and it is Sunday morning  – time to look at colours and their effect on us. Today it’s all…..


Black makes most people think of long evening gowns, of deep decolletages, of silk and satin—in other words, of elegance and sensuality.

Because black is the most important of all colours, it deserves some extra attention. Black is becoming to every complexion and suits every figure. It can be worn during all seasons and looks attractive in all types of fabrics. It is elegant, authoritative, sexy, and sad. In the late nineteenth century domestic servants, shopgirls, clerks, and elderly people of modest means were only considered properly dressed when in black. It can be worn equally well by men and women.

Black is a colour worn by rich and poor, by the clergy and by call girls. It can show positions of social standing high and low. It is both serious and worldly. It is the colour that is universally the most appropriate for all occasions. Most important, it never really goes out of fashion. Around 1930 Gabrielle Chanel brought out the famous ‘little black dress,’ which since then has never left us.








Whenever someone asks me to describe the greatest error in dressing, I have to answer that it is the co-ordination of colours—or rather the lack of it. The other day I looked in disbelief at a young woman who was dressed like this: black coat, light grey trousers, beige shoes, blue cap, dark brown handbag, burgundy attaché case, and, to top it all off, striped gloves in bright red, yellow, blue, green, and mauve! From the various fashion components one could see that this woman purchased items of the highest quality but because of poor colour co-ordination she looked messy and unappealing. Unfortunately, this kind of dressing is not rare. Many women wear up to five or more different colours at the same time. (Just look around you.) In the winter the problem is worse, since people wear more clothes .

Women speak with respect of someone who is well co-ordinated: ‘She’s so well put together.’ There is really no secret in looking that way. It just takes planning. The same day I saw Ms. Striped Gloves, I saw another woman who also wore a black coat, but her accessories consisted of beige handbag, a black attaché case, beige boots, black gloves, and a beige hat-and-scarf set. Everyone looked at her admiringly. She wasn’t wearing anything special or outstanding, but what she did have on fitted together.

I am often asked, ‘How can I learn to co-ordinate my wardrobe better? ‘If you think about what you have in your wardrobe and only buy clothes that will fit into that colour and style scheme, you will have no problem coordinating your look.

Most of us know that brown goes with bone, and black with red. But for new ideas, fashion magazines are a real eye-opener. Study the way they combine colours. You would probably never think of wearing a royal-blue blouse with your tan suit, but seeing it in Vogue will convince you that it can look fabulous.

Since we all know that brown and beige or black and red go together, the following chart will help you to find  more unusual combinations. Colours that harmonise well are:

  • Black and orange
  • Black and maize
  • Black and lilac
  • Black and pink
  • Black and slate
  • Black and royal blue
  • Black, yellow, and crimson
  • Black, orange, and blue

If you have never tried any of these combinations, it’s time you do. You will be surprised how becoming a Black dress with a Pink Jacket is. Or you can add life to a black dress by wearing it with a bright coloured scarf

Another source of inspiration are the combinations of men’s clothing. The colours and prints used in men’s wear are as appropriate for women as they are for men. Many women say they envy men because they always look well co-ordinated . The secret is that the colours used are fewer and stay mostly in the same colour family, with shirt and tie adding life and colour. This should translate for us into wearing neutral basics and adding colour with accessories: scarves, belts, and blouses or other tops.

Until next Sunday when we will talk about PRINTS

And never forget – A Smile Changes everything!













For many years now we have been brainwashed into thinking that skinny is beautiful just because we see and admire flat-chested, narrow-hipped models in fashion magazines. It is indeed nice to be slim, but skinny is not beautiful or attractive.

Gentlemen do NOT prefer scarecrows. A very thin woman may look well in clothes,but without them she doesn’t offer much to hold on to – is that maybe why some men prefer heavier women?

What is more important than being slim is to be well proportioned. If you wear a size 10 on the top and size 12 or 14 around the hips, exercise is the only thing that will correct this. Dieting alone will make you lose weight all over, where exercise will take off the bulk where you don’t need it.

And when getting older being thin is no advantage – because when the skin starts to sag and the bones begin to show a woman will certainly look older than she is. In moderation a few extra pounds will make you look younger and more feminine.

See you tomorrow





A WHITE BLOUSE – is an absolute must. It is one of the most adaptable garments you can own. It is suitable for any time of day and coordinates well with all colours and styles, and  is the natural partner of suits. It will always be the answer to any emergency or unexpected invitation, and makes any woman look younger.

To avoid being without a white blouse (because it is being washed or dry cleaned), it is a good idea to have two – or more. Since you will wear this is a garment more than others, it will not be a wasteful duplication.

See you tomorrow

            scan0004-2                   Brigitte



Sunglasses add instant sex appeal and mystery to a woman’s look by hiding her eyes – and they still fulfil their original purpose of protecting the eyes from the sun and glare.

And because sunglasses are an accessory that changes with fashion trends, you should buy a new pair each year – and making matters worth for your budget – don’t buy cheap ones. They lack refinement in styling and finish, and they don’t stand up to wear and tear. The lenses scratch easily and soon they will look like you had them for years.

Now is the time to start looking for the right pair – here are some choices!

sunglasses 2013
WWD March 25, 2013

See you tomorrow





Are you wearing glasses? I do – and I found out that my glasses can either enhance my eyes or not, depending on how well I have applied my eye makeup. 

After applying your eye makeup don’t just get up, put on your glasses and go. Instead before you leave your mirror, put your glasses on and check if everything is in the right place – no mascara on your eyelids; not too much eyeshadow; not a too heavy eye liner  –remember glasses magnify your eyes and show up any little fault.  

But the good news about wearing glasses is that it makes your eyes look bigger and if everything is in the right place, glasses add interest and often make a woman look sexy.

See you tomorrow

  scan0004-2                       Brigitte

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