TIP NO. 13  Invest in your Wardrobe!

I am sure you have heard this before – buy quality not quantity – but we do forget and it is not really our fault. Manufacturers today can make things look so good that when something is new it really does look great,  but when it is washed only once it often looks, well poor, and has lost all its charm – to evaluate how good something is, just consider  how good can top really be for $19.95?

A girlfriend of mine said quite emphatically the other day, ” I am through buying these cheap t-shirts and tops. After the first wash I don’t recognize them anymore.” Has this happened to you?

Clothing, like many other things in our life, are an investment, when you buy quality it will reward you again and again, by making you feel good because you look good –  and  everybody can tell when you are wearing cashmere sweater!

See you tomorrow

         scan0004-2                 Brigitte


TIP NO. 12  Make a list of what you need.

Yesterday we spoke about looking at your wardrobe, ‘cheking up, tidying up’ and while you are at it I suggest you find out what you need to buy and write it down – e.g. a white sweater, a nice scarf, a new black skirt and so on. No, I don’t think you can’t remember, but with everything else that occupies our mind, and maybe not having the time to go shopping soon, it can slip your mind.  And  please put that list in your handbag so that the next time you are in a store you can look at it and you won’t be tempted by a dress, instead of  getting that sweater you really need to go with your suit.

See you tomorrow

        scan0004-2                       Brigitte


TIP NO. 6  Buy the right size – you will say of course I do – but sometimes we fall in love with a dress or top because it is on sale, or it is sexy, or it is a Ralph Lauren, but it is a little small – thinking well I am going to lose those extra pounds, and then it will fit!’

Most of the time we don’t lose the extra pounds and we are stuck with something we can’t wear or we look like this!


See you tomorrow



TIP NO. 3 — Don’t go shopping when you are depressed or unhappy  – you won’t make the right choices

It is only a band-aid and will not take away what ails you, but it will take away your money, and leave you with less to spend when you are ready to buy what you really need.

See you tomorrow

              scan0004-2                     Brigitte



Most of us cannot afford to buy expensive labels like Ralph Lauren, Chanel, or Valentino – but we get very excited when we see a designer label on sale.  Hold your horses  – look past the label. Maybe it is there because it is an odd colour, a way out style, or an unbecoming print. Look at the garment, don’t let the label mislead you!

See you tomorrow

                scan0004-2                  Brigitte

2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,400 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

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Hello Everyone

You got up late – the children are slow to eat their breakfast – a phone call from your mother takes up time – you are being pulled in different directions – but you have to get dressed to go to work – ‘oh, what will I wear today?’ You are standing helplessly in front of your wardrobe wondering.  Finally you pull out something  and hope it will look alright.                                                                                                 

                         Bad start of the day!

But you can change this by taking 15 minutes the night before  to decide what to wear the next day. It does not take more, maybe even less.  If you know your wardrobe well, you can also do it by thinking about it. But the surest way it to take out the items and try them on, or as a girlfriend of mine does,  lay them out on the bed to see how that top looks with that skirt. – It will also prevent you from discovering in  the last-minute that a button is missing or that there is a spot you had not noticed before.

However,  to be really sure try it on – and when you have decided,  hang it separately so you can just slip into the next morning. No, please don’t tell me that ‘we never know what the weather will be like the next day’ – because it never chances too drastically from one day to another and if rain has arrived all you have to do is add a raincoat.

And if there is no emergency in the morning, knowing that your clothes for the day are waiting for you, gives you time for an extra cup of coffee or to sit down with your husband for a few minutes to wish him a good day.

Once you get into this habit, it will not only guarantee you a good start of the day, but also a day when you feel confident about yourself and your appearance –and don’t forget to add the shoes!

Until the next time

                                        STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST



Hello Everyone

I hope that you have started the New Year with a lot of fun and some New Year’s resolutions.

One of them should be  —  make sure that the clothes you buy are earning their keep. What do I mean? Well sometimes we spend a lot of money on an item and hardly ever wear it – that item is not earning its keep. And on the other hand we have things in our wardrobe, which might have been less expensive, but we could not imagine life without.

I once bought a pair of black pants on sale which I did not really need – but you know how it goes –  they were on sale. Well, it so happened that none of the other black pants I have, perform as well. as these. These fit, keep their crease and are washable – that is real dividend.

If you are wondering about the performance of your clothes, take some time to go through you wardrobe. Put the items you love and wear a lot to one side and those you rarely wear, for whatever reason, on the other. And looking at the clothes you hardly wear, you will be surprised how much you have invested in things that bring no return.

So this year’s New Year’s resolution: – buy only clothes which have a lot of mileage, which allow you to wear them frequently. In order to focus on this while you are shopping remember:

– don’t fall in love with that cute top

– decide if you need it

– will it fit into my lifestyle

– do I have anything to wear it with

– do I really feel comfortable in it

By answering these questions you will avoid the items we refer to as “I don’t know why I ever bought this, I hardly wear it. ” It will save you money, and your clothes will earn their keep!

Until the next time

                        STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST


PS: I thank you all for your kind comments about my blog and remember if you have a question, you can reach me at bbnnic@gmail.com




Hello Everyone

Today I want to share with you my latest discovery on how to improve your look. Seeing its benefits I can say without hesitation that it must be one of the best beauty products I have found. It makes me look relaxed and happy, and it gives me a feeling of luxury. And if that is not enough, it takes extra good care of my hands. Broken fingernails are something of the past and so is dry skin or shipped nail polish.

By now you must be wondering what this miracle product is, and how much it costs? Well, it isn’t a bargain, but how can it be considering all the wonderful things it can do. I admit that without it I would save $120 a months, and for that money I could buy a new blouse or sweater. I did consider it, but then I came to the conclusion that a new blouse or sweater could do nothing for me when I look exhausted.

Sorry for getting carried away and keeping you in suspense, but I feel like a different person since I found Tania  ——– She is a dark-haired girl, 5’6 inches tall with a lovely disposition and strong arms to take care of my apartment. She comes twice a month, and I pay her $60 per visit.

Before finding Tania I was a person who wanted to do everything herself. But now having her help, I rather go without a new dress than not having Tania in my life. When I feel overwhelmed by having to take care of my apartment, I think of next Wednesday when she comes; and I relax and appreciate that I am not alone in a task that can overwhelm any woman who works and has a family.

If you worry about finding the right Tania – don’t! Just put out the word, with your neighbors, or other people who have a help. Soon some nice person will come and offer her services. If she is not to your satisfaction, you will find somebody else. Since Tania started, three other women came and left me their card -‘ just in case’ they said.

Should you still  be in doubt, let me reassure you that the shine of your sparkling house will be reflected on your face.

Until the next time

                              STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST


Dress to Impress – read part of my book everyday



     Now let’s talk about your budget. Your funds are probably limited, which means that you have to plan your wardrobe to get the most for you money – this means creating many different looks with relatively few pieces.

     Therefore, these pieces have to match any way you put them together. You cannot have both a navy-blue and a black suit because they and their accessories can’t be interchanged. The best solution is to pick two colours that suit you well and build your wardrobe around them.

     Of course, if these two colours are red and royal blue, they might not fit your lifestyle, which is your next consideration. Red and royal blue would not be suitable as basic colours. They are noticed and remembered too easily by others and they are inappropriate in many situations. So you should concentrate on the  neutral tones that suit you: black, white grey, brown, beige navy, and so on. From these pick two for the basic items in your wardrobe, such as coats, suits, dresses, pants, and skirts. Don’t worry about being too monotone in your look, for there are endless variations and shades in these colours. Another advantage of the basic colours is that you will never look out-of-place, either at work or in a more casual setting. Furthermore,  you will never be overpowered by these shades. I am referring not only to your complexion but also to your personality. It takes a certain bravado and energy to carry off flamboyant colours. Unless you have plenty of both, you will feel and look uncomfortable in, for example,  bright pink. You can see how true this is when you think of days when you don’t feel well; don’t you automatically choose a darker outfit? This comes from you unconscious desire to fade into the background.

NOTE: When you’re tired, it’s better not to wear black at all. Instead put a lighter shade next to your face.

Please come back and read more about how to integrate bright colours into your life and wardrobe