It is Springtime and we are ready for some new clothes. But before you rush out and put your credit card on the counter look at what is in your wardrobe  – put the sweaters aside and take out what you wore last spring and summer, including shoes and handbags.

Do as I say and not as I do – I just bought a bright turquoise bag, because I thought I needed a new summer bag, only to find out that I have a very nice multi-color one I bought at the end of last summer. No, there is nothing wrong in having two bags, but maybe you want to spend you money on something you need more?

Don’t forget to try on what you have – we often remember a blouse looking very nice, only to find out that we don’t like it anymore.Or that something does not fit anymore – so weed out your wardrobe by trying on what you have, and eliminate what you don’t feel comfortable in -yes, even if you have not worn it much – don’t accommodate your clothes, they have to work for you by making you feel comfortable and confident.

Boston Proper Catalogue

Now to what you buy, keep in mind that everything is bright this season – really bright.  But since you can’t and won’t even want an all bright wardrobe, add a bright blazer to wear with your jeans

And look at the shoes in this picture – wedge-platform shoes are the latest look. And they are more comfortable than you might think. I just found a pair that feel like slippers – the wedge allows you to have a higher heel which is offset by the sole.

Cache Catalogue

Another way to add color are prints – the choice we have is pretty and very varied – really for every taste. A pretty patterned top will bring a business suit up-to-date.

I know it is a little work and you will need an afternoon to do what I am suggesting, but knowing what you have in your wardrobe, and what goes with what will save you time and money in the season to come.

Until the next time – I want to wish you



                                     HAPPY PASSOVER





Hello Everyone

           Let us finish today what we started last week, here are the other 6 tips of how you can adapt what you see in fashion magazines to yourself and your wardrobe.


Some of you might not be familiar with the difference. So let me explain first. The editorial pages are the part – mostly towards the back of the magazine – showing clothes which have been selected by the fashion editor of that publication and are photographed for the magazine. The purpose is to show the latest trends, colours, and silhouettes.

The ads, mainly in the front part of the magazine, are paid for by manufacturers and designers who make the clothes, or the stores who sell them. These are usually less spectacular than what is shown in the editorial  pages, but more wearable and often more affordable. So my advice her is to study the editorial pages for what is new and then compare them to the ads which show the same trend in a more moderate, less intimidating version.


When we think of a new look, we first think of styles and colours. But we seldom pay enough attention to the fabric, though it is always mentioned. Don’t just read over the description, let it register. Knowing that gold lame is back or that rain coats are made from a silk poplin, or that a wool and polyester mix holds pleats better, will make you surer of what you are looking for when you go shopping. And it will also help you to buy better quality clothes, and you won’t end up with a fabric that does not wear well.


The hairstyles you see on the models are, like the clothes, exaggerated versions of new trends. But to convey a message it is often necessary to start with an extreme. So if you see faces framed by halos of curls, it is telling you that curls are the look. You are not expected, however, to wear a style like this in your daily life, translating this to you, it means your hair should be worn curly in some way or other – short curls,  shoulder length curls,  or just the ends curled – really anyway that suits you best. So if you wish to look up-to-date don’t regard the new hairstyles as something that once again does not apply to you. IT DOES!


Tempted by pictures of models with beautifully made-up faces, we buy lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow –  just anything that we believe brings us closer to the faces we see  in ads and on display posters. But having all this cosmetic, few of us ever achieve to use it properly. But it is not as difficult as you might think.

Choose a picture of a model who has the same colourings as you. This is important. Study the picture for a while. Yes, you can see where the eyeshadow starts and stops – just look again. After you have studied the picture well, put it next to your make-up mirror and once you have applied your foundation, start to copy what you see. Since your colourings are close to those of the model, choose similar or the same colors for eyeshadow, blush and lipstick. When you start,  don’t get discouraged.  It won’t be perfect the first time around, but with patience and practice it soon will.


A complaint I often hear is: “ I love accessories,but I never know what to do with them.”  This frustration is further increased by hearing and reading about women who can change their look with just a little scarf or belt. If you use scarves, it should never be an inexpensive one – buy the most expensive one you can afford, because a good quality scarf can  make an inexpensive dress look good.

If you don’t know how to wear your scarves look at the way the model wears it and do the same. But then there are not only scarves. There are necessary accessories –  like shoes, bags, and hose – and optional ones like belts, jewelry, and hats. Among the optional ones there is always one that is more in fashion than others. Look how jewelry has made a come back! So again look at how it is worn. Maybe you can’t wear a big collar-like necklace, but you can wear 4 or more bracelets, just like the girl in the magazine.

Accessories can make a big difference. Therefore, to avoid being without, follow what you see in your favorite Fashion Magazine.


Once you have analyzed a fashion magazine as I have suggested, the most important point is still to come. YOU MUST DO IT. Knowing about how to change your hair, how to wear a hat and what is the latest colour for lips, is not enough. You must put into action what you have seen. Don’t say:”Yes, I have read about the new hair thickener in Bazaar, but I didn’t try it yet.”

I can assure you that applying to yourself what you see and read in fashion magazines –  if for beauty, health, clothes, or make-up – will give you a different image and lots of self-confidence

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Hello Everybody

          Don’t let a few warm days fool you. Winter is around the corner and soon we will be wearing sweaters, boots, and mittens. Therefore, it is time to put away the camisoles, shorts and skimpy dresses. And I really mean putting away, away out of sight. Do you have 2 closets? Or at least one big one,  giving you enough space to separate your clothes by season?

          I know from experience that it is a pain in the neck to organize your closets that way, but if you don’t do it, getting dressed in the morning is even more of a pain. It took me 3 hours last weekend to make the switch. Opening my closets, fortunately I have two, it seemed an overwhelming task. I always start by looking at what I have worn this season, in this case summer. Then I decide what I don’t want to wear again next summer. I found some t-shirts that had paid their dues, two dresses that after 5 years don’t have to make a comeback, and some jeans that really had lost their shape this summer. Putting them all in a bag for recycling, I then hang, or folded the rest and filed it away. That was not too difficult, but the next step is.

           I started by removing the plastic covers from the items I had stored a few months ago. To my surprise there were a few things I did not remember I have. For example; there was a very pretty black knit dress I had forgotten. Luckily I found it because I was ready to order one from a  catalogues I had just received. I am telling you this, because we do forget what we have until we see it in front of us.

         Besides the distinct summer and winter clothes, there is a third category. The clothes you can wear all year around – like some t-shirts, blouses, light sweaters, cardigans and jeans. You know which they are and they never move, but stay in your current wardrobe at all times

          It took me 3 hours to switch my wardrobe, because I tried on many of my winter clothes to find out

– if they still FIT

– if I still LIKE them

– if they are still FASHIONABLE

– if I can make them look more UP-TO-DATE by coordinating them differently

– if I could still wear this or that jacket by wearing a FUR  VEST with it

          Having made the effort of trying things on and deciding what goes with what, you might wonder how you can remember all this in a few weeks? Unfortunately there are only two ways you can –

l. You must have a good memory

2. Or you make a list. This means you write it down,  like: – black skirt, white blouse, camel blazer, and red boots, and so on. When your list is done, stick it to the door of your wardrobe.

          You might ask, “Why can’t I hang a skirt together with the blouse that matches it?” The reason this won’t work is that your skirt can be worn with other items in your wardrobe. However, to make things a little easier hang all pants. all skirts, all blazers, and all tops and blouses together, colour coordinated – all white tops together, all black tops together and so on.

             This process applies to shoes and handbags as well. But this should not be too difficult,  because it is easy to separates sandals from boots, and many handbags can be worn year around.

            Please remember  —  if you  have a question about your wardrobe, you can contact me by email – – and you can even send a photo of yourself or a garment you are not sure about

Until next week



                 LOOK YOUR BEST


Harper's Bazaar

Hello Everyone   

          Is this the year your winter coat needs replacing? If it is, don’t think of buying another black one. The colour of the coming season is CAMEL   

            You can only buy a coat or a whole outfit as seen in the picture here.
           In the next picture the colour is combined with the new military look
Tommy Hilfiger








–   and Camel is a very easy to combine with –  Grey and brown   







Harper's Bazaar

             -and surprise, surprise with RED   

-and not just in clothing – it can be done with accessories like these   


                    And best of all, these colours, Camel, Red, and Grey go separately, or combined with what we all have in our wardrobe BLACK! So while you are out shopping, remember these colours, and maybe a red handbag is just what will bring your look up-to-date.   

Until the next time   



   Hello Everyone

         Are you afraid of snakes, reptiles or wild animals? I am! But when they hang on my arm, or their likeness is printed on a dress, or on shoes, I love the look. The only time I could not go there was in the 60’s when there were bags made from small lizards or crocodiles with the head being part of the bag . Looking at me with their glass-button eyes, and showing their teeth reminded me too painfully that this once alive, agile creature had turned into a handbag. Looking as real as it did. it was  even a little scary – was it really dead?  Actually I prefer the imitations, at least I know that the lizard is still basking in the sun.

         The look of skin, leopard and even zebra shows up on everything: coats, dresses, blouses, handbags, belts, scarves, shoes, even watch bands.  So without going all out, you can pick one item in your wardrobe and replace it with the animal of your choice – and if you love the look, go for it and buy several items. A real plus is that it goes so well with black, something we all have in our closet.

          Many of you won’t remember (but some of us will) that in the 60’s leopard coats and jackets were all the rage. Well, they are fashionable again. If you belong to the group who remembers, maybe you have one hanging in the back of your wardrobe? If not, look in a thrift shop? In the past years I have often seen them there, and always passed with a smile, remembering fondly the one I got as a birthday present one year. Do I still have it? No, when it went out of fashion, being practical and not wasting anything, I had it dyed black, and  still wore it for many years.

           No, you don’t have to go overboard, but maybe adding a bag, a pair of shoes, boots, a top, or just a scarf, will make you feel like you are part of the wild- life. Here are a few more examples to choose from.

Have fun with it and until the next time


Photos are from Harper’s Bazaar


  Hello Everyone

          How was your week? Did you find bargains that fit into your wardrobe? Well here are the last three steps to help you have a better wardrobe.


          As you all know accessories include; handbags, shoes, jewelry, scarves,belts, and hats. But no one wears all of them, and we all have some accessories we love and some we never wear. Shoes and bags, of course are also a necessity, but please don’t treat them only as that, because they can make or break your look.

          Carrying an expensive bag will save any outfit, even a less expensive one. In the last few years the variety of bags which are fashionable, certainly show us what statement you can make with the right bag. Some are very big, so when you are not tall, be careful that the bag does not overpower you.

          I recently saw a bag in a store window and went in to look at it. It was more expensive than I has expected, so I told the sales lady that I would think about it. To overcome my hesitation she said, “It is the only one.” I still left without it.  The next morning I went back to store.

          “You are lucky that it is still here,” the sales lady told me. I looked surprised. “There was an Italian lady in earlier this morning, who loved it until her husband pointed out that the bag was nearly bigger than her – she was just 5′ tall.  Lucky for me!? Ten minutes later I walked out with the bag!

         SHOES – I know they have to be comfortable  – but looking at some of the young girls (18…..?) they actually wear the latest styles with 3″+ heels. I envy them. I shouldn’t. because there was a time I did too — long ago – so now I  go for the 2” heels or flats. But whatever type of shoe you buy make sure it is a good-looking, which is the case when they are more expensive. Not only are they prettier, they are also more comfortable, because they are better made and the material is better –leather is the best, upper and lower.

          SCARVES – the women who are experts in making a scarf part of their look are the French women. Maybe that is why the famous  ‘HERMES’  scarf if French too. They know how to tie them, and most importantly they look comfortable wearing them.

          If, you are like me,  tugging and pulling on it every five minutes a scarf is not a plus. I like them on other women, and envy those who wear them, but I have never been successful, so I do without – except in the winter when I can take it off with my coat.  So, when wearing a scarf, make sure it is part of you, and not something you need to adjust and fidget with.

          JEWELRY – there is real jewelry and then there is costume jewelry, which I call the FUN accessory.  You can decorate yourself with it anywhere you want – neck, wrist, finger, even ankles – pin it on, hang it on and have fun with it. It certainly brightens up an outfit,  a big bold chain, so fashionable now, can spruce up your top from last year.

          HATS – I was told once that a hat intimidates men! Maybe that is true because very few women wear them today – unless it is against the sun, or rain. I have only one friend who wears  hats, and she gets lots of compliments and remarks –  yes, even from men. But the hats she wears are the most outlandish, fun creations I have ever seen. So they are more than a hat, they are a reflection of her personality. Maybe you want to try it?

          BELTS – they can be a wonderful finishing touch, but only if your waist allows it – otherwise wearing a belt, only emphasizes that your waist is not small, and who wants to point that out?


          One of the most important advice I can give you it to measure the use of any item against the price. If you buy a top for $10 and you wear it only once a year (or not at all), it is too expensive. If however, a pair of pants cost $30 more than you wanted to spend, but you wear them all the time, it’s certainly worth every penny.  So before you decide to buy, think:

 -Do I need it?

-Is it something I want to add to my wardrobe?

-How much use will I get for the money I’m spending?


         Many women say, “But I don’t know what suits me.”

        Yes, you do! Most women know what they like and that is usually what suits them best. Just ask yourself, “Do I like it? Does it make me look good?”

          I am certain that you know the answer if you take the time to look and think about what you are buying. And be careful when taking a friend’s advice. She (or he) doesn’t see you  the way you see yourself, nor how you feel in something.

          This completes our 20 Steps – I am sure none of us is guilty of making all the mistakes discussed, but while reading these 20 Steps you will know when the shoe fits.

          If you try to avoid the mistakes you presently make, you will soon find yourself  saving money and owning a better wardrobe. And you will never again have to ask, “WHAT WILL I WEAR?’

Until next week