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          Are you among the women who say, “I love hats, but I never wear them!” For a long time hats were regarded as a dressed-up  look one tried to avoid like the plague. But this excuse is no longer valid – HATS ARE BACK. I am glad to see that they have finally left the runways of the fashion designers and are seen more and more on the streets. The other day while shopping, I counted six women with hats. It gave an interesting touch to their look, pulling together whatever they wore.   

          The return to more elegant, dressier clothes is the reason for hats again. For a beautiful outfit, a hat is like the dot on the letter  i. It is the most glamorous finishing-off accessory you can add. HALSTON, who became famous first for his creations of hats, once said, “A hat is a head covering which is supposed to make you glamorous, exciting and more interesting than anyone else.”

          And wearing the right hat does just that — it makes you stand out from the crowd. Of course it has to be the right one; it has to add interest to your look and frame your face in a flattering way. Here ae some guidelines:

– Hats with a brim (any size) are always flattering to the face.

– A woman 5’4″ and under must stay with a medium size brim — a large one will make her look like a mushroom. A high crown adds height, however.

– Hats must be in proportion to your figure. Remember that the smaller the hat, the fuller the figure will appear; the larger the hat, the slimmer the figure will look. Here are a few styles of hats to think about:

          When you go to buy a hat, allow yourself enough time to try on every hat on display. And don’t buy one unless you feel completely at ease and attractive in it. It must give you the feeling that you want to walk out of the store wearing it. If it doesn’t feel right when you first put it on, and you buy it anyway,  it will sit in your closet and you will still say, “I love hats, but never wear them?”

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Hello Everybody

          Don’t let a few warm days fool you. Winter is around the corner and soon we will be wearing sweaters, boots, and mittens. Therefore, it is time to put away the camisoles, shorts and skimpy dresses. And I really mean putting away, away out of sight. Do you have 2 closets? Or at least one big one,  giving you enough space to separate your clothes by season?

          I know from experience that it is a pain in the neck to organize your closets that way, but if you don’t do it, getting dressed in the morning is even more of a pain. It took me 3 hours last weekend to make the switch. Opening my closets, fortunately I have two, it seemed an overwhelming task. I always start by looking at what I have worn this season, in this case summer. Then I decide what I don’t want to wear again next summer. I found some t-shirts that had paid their dues, two dresses that after 5 years don’t have to make a comeback, and some jeans that really had lost their shape this summer. Putting them all in a bag for recycling, I then hang, or folded the rest and filed it away. That was not too difficult, but the next step is.

           I started by removing the plastic covers from the items I had stored a few months ago. To my surprise there were a few things I did not remember I have. For example; there was a very pretty black knit dress I had forgotten. Luckily I found it because I was ready to order one from a  catalogues I had just received. I am telling you this, because we do forget what we have until we see it in front of us.

         Besides the distinct summer and winter clothes, there is a third category. The clothes you can wear all year around – like some t-shirts, blouses, light sweaters, cardigans and jeans. You know which they are and they never move, but stay in your current wardrobe at all times

          It took me 3 hours to switch my wardrobe, because I tried on many of my winter clothes to find out

– if they still FIT

– if I still LIKE them

– if they are still FASHIONABLE

– if I can make them look more UP-TO-DATE by coordinating them differently

– if I could still wear this or that jacket by wearing a FUR  VEST with it

          Having made the effort of trying things on and deciding what goes with what, you might wonder how you can remember all this in a few weeks? Unfortunately there are only two ways you can –

l. You must have a good memory

2. Or you make a list. This means you write it down,  like: – black skirt, white blouse, camel blazer, and red boots, and so on. When your list is done, stick it to the door of your wardrobe.

          You might ask, “Why can’t I hang a skirt together with the blouse that matches it?” The reason this won’t work is that your skirt can be worn with other items in your wardrobe. However, to make things a little easier hang all pants. all skirts, all blazers, and all tops and blouses together, colour coordinated – all white tops together, all black tops together and so on.

             This process applies to shoes and handbags as well. But this should not be too difficult,  because it is easy to separates sandals from boots, and many handbags can be worn year around.

            Please remember  —  if you  have a question about your wardrobe, you can contact me by email – bbnnic@gmaill.com – and you can even send a photo of yourself or a garment you are not sure about

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                 LOOK YOUR BEST


Hello Everyone.   

          I left this one for last because it is not a necessity. But a fur vest will give a very feminine and attractive touch to anything you wear.   

Kate Moss/Harper's Bazaar


          If you don’t like wearing real fur, you can find a vest made of imitation fur. They are so well made today that it is hard to see the difference. You can actually only tell when you touch it. So if you like real fur, or not, a fuzzy, warm, cozy looking vest will make any jacket, or sweater, or even a coat look new again   

          But if you would like real fur, and the price ticket is a little high, there is another way to get it. We know that nothing is ever for free, so we have to do some work. Do you have a fur jacket hanging in the back of your closet which you have not been wearing,(or maybe your mother has one she does not wear)? The type of fur really does not matter, as you can see in the picture above. And don’t let the style of the jacket hold you back. Because once you take the sleeves out the look will change totally.   

       I had a fox jacket, with huge, wide,  sleeves which made me look like a football player – the reason I never wore it. So I took it to a furrier and had him take out the sleeves. OK, he charged me $150 for it, but now I have a very nice vest for a fraction of the price it would have cost me if I had bought a new one. To find a furrier, look up “Furriers” on the internet, and find one in your town. When you take your jacket in for the alteration, ask BEFORE how much he will charge, and don’t let him talk you into buying a new one – yours will look just right once the sleeves are gone. If you live in Manhattan, I had mine altered at the: Ritz Furs, 345 Seventh Ave, 9th floor, New York. NY 10001. 212 265 4559.   

          But let’s say neither you (or your mother) have a jacket that can be altered, there is another way to get one for little money. The other day I was in a Thrift Shop and there were 6 fur jackets for sale. All  in very good condition.  There was a mink one, a racoon one, a rabbit one, a long-haired lamb one, and a squirrel one – what a choice  – and none of them was more than $50. So adding that to the price of the alteration, you will have a real fur vest around $200 – a fraction of what you will pay for a new one, which can run into thousands of dollars. No. I am not exaggerating – check it out yourself in any fashion magazine or store.   

          The vest, (shown below)worn with an evening gown is not what most of us will need, –but then I should not say so, YOU might! Here is an option   

Harper's Bazaar


Harper's Bazaar


            If I could not talk you into a fur vest, you can still add a little fur to your look by wearing a scarf made of fur. Again you can find them in real fur or imitation. They will enhance anything you were and really zap up your jeans on the weekend. 

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Harper's Bazaar

Hello Everyone   

          Is this the year your winter coat needs replacing? If it is, don’t think of buying another black one. The colour of the coming season is CAMEL   

            You can only buy a coat or a whole outfit as seen in the picture here.
           In the next picture the colour is combined with the new military look
Tommy Hilfiger








–   and Camel is a very easy to combine with –  Grey and brown   







Harper's Bazaar

             -and surprise, surprise with RED   

-and not just in clothing – it can be done with accessories like these   


                    And best of all, these colours, Camel, Red, and Grey go separately, or combined with what we all have in our wardrobe BLACK! So while you are out shopping, remember these colours, and maybe a red handbag is just what will bring your look up-to-date.   

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   Hello Everyone

         Are you afraid of snakes, reptiles or wild animals? I am! But when they hang on my arm, or their likeness is printed on a dress, or on shoes, I love the look. The only time I could not go there was in the 60’s when there were bags made from small lizards or crocodiles with the head being part of the bag . Looking at me with their glass-button eyes, and showing their teeth reminded me too painfully that this once alive, agile creature had turned into a handbag. Looking as real as it did. it was  even a little scary – was it really dead?  Actually I prefer the imitations, at least I know that the lizard is still basking in the sun.

         The look of skin, leopard and even zebra shows up on everything: coats, dresses, blouses, handbags, belts, scarves, shoes, even watch bands.  So without going all out, you can pick one item in your wardrobe and replace it with the animal of your choice – and if you love the look, go for it and buy several items. A real plus is that it goes so well with black, something we all have in our closet.

          Many of you won’t remember (but some of us will) that in the 60’s leopard coats and jackets were all the rage. Well, they are fashionable again. If you belong to the group who remembers, maybe you have one hanging in the back of your wardrobe? If not, look in a thrift shop? In the past years I have often seen them there, and always passed with a smile, remembering fondly the one I got as a birthday present one year. Do I still have it? No, when it went out of fashion, being practical and not wasting anything, I had it dyed black, and  still wore it for many years.

           No, you don’t have to go overboard, but maybe adding a bag, a pair of shoes, boots, a top, or just a scarf, will make you feel like you are part of the wild- life. Here are a few more examples to choose from.

Have fun with it and until the next time


Photos are from Harper’s Bazaar


         If you were on the way to work this morning (Friday) at 8.40 am and could not watch Chanel 7 – let me tell you the about the six things to add to your wardrobe, according to the style editor of  Style Magazine:

– A military look – strongly suggested for coats

– Lace – pretty lace tops to wear with everything

– Laced-up boots – to wear with jeans, skirts, pants, and they will be appropriate everywhere

– Chunky Sweaters – especially in a beige/neutral tones

– The new color – Camel – worn with grey accessories.

– Fitted dresses – in the 50’s style, belted and showing our curves again

   Have a nice weekend



Rachel Zoe, the celebrity stylist, who is going to have her own clothing line, and maybe you  know her from her reality show “The Rachel Zoe Project” (I have never watched it, but now I will)  had this to say about dressing and looking your best – in her own words – and I quote:

– Don’t be scared to be overdressed. What’s the worst case scenario? You’re the best-dressed in the room.

– I love to go by more is more. I’m not a minimalist. But if you’re questioning yourself and think you may have on too much, you probably do. So take something off.

– Don’t be afraid to accessorize. An outfit is nothing without accessories.

          It is short and sweet, but it says it all – ‘don’t be afraid to look your best’ – and trust your intuition when it comes to how you want to look, and what makes you feel good.

Photo and quote from the MetroFashion section of the Metro Newspaper


Hello Everyone.

          Now that we know how to shop, let us look at what will bring our look up-to-date this fall and winter.

         I have mentioned the importance of shoes, and in the coming season BOOTS are what we need to be up-to-date. In fashion magazines, and in store windows, 90% of what we are seeing, are boots.


        They come in many different forms and shapes – one could have a whole collection of them. The assortment of boots is endless  – for any occasion there is an appropriate style available. Also for every type of leg – should you have  heavier legs, wear shorter boots. If you wear short shirts, there are styles over the knee, covering half the thigh. If you can’t wear high heels, there are flat heels. And if you want to be sexy pick a boot with a  3″ – 5″  heel. By the way, some heels look higher than they really are – if they have a wedge-sole  it  reduces the heel by the thickness of the sole. So maybe you could try a higher heel?

          If you like boots made of fur, they are available; or maybe you like snake-skin?  They come decorated with buckles, snaps,  flowers made of leather, laced up the front, and for evening they   even come in  black lace.

          Years ago there was a rule that the skirt had to cover the top of the boot, that is long gone and now you can wear your boots with any length skirt. When it comes to pants,  short boots are very comfortable, and you can either wear your pants over the boot or in. A very sexy look is tight jeans tucked into a high boots!

 And if you don’t want to go all out and buy boots for every occasion, a short style to wear with pants and a knee-high one to wear with skirts, or to tuck your pants into, might be all you need. Before you go out and buy them:

1) think of what color fits best with the cloth in your wardrobe

2) look at the boots you have – I am sure we all have left overs from last winter – but maybe you don’t remember that you have them? This happens to me when I get out what I have put away a few months ago (more about how to arrange your wardrobe from summer to winter soon).

3) don’t get tempted to buy a cute pair on SALE  which won’t earn its keep because it doesn’t fit with other things in your closet.

Here are a few more styles to think about                                                                                                        

Photos from Town & Country and Harper’s Bazaar

It won’t be belong now before we need our boots, so it might be a good idea to buy them now – before your size is sold out!

Until the next time



Who is the Bustiest?

          According to a recent study – commissioned by Triumph International Underwear company, British women have the biggest busts – now who would have thought that?

           The survey, conducted by GFK, a German market research firm, found that the average British bra size is a DD cup. The survey was conducted in 7 countries (1000 per country) and further found out that Continental Europe and Asian women wear a B cup, and American woman wear a C cup.


  Hello Everyone

          How was your week? Did you find bargains that fit into your wardrobe? Well here are the last three steps to help you have a better wardrobe.


          As you all know accessories include; handbags, shoes, jewelry, scarves,belts, and hats. But no one wears all of them, and we all have some accessories we love and some we never wear. Shoes and bags, of course are also a necessity, but please don’t treat them only as that, because they can make or break your look.

          Carrying an expensive bag will save any outfit, even a less expensive one. In the last few years the variety of bags which are fashionable, certainly show us what statement you can make with the right bag. Some are very big, so when you are not tall, be careful that the bag does not overpower you.

          I recently saw a bag in a store window and went in to look at it. It was more expensive than I has expected, so I told the sales lady that I would think about it. To overcome my hesitation she said, “It is the only one.” I still left without it.  The next morning I went back to store.

          “You are lucky that it is still here,” the sales lady told me. I looked surprised. “There was an Italian lady in earlier this morning, who loved it until her husband pointed out that the bag was nearly bigger than her – she was just 5′ tall.  Lucky for me!? Ten minutes later I walked out with the bag!

         SHOES – I know they have to be comfortable  – but looking at some of the young girls (18…..?) they actually wear the latest styles with 3″+ heels. I envy them. I shouldn’t. because there was a time I did too — long ago – so now I  go for the 2” heels or flats. But whatever type of shoe you buy make sure it is a good-looking, which is the case when they are more expensive. Not only are they prettier, they are also more comfortable, because they are better made and the material is better –leather is the best, upper and lower.

          SCARVES – the women who are experts in making a scarf part of their look are the French women. Maybe that is why the famous  ‘HERMES’  scarf if French too. They know how to tie them, and most importantly they look comfortable wearing them.

          If, you are like me,  tugging and pulling on it every five minutes a scarf is not a plus. I like them on other women, and envy those who wear them, but I have never been successful, so I do without – except in the winter when I can take it off with my coat.  So, when wearing a scarf, make sure it is part of you, and not something you need to adjust and fidget with.

          JEWELRY – there is real jewelry and then there is costume jewelry, which I call the FUN accessory.  You can decorate yourself with it anywhere you want – neck, wrist, finger, even ankles – pin it on, hang it on and have fun with it. It certainly brightens up an outfit,  a big bold chain, so fashionable now, can spruce up your top from last year.

          HATS – I was told once that a hat intimidates men! Maybe that is true because very few women wear them today – unless it is against the sun, or rain. I have only one friend who wears  hats, and she gets lots of compliments and remarks –  yes, even from men. But the hats she wears are the most outlandish, fun creations I have ever seen. So they are more than a hat, they are a reflection of her personality. Maybe you want to try it?

          BELTS – they can be a wonderful finishing touch, but only if your waist allows it – otherwise wearing a belt, only emphasizes that your waist is not small, and who wants to point that out?


          One of the most important advice I can give you it to measure the use of any item against the price. If you buy a top for $10 and you wear it only once a year (or not at all), it is too expensive. If however, a pair of pants cost $30 more than you wanted to spend, but you wear them all the time, it’s certainly worth every penny.  So before you decide to buy, think:

 -Do I need it?

-Is it something I want to add to my wardrobe?

-How much use will I get for the money I’m spending?


         Many women say, “But I don’t know what suits me.”

        Yes, you do! Most women know what they like and that is usually what suits them best. Just ask yourself, “Do I like it? Does it make me look good?”

          I am certain that you know the answer if you take the time to look and think about what you are buying. And be careful when taking a friend’s advice. She (or he) doesn’t see you  the way you see yourself, nor how you feel in something.

          This completes our 20 Steps – I am sure none of us is guilty of making all the mistakes discussed, but while reading these 20 Steps you will know when the shoe fits.

          If you try to avoid the mistakes you presently make, you will soon find yourself  saving money and owning a better wardrobe. And you will never again have to ask, “WHAT WILL I WEAR?’

Until next week