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Today I want to give you the first 6 Tips on how to apply what you see in Vogue (or any other magazine) to your look.

          Linda is looking through the latest issue of Vogue to see what is new. After a  while she closes it with a sigh, thinking: ‘Very nice, but not for me.’

 The reasons most of us feel that way when looking at fashion magazines are:

– we are depressed that we cannot afford the clothes we see

– we are depressed that we don’t look like the girl in the picture

– we are depressed that we have no occasion to wear clothes like this

– and a lot of women never buy a fashion magazine because they can’t identify with what they see. However, the aim of these publications is not to depress us but to help us plan our wardrobe (besides trying to make us buy what we see) – to show us what we can choose from for the coming season and how to make what we already own look up to date. And this is not too difficult when you know how to read and translate what you see to your life. Here are the first 6 steps.


It is without doubt disturbing to see women, clothes, and situations that seem so remote from our surrounding and lifestyle. How can you compete with that gorgeous creature that looks at you from the glossy pages. How can you afford to pay $ 6,900 for a camel coat? And how could you possibly leave your blouse open as far as the model’s in the pictures?

 As unrealistic as these pictures might be, something can be learned from them. So instead of dismissing what you see as not applicable to you


Study the make-up, the hairstyles, the clothes, as well as the accessories. You might find that even if the hairstyle, or make-up or clothes are not for you, a certain accessory is. Or disregarding the boots with the 3″ heels and the bizarre hat the model is wearing, the coat is exactly what you want. Analysing the information fashion magazines provide will help you to know what you are looking for, and what will bring your wardrobe up-to-date.


 By silhouette I mean the shape and form of the season:

– is it full or slim?

– is it long or short?

– is the waist marked, or do loose shapes predominate?

– is glamour back, or is it  sporty?

– are jackets long or short?

– answering questions like these will help you decide about clothes you already own – is your loose coat still in? A new silhouette doesn’t mean that all the other items in you wardrobe are out, because often the change is gradual and you need to discard only a few items.


Although you read that the latest colour this season is red, you will see that a lot of other colours are shown too. The latest colours shown, are not the only colours, but the dominant ones. If your wardrobe has no red, think about adding something in that shade. How much of it depends on how well the colour suits you and how appropriate it is for your lifestyle.


Very often we would like to get away from our basic beige or black.But we don’t know how to change it or how to brighten it up. Here is where a fashion magazine can be a real eye-opener. You probably never think of putting brown and royal blue together, but it works. And would you have bought a mauve blouse to go with your green suit? Or that your black suit looks up-to-date with a khaki t-shirt?

The basic rule here: apply to yourself what you see. You can’t know if it works for you until you see it on yourself.


If you wonder why you seldom see a raincoat look as good on a woman in the street as on a model in a magazine, look again. It is not only the type of raincoat or the girl, it is the way she wears it. On the picture the collar is turned up; the coat is not buttoned up to the neck; the sleeves are pushed up; and the belt is pulled in tight, with the pleats well-adjusted, showing a waistline.

Most women on the street button their coat up high, flatten the collar, and the belt is tied somehow, without  adjusting the fullness. A coat worn like this will not look at all like the same garment. Seeing the first version (the girl in the magazine), you will envy her for wearing such a stylish coat; the second version (the woman on the street) is just wearing a coat.

This rule applies to all other garments, and you can apply it easily to yourself. Just do what you see  on the pages of your favourite magazine. It is an easy way to look smarter without spending a penny.

          Enough advice for today – I will let you digest this and give you the other 6 Tips next week                                                                                 

                                                                                Until then




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Hello Everyone

         Coco Chanel is the designer who gave us, among many other looks still with us today, the “Little Black Dress.”

Image Boston Proper Catalogue

          Is it back? It was never gone and I don’t think it will ever disappear because of its versatility. It can be worn by everyone – everywhere. For the young it is a new experience, and for the older women among us, it is like an old friend.

          What makes the “little black dress” so unique? For one, the assurance that you can’t go wrong wearing it . It is appropriate anywhere. It can easily be changed through accessories. It can be worn for day or evening. Most importantly, it suits 90 percent of all women. No wonder it is one of the most popular and perpetually fashionable dresses ever designed. It can be worn to the office, as well as to the theater, or to go dancing. But for a black dress to look its best, remember the following:

1. A black dress needs a colorful, heavier makeup. Without makeup, or a very light one, you may look dowdy or sallow.

2. A little bare skin should be visible somewhere. The dress might be sleeveless, have low-cut back, or a v-neck, or scooped neck. If your dress buttons up high, leave several buttons open to show some skin.

Following are some suggestions for changing the look of your “little black dress.”

1. FOOTWEAR –  a dress worn with boots during the day can look dressed up in the evening when worn with open sandals or sling-backs. Color as well as style can change the look. Try red shoes and a long red silk scarf flowing over your shoulder. Mauve, gold, and silver are also a good choice.If you are not game enough for red shoes, look at a black-and-red combination, or two other colours of your choice. However, if your look is all black, you can brighten it up with

2. JEWELRY – it does not only brighten up the look it can also change the mood of the dress. Simple gold chains give a different message than long earrings worn with lots of chains. So if the occasion is more festive, add lots of jewelry: a big pendant, or a large brooch (or several if they are small ones) and many bracelets – and of course, rhinestone (or diamond) jewelry is the perfect match with that “little black dress.”

3. BELTS – we all know that a belt can alter a garment, but it’s surprising how few women use this to change the look of a dress. Many styles today can be worn with or without a belt. When choosing a belt there are many options, and not just the style of the belt, but also how it is worn. You can wind a wide soft leather belt tightly around your waist, or let it hang loosely below the waist. The belt can be in silver or gold, or satin with a rhinestone buckle. The buckle alone can be the attraction of the dress when it is big and attractive.

4. SHAWLS AND STOLES – nothing is simpler than throwing a fur, lace or chiffon wrap over your shoulders to get a totally different look.

             But if you have a black dress in your wardrobe that is from a few years ago, make sure that the colour is not the only thing it has in common with the styles of today. Here are some of the latest creation and interpretations of the “little black dress.” 

Peruvian Connection Catalogue
Peruvian Connection Catalogue
Peruvian Connection Catalogue
Boston Proper Catalogue
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Rachel Zoe, the celebrity stylist, who is going to have her own clothing line, and maybe you  know her from her reality show “The Rachel Zoe Project” (I have never watched it, but now I will)  had this to say about dressing and looking your best – in her own words – and I quote:

– Don’t be scared to be overdressed. What’s the worst case scenario? You’re the best-dressed in the room.

– I love to go by more is more. I’m not a minimalist. But if you’re questioning yourself and think you may have on too much, you probably do. So take something off.

– Don’t be afraid to accessorize. An outfit is nothing without accessories.

          It is short and sweet, but it says it all – ‘don’t be afraid to look your best’ – and trust your intuition when it comes to how you want to look, and what makes you feel good.

Photo and quote from the MetroFashion section of the Metro Newspaper


  Hello Everyone

          How was your week? Did you find bargains that fit into your wardrobe? Well here are the last three steps to help you have a better wardrobe.


          As you all know accessories include; handbags, shoes, jewelry, scarves,belts, and hats. But no one wears all of them, and we all have some accessories we love and some we never wear. Shoes and bags, of course are also a necessity, but please don’t treat them only as that, because they can make or break your look.

          Carrying an expensive bag will save any outfit, even a less expensive one. In the last few years the variety of bags which are fashionable, certainly show us what statement you can make with the right bag. Some are very big, so when you are not tall, be careful that the bag does not overpower you.

          I recently saw a bag in a store window and went in to look at it. It was more expensive than I has expected, so I told the sales lady that I would think about it. To overcome my hesitation she said, “It is the only one.” I still left without it.  The next morning I went back to store.

          “You are lucky that it is still here,” the sales lady told me. I looked surprised. “There was an Italian lady in earlier this morning, who loved it until her husband pointed out that the bag was nearly bigger than her – she was just 5′ tall.  Lucky for me!? Ten minutes later I walked out with the bag!

         SHOES – I know they have to be comfortable  – but looking at some of the young girls (18…..?) they actually wear the latest styles with 3″+ heels. I envy them. I shouldn’t. because there was a time I did too — long ago – so now I  go for the 2” heels or flats. But whatever type of shoe you buy make sure it is a good-looking, which is the case when they are more expensive. Not only are they prettier, they are also more comfortable, because they are better made and the material is better –leather is the best, upper and lower.

          SCARVES – the women who are experts in making a scarf part of their look are the French women. Maybe that is why the famous  ‘HERMES’  scarf if French too. They know how to tie them, and most importantly they look comfortable wearing them.

          If, you are like me,  tugging and pulling on it every five minutes a scarf is not a plus. I like them on other women, and envy those who wear them, but I have never been successful, so I do without – except in the winter when I can take it off with my coat.  So, when wearing a scarf, make sure it is part of you, and not something you need to adjust and fidget with.

          JEWELRY – there is real jewelry and then there is costume jewelry, which I call the FUN accessory.  You can decorate yourself with it anywhere you want – neck, wrist, finger, even ankles – pin it on, hang it on and have fun with it. It certainly brightens up an outfit,  a big bold chain, so fashionable now, can spruce up your top from last year.

          HATS – I was told once that a hat intimidates men! Maybe that is true because very few women wear them today – unless it is against the sun, or rain. I have only one friend who wears  hats, and she gets lots of compliments and remarks –  yes, even from men. But the hats she wears are the most outlandish, fun creations I have ever seen. So they are more than a hat, they are a reflection of her personality. Maybe you want to try it?

          BELTS – they can be a wonderful finishing touch, but only if your waist allows it – otherwise wearing a belt, only emphasizes that your waist is not small, and who wants to point that out?


          One of the most important advice I can give you it to measure the use of any item against the price. If you buy a top for $10 and you wear it only once a year (or not at all), it is too expensive. If however, a pair of pants cost $30 more than you wanted to spend, but you wear them all the time, it’s certainly worth every penny.  So before you decide to buy, think:

 -Do I need it?

-Is it something I want to add to my wardrobe?

-How much use will I get for the money I’m spending?


         Many women say, “But I don’t know what suits me.”

        Yes, you do! Most women know what they like and that is usually what suits them best. Just ask yourself, “Do I like it? Does it make me look good?”

          I am certain that you know the answer if you take the time to look and think about what you are buying. And be careful when taking a friend’s advice. She (or he) doesn’t see you  the way you see yourself, nor how you feel in something.

          This completes our 20 Steps – I am sure none of us is guilty of making all the mistakes discussed, but while reading these 20 Steps you will know when the shoe fits.

          If you try to avoid the mistakes you presently make, you will soon find yourself  saving money and owning a better wardrobe. And you will never again have to ask, “WHAT WILL I WEAR?’

Until next week




            Hello Everyone

            Has the heat kept you out of the stores the last few weeks? I know the worst thing to do , when we are all hot and sweaty is to try on a pair of pants, or anything else. But while you might be waiting for the cooler weather to take advantage of the sales, we can learn a little more on how to avoid a mistake.


            Do not buy only a skirt or only a top. (Exception: if you are buying a piece to match something you already have.) Often a top and bottom are designed to be worn together. But when you buy only one piece you might never find a match. If you cannot afford a whole outfit or two matching pieces, discipline yourself to wait and save until you have money to buy what goes together.


          When you want to find a blouse for your new gray suit, wear it to the store and try the blouse with it. Or if you need a skirt to wear with your cream-colored shirt, take the shirt and put it on when trying the skirt you’re consider buying. This way you can avoid coming home with a blouse that doesn’t fit the style of your jacket, or a skirt that looks wrong with the cream-colored blouse.

           No, don’t be hard on yourself by thinking you should know. After all, it is difficult to remember colors exactly or to see what styles go together unless you see them in front of you. I remember a customer of mine, who each time we went through her wardrobe, brought out a skirt she had fallen in love some years back. Whenever I hinted that it was time to let it go, since she had not found a match in last 4 years, she answered: “Don’t worry, one day I will.” and so we hang it back. But eventually, I don’t remember if it was year five or six, she greeted me by saying, “This skirt is really starting to frustrate me, let’s just get rid of it.”

            So, don’t let a skirt frustrate you, just make sure he has a mate when you buy it.

Until next time




Hello Everyone!

A week has passed and I hope you have had time to look at your wardrobe?

I had an email from a lady who told me that she had over 30 pairs of jeans, and did nor know what to do. Some dated back to her college days. She thought that jeans never wear out and saw no reason to eliminate any.

No, they don’t wear out, but their style changes, and after many times of being washed, their fit changes too. So, when all was said and done she had 6 pairs left. She is happy with those 6 pairs because, after trying on all her jeans, she is sure that these are the ones that fit well and are not out of style.

Now to this week’s tips, which are:


No, not want! NEED! – like a new pair of basic black pants, or a  pair of  light summer pants or a pretty top to go with those jeans you have salvaged from the clean-out.

When you have made your list in writing, put it in your purse and keep it with you. It is important to have it with you all the time because you might not be able to buy everything on your list at once – and who can? This way you won’t forget what you need and you will refrain from buying that adorable sweater that won’t go with anything you own – it will also keep impulse buyers in check.


If you are on a budget, like most of us, your clothes have to last several seasons. The best investment, therefore, are simple styles. They will not look outdated the next year or even the year after.

Furthermore, simple styles are more versatile. You can change them into a different look with accessories. You will not get tired of a simple (Little) black dress as quickly as you will of a trendy red one.

If you want to follow the new fashion trends, do it with accessories – a belt, a hat, shoes, a handbag, or jewelry.

Until the next time