When at 89 my mother died, she still had beautiful, clear skin, and was often asked what her secret was. “Never going to bed with my make-up on” was her reply.

It is also said that your gens have something to do with good skin, but this being so or not, taking good care of your skin will keep it young and healthy looking. – and it is therefore, most important to keep it clean – to remove the pollution of the day – to give it rest,  a chance to breathe.

I know from experience that there are evenings I am so tired that I would rather just fall into bed, but making the effort not to, my face rewards me the next morning with looking healthy and fresh  —  your skin too will look better if you take your make-up off every night!

See you tomorrow

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Here’s an excerpt:

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Hello Everybody

Now that I have talked about what to wear and how to look your best, I would like to hear from YOU.

So I am starting something new – if you have a question about ANYTHING  – your hairstyle, your make-up, a dress, or what to wear for a special occasion, or for work,  please write to me – or better yet send me a picture of yourself with your question – my email is bbnnic@gmail.com – this is a free service to help you get an honest answer,  to erase any doubt you might have about your image or what to wear.

Hope to hear from you soon

                                  STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST


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Hello Everyone

                                        TAKE TIME TO DO IT RIGHT.

How your clothes fit has nothing to do with your height or weight. Clothes can be adjusted to any figure, but you will need time and patience to find exactly what you want. Among the vast choices available today, there is something to fit every body type. Some stores and manufacturers specialise in garments for very small women, (yes, there is a size 4 or even 2) while others cater to tall women or to large sizes (18 – 22). If you have special needs, but don’t know where to find them, ask at your favourite boutique or department store and then there is the internet! Never give in to the feeling that nothing better can be found, or  when you are tired (after a day of shopping) that second-best ‘will do.’ What you want and need is out there. Just don’t get discouraged.

When you’re in a shop trying on clothes, make sure you have an unobstructed three-way view of yourself in the mirror. If the fitting room doesn’t have a three-way mirror, use your hand mirror to look at the back of the garment. There should be no plats and pulls anywhere.  Look at yourself from the side, too. You’ll be surprised to see how many styles that look good front and back look less so side-ways – perhaps revealing more stomach than you thought you had!

Once you have checked out front,back, and sides, look carefully at the following details:


For a set-in sleeve, the shoulder seam should be on your natural shoulder line. If it is farther out, you may look like a football player; if it is too far in, you will appear to have grown out fo the garment.


They must lie flat. If they buckle or bulge, it is a sign that the garment is too small.


These must not pull where the sleeve is set into the jacket, and no horizontal pleats or dimples on the arms. A question I am asked often is: ‘How long should a jacket sleeve be?’ To find the right length for YOU, measure from the tip of your thumb 5 inches up. That is where the sleeve should end. Your shirt or blouse should extend 12mm to 18mm beyond it.

Vertical wrinkles mean that a garment is too large. Horizontal wrinkles show that it is too tight. This rule applies especially to pants. Horizontal pleats in the crotch area indicate that the pants are too snug.

Until tomorrow, when I will tell you about ‘Alterations’

                              STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST


Remember if you have a question – email me at bbnnic@gmail.com


Hello Everybody

          Don’t let a few warm days fool you. Winter is around the corner and soon we will be wearing sweaters, boots, and mittens. Therefore, it is time to put away the camisoles, shorts and skimpy dresses. And I really mean putting away, away out of sight. Do you have 2 closets? Or at least one big one,  giving you enough space to separate your clothes by season?

          I know from experience that it is a pain in the neck to organize your closets that way, but if you don’t do it, getting dressed in the morning is even more of a pain. It took me 3 hours last weekend to make the switch. Opening my closets, fortunately I have two, it seemed an overwhelming task. I always start by looking at what I have worn this season, in this case summer. Then I decide what I don’t want to wear again next summer. I found some t-shirts that had paid their dues, two dresses that after 5 years don’t have to make a comeback, and some jeans that really had lost their shape this summer. Putting them all in a bag for recycling, I then hang, or folded the rest and filed it away. That was not too difficult, but the next step is.

           I started by removing the plastic covers from the items I had stored a few months ago. To my surprise there were a few things I did not remember I have. For example; there was a very pretty black knit dress I had forgotten. Luckily I found it because I was ready to order one from a  catalogues I had just received. I am telling you this, because we do forget what we have until we see it in front of us.

         Besides the distinct summer and winter clothes, there is a third category. The clothes you can wear all year around – like some t-shirts, blouses, light sweaters, cardigans and jeans. You know which they are and they never move, but stay in your current wardrobe at all times

          It took me 3 hours to switch my wardrobe, because I tried on many of my winter clothes to find out

– if they still FIT

– if I still LIKE them

– if they are still FASHIONABLE

– if I can make them look more UP-TO-DATE by coordinating them differently

– if I could still wear this or that jacket by wearing a FUR  VEST with it

          Having made the effort of trying things on and deciding what goes with what, you might wonder how you can remember all this in a few weeks? Unfortunately there are only two ways you can –

l. You must have a good memory

2. Or you make a list. This means you write it down,  like: – black skirt, white blouse, camel blazer, and red boots, and so on. When your list is done, stick it to the door of your wardrobe.

          You might ask, “Why can’t I hang a skirt together with the blouse that matches it?” The reason this won’t work is that your skirt can be worn with other items in your wardrobe. However, to make things a little easier hang all pants. all skirts, all blazers, and all tops and blouses together, colour coordinated – all white tops together, all black tops together and so on.

             This process applies to shoes and handbags as well. But this should not be too difficult,  because it is easy to separates sandals from boots, and many handbags can be worn year around.

            Please remember  —  if you  have a question about your wardrobe, you can contact me by email – bbnnic@gmaill.com – and you can even send a photo of yourself or a garment you are not sure about

Until next week





                 LOOK YOUR BEST


         If you were on the way to work this morning (Friday) at 8.40 am and could not watch Chanel 7 – let me tell you the about the six things to add to your wardrobe, according to the style editor of  Style Magazine:

– A military look – strongly suggested for coats

– Lace – pretty lace tops to wear with everything

– Laced-up boots – to wear with jeans, skirts, pants, and they will be appropriate everywhere

– Chunky Sweaters – especially in a beige/neutral tones

– The new color – Camel – worn with grey accessories.

– Fitted dresses – in the 50’s style, belted and showing our curves again

   Have a nice weekend



Hello Everyone.

          Now that we know how to shop, let us look at what will bring our look up-to-date this fall and winter.

         I have mentioned the importance of shoes, and in the coming season BOOTS are what we need to be up-to-date. In fashion magazines, and in store windows, 90% of what we are seeing, are boots.


        They come in many different forms and shapes – one could have a whole collection of them. The assortment of boots is endless  – for any occasion there is an appropriate style available. Also for every type of leg – should you have  heavier legs, wear shorter boots. If you wear short shirts, there are styles over the knee, covering half the thigh. If you can’t wear high heels, there are flat heels. And if you want to be sexy pick a boot with a  3″ – 5″  heel. By the way, some heels look higher than they really are – if they have a wedge-sole  it  reduces the heel by the thickness of the sole. So maybe you could try a higher heel?

          If you like boots made of fur, they are available; or maybe you like snake-skin?  They come decorated with buckles, snaps,  flowers made of leather, laced up the front, and for evening they   even come in  black lace.

          Years ago there was a rule that the skirt had to cover the top of the boot, that is long gone and now you can wear your boots with any length skirt. When it comes to pants,  short boots are very comfortable, and you can either wear your pants over the boot or in. A very sexy look is tight jeans tucked into a high boots!

 And if you don’t want to go all out and buy boots for every occasion, a short style to wear with pants and a knee-high one to wear with skirts, or to tuck your pants into, might be all you need. Before you go out and buy them:

1) think of what color fits best with the cloth in your wardrobe

2) look at the boots you have – I am sure we all have left overs from last winter – but maybe you don’t remember that you have them? This happens to me when I get out what I have put away a few months ago (more about how to arrange your wardrobe from summer to winter soon).

3) don’t get tempted to buy a cute pair on SALE  which won’t earn its keep because it doesn’t fit with other things in your closet.

Here are a few more styles to think about                                                                                                        

Photos from Town & Country and Harper’s Bazaar

It won’t be belong now before we need our boots, so it might be a good idea to buy them now – before your size is sold out!

Until the next time



            Hello Everyone

            Has the heat kept you out of the stores the last few weeks? I know the worst thing to do , when we are all hot and sweaty is to try on a pair of pants, or anything else. But while you might be waiting for the cooler weather to take advantage of the sales, we can learn a little more on how to avoid a mistake.


            Do not buy only a skirt or only a top. (Exception: if you are buying a piece to match something you already have.) Often a top and bottom are designed to be worn together. But when you buy only one piece you might never find a match. If you cannot afford a whole outfit or two matching pieces, discipline yourself to wait and save until you have money to buy what goes together.


          When you want to find a blouse for your new gray suit, wear it to the store and try the blouse with it. Or if you need a skirt to wear with your cream-colored shirt, take the shirt and put it on when trying the skirt you’re consider buying. This way you can avoid coming home with a blouse that doesn’t fit the style of your jacket, or a skirt that looks wrong with the cream-colored blouse.

           No, don’t be hard on yourself by thinking you should know. After all, it is difficult to remember colors exactly or to see what styles go together unless you see them in front of you. I remember a customer of mine, who each time we went through her wardrobe, brought out a skirt she had fallen in love some years back. Whenever I hinted that it was time to let it go, since she had not found a match in last 4 years, she answered: “Don’t worry, one day I will.” and so we hang it back. But eventually, I don’t remember if it was year five or six, she greeted me by saying, “This skirt is really starting to frustrate me, let’s just get rid of it.”

            So, don’t let a skirt frustrate you, just make sure he has a mate when you buy it.

Until next time




Hello Everyone!

A week has passed and I hope you have had time to look at your wardrobe?

I had an email from a lady who told me that she had over 30 pairs of jeans, and did nor know what to do. Some dated back to her college days. She thought that jeans never wear out and saw no reason to eliminate any.

No, they don’t wear out, but their style changes, and after many times of being washed, their fit changes too. So, when all was said and done she had 6 pairs left. She is happy with those 6 pairs because, after trying on all her jeans, she is sure that these are the ones that fit well and are not out of style.

Now to this week’s tips, which are:


No, not want! NEED! – like a new pair of basic black pants, or a  pair of  light summer pants or a pretty top to go with those jeans you have salvaged from the clean-out.

When you have made your list in writing, put it in your purse and keep it with you. It is important to have it with you all the time because you might not be able to buy everything on your list at once – and who can? This way you won’t forget what you need and you will refrain from buying that adorable sweater that won’t go with anything you own – it will also keep impulse buyers in check.


If you are on a budget, like most of us, your clothes have to last several seasons. The best investment, therefore, are simple styles. They will not look outdated the next year or even the year after.

Furthermore, simple styles are more versatile. You can change them into a different look with accessories. You will not get tired of a simple (Little) black dress as quickly as you will of a trendy red one.

If you want to follow the new fashion trends, do it with accessories – a belt, a hat, shoes, a handbag, or jewelry.

Until the next time