Never before have we had as many clothes, and options – what to wear–  than today. So why do we seldom see a well dressed, well put together woman? (by the way this is also true for men?)

Doing some research and people watching, I came up with the following 3 reasons:

1. FIT – most garments don’t fit well – too long, too tight, too loose, shoulders not in the right place, sleeves too long, too baggy

2. CONDITION OF CLOTHES – wrinkled, out of shape, snagged, (I know the wrinkled look is in, but nothing replaces an ironed, crisp looking shirt).

3. COORDINATION – Brown pants, a red and black plaid shirt and a blue jacket don’t look good together – the I saw wearing it really did not care – she must have just thrown these items on, without even looking in the mirror.

Nobody makes all three mistakes, but even one is enough to prevent a woman from looking well dressed. But it is not difficult to correct these missteps – paying a little attention, taking a little more time to check things out – or like we say today be more in the NOW when it comes to looking your best.

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A softer version of black is Navy Blue. For those women who find black a little harsh, navy blue can be the answer. It is as respectable, and as business like as black but gentler to your complexion. During the 1940’s navy blue was worn more often than black – if you go to any vintage store and look at the dresses, and even pocket books, from that period, you will see that they are often navy blue.

No, it is not harder to coordinate, like black it can be worn with anything –  it will go with any colour, except its cousin black. Most women have never considered navy blue, but since this spring it is one of the fashion colours, it is maybe time to try it.

Black versus Navy
Boston Proper Catalog

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This means taking everything out of your closets, out of your drawers, and off the shelves – including shoes, handbags, underwear, and all other accessories. There will be quite a few items you’re in doubt about. So ask yourself:

– Does this still suit me?

– Do I still like it?

– Do I still need it?

– Does it still fit my lifestyle

– Try on any garment you are in doubt about.

Once you have decided what to keep, look at what is left in your wardrobe and think what you would like to add to it, or what you need, keeping in mind your lifestyle and professional needs.

I know this is a tall order but don’t feel discouraged if you can’t do it all at once – depending on the size of your wardrobe, you might have to do it in stages.

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But by 11 am., even though we have done some work, we don’t feel so good. It is our subconscious telling us that we don’t  look as good as we did when we went out to work, and it is telling us so by making us feel uncomfortable. And when passing a mirror it gets even worse, looking at ourselves we might wonder -Who is that? And then with a deep sigh, our not so coiffed hair, or too large top is dismissed with – well nobody sees me anyway. You should stop and ask,” What do you mean? Am I nobody?”

Oh, I am not just preaching, I have been there and when one day, not by 11 am but by 2 pm I felt so bad that I thought I was sick. I took a shower, washed my hair, and put on a nice pair of pants with a fresh white blouse — I did not feel sick anymore, I felt well and alive. Since then I get dressed every morning, and even put on some make-up.

I don’t mean you have to wear your black suit around the house, but your jeans can be replaced by the slacks you have hanging in your closet. And you have other tops besides t-shirts and sweats. Of, course if you can’t miss the comfort of your sweats; buy nice ones, maybe a top with a zip in front, or a sweat or warm –up suit that matches.

My grandmother, who I admired for her down to earth wisdom, was always dressed and combed early in the morning. She used to say, “You never know who will be knocking at the door, and you don’t want to be embarrassed about how you look.”  You don’t either!

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Hello Everybody

Now that I have talked about what to wear and how to look your best, I would like to hear from YOU.

So I am starting something new – if you have a question about ANYTHING  – your hairstyle, your make-up, a dress, or what to wear for a special occasion, or for work,  please write to me – or better yet send me a picture of yourself with your question – my email is bbnnic@gmail.com – this is a free service to help you get an honest answer,  to erase any doubt you might have about your image or what to wear.

Hope to hear from you soon

                                  STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST


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Hello Everyone

Here are the other four steps to find the image YOU need.

5. BUY ONLY GOOD QUALITY CLOTHES. In business it is most important to project a successful image. No one likes a loser and a well dressed person always indicates success. This is true for any industry or type of business you are in. A silk or cotton blouse will do more for you than a polyester one. A well cut, well made suit fits better and lasts longer than a cheaper version.

6. LIMIT THE SIZE OF YOUR WARDROBE. Buy only what you really wear. A small wardrobe has several advantages:

-it is more manageable

-it is less confusing

– it allows you to buy better quality clothes

How limited your wardrobe is depends on how many changes you feel comfortable with. Some women are happy with five (one for each day of the week) others feel that they need 10 (I think more than 12 is too much). Different looks can be achieved by interchanging suits, skirts, blazers with blouses or sweaters. If you find it difficult to limit yourself to a certain number of outfits, just think of how few suits men get by with and how appropriate they always look. It is important to look good every day not different.

7. PLAN YOUR WARDROBE. By having decided how many changes you want nd knowing how much you can spend, you can now plan what you need. Understanding exactly what you need is half the battle when it comes to shopping. You will not get sidetracked or confused.

8. BE WELL GROOMED.  A “well taken care of” look should be high on your list of priorities. Anyone can quarrel with taste but never with a groomed look. This means; well cut, clean hair, a natural looking make-up, manicured hands (not necessarily with nailpolish). Don’t forget that a well-groomed appearance manifest self-confidence and self-respect.

If. while reading this, you worry about the time and attention that is needed to find YOUR business image, let me remind you that professional success and increased self-confidence are indeed, high dividens for the effort you  have to make in finding and maintaining your business image.

If you have any questions – for FREE advice contact me at bbnnic@gmail.com

                              STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST



Hello Everyone

Shopping with a client recently for her winter wardrobe, I asked her before we started, what she was doing for a living.

“I  am the president and part-owner of a medical supply company” she replied. It was hard to hide my surprise, because in her skirt and ill-fitting blouse nobody would have suspected her to be a successful business woman. Don’t let that happen to you. Everyone can learn what the appropriate look is for a particular job or line of business.

The image you project is like a passport, it tells at a glance what you are all about. Today I take  you through the first four steps that lead to the look YOU need. The other four I will give you tomorrow.

1. DECIDE ON YOUR IMAGE. Your first and most important consideration is: “What type of industry do I work In? What is the mentality of the company? What does the company represent? How do others see our industry?”

So if you work for:

– AN INSURANCE COMPANY, here you must look prosperous and serious, conservative, good quality clothes are needed.

– A FASHION ORIENTED BUSINESS – cosmetics, textiles, retail of apparel – a fashionable look is needed. A sales help in a boutique must look up-to-date. How can she sell successfully the latest fashion when her dress says that she is conservative.

– A CREATIVE FIELD – advertising, home decorating, painting, designing – needs an original image. Wouldn’t you doubt the creative talent of a person that looks like a bank clerk?

2. LEARN FROM YOUR CO-WORKERS. This is another way to understand what exactly the look is for the business you are in. Study the people you work with and who you admire. No, I am not suggesting that you copy them, but if you see your (lady) boss or other women always wearing skirts it will be a good idea to get out of your pants. Or if everyone wears jackets, don’t wear only a skirt and blouse. I must warn you however, not to do the same in reverse. I have bed women tell me, “In our office nobody wears jackets, nobody cares”  Even if this appears to be so, it should never be a reason for you ‘not to care.’ Dressing appropriately will tell others, especially your boss, that you are ready for a better position and your chances for a promotion will certainly be better than for someone who does not care.

3. TEST THE CLOTHES YOU OWN. If you want to know how appropriate are the clothes you have now, you must do a little research. Write down each day what you wear and in the evening write next to it how your day went and what reactions you got. This record should look like this.

MONDAY – brown skirt, rust blouse, beige blazer,brown pumps – Reactions: somebody held the door open for me. I was served immediately in the stationer store.

TUESDAY – navy dress, black shoes -Reactions – none, dull day

WEDNESDAY – black pants, black shirt, beige blazer, beige short boots – Reactions – I was complimented on my look by my superior.

Testing the effect of your clothes in this manner will tell you how suitable they are and what they do for you.

4. MAKE A CLOTHING BUDGET. As you now realize your clothes are an important part of you, an indispensable need which you have to provide for in your budget.

And knowing how much you pay for rent, fares, telephone, food etc. will give you an idea what is left for clothes per month. You don’t actually have to spend the allocated amount monthly, but it will guide you to know what you can afford. For example, if your clothing budget is $150 per months it means $1800 per year. Realizing this, a $300 suit will not look quite as expensive or unaffordable.

Please come back tomorrow for the other 4 steps to achieve your professional image.

Until then

                   STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST


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 Hello Everyone!

          I am interrupting my 20 Steps again, because there is something I want to bring to your attention while it is still summer. Yes, it has to do with feet again. You must think I have a foot fetish. Maybe a little bit, or at least,  a shoe fetish. So what I am talking about today is the health of your feet, and the look of your feet.

                                          WHO INVENTED THE FLIP FLOPS?


                        Whoever it was should get a medal for inventing such a comfortable style of shoe and should be condemned for making women give into wearing just a sole and two straps in the name of comfort for any occasion.

                        When walking into my building this week I was following a lady who was about 60 years old. She wore a black and white skirt with a pretty black top. ’That looks nice I thought.’ When we reached the elevator we had to wait for it, and that’s when I looked down at her feet. What do you think I saw? Yes, a pair of white flip-flops made of cheap white rubber. Her pale feet, looked even whiter and very naked, like she was not wearing any shoes at all.

          According to the files she was carrying under her arm, she was either going or coming from work – maybe a real estate agent? I was ready to ask her what she was thinking when she put on those shoes. Probably she wasn’t thinking – or just wanted to be comfortable, but I curved my impulse and minded my own business.

            When the elevator came she walked in with great determination, and asked: “What is your floor?” “12” I said. She was going to 34.

            Hoping that her client was not as sensitive to flip-flops as I, I left the elevator, and wished her ‘A Good Day.’ But if her client did not think that flip-flops are a business attire, she was in trouble. A piety, because from her well cut grey hair down to her ankles, everything was perfect.

            The excuse ‘ I want to be comfortable’ or I have to walk a lot today, is not valid, because this year the choices of comfortable, nice shoes are endless – open, closed, with a little heel, with no heel, anyway you want it – it is out there. So let’s enjoy the choices we have and leave those flip-flops for where they belong, the beach or in a garden,

          But if you insist on wearing them do what I saw a young lady do the other day. She stepped out of an elevator in one of the big office buildings and put down her attaché case, She took her high-heeled shoes off and exchanged them for a pair of flip-flops, which came out of another bag she was carrying. After putting her high heels away, she was walking quickly and in great comfort out of the building. By doing this she had not compromised her image, and not sacrificed her comfort.

            But we have not found out yet who has invented flip-flops?


This is hard to say. Many people have claimed they did, and some even had their models patented. In many developing countries flip-flops are the cheapest footwear available, often less than a $1 and are made of recycled tires.

In New Zealand the woven soled Japanese Zori was worn in 1930. And their popularity increased when the Australian swimming team wore them during the Melbourne Olympic Games in 1956. So they have been around a long time and certainly come a long way – all the way to the white house. When the Northwestern Women’s Lacrosse team was honored by President Bush on July 19, 2005, four of the women were wearing flip-flops – but there the protocol of the White House drew the line, and these women were criticized for not knowing better.  But the popularity of flip-flops has not suffered. On the contrary. They have never been as popular as now – we see them in restaurants, in theaters in the offices, just anywhere.

          But if you don’t agree with my views on the elegance and appropriateness of flip-flops, may I leave you with some facts on what they do to your feet? Wearing them for a long period of time and walking in them for a long time, will result in sore feet, ankles and legs. These are the findings of a study conducted by  the Auburn University in 2008. And the lack of support for your ankles can also create other foot problems.

            So now there are two reasons for wearing flip-flops with discretion – one, not to hurt your feet, and the other is not to let them spoil your image where it counts.

            So until next week





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