2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,400 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

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Hello Everybody

Now that I have talked about what to wear and how to look your best, I would like to hear from YOU.

So I am starting something new – if you have a question about ANYTHING  – your hairstyle, your make-up, a dress, or what to wear for a special occasion, or for work,  please write to me – or better yet send me a picture of yourself with your question – my email is bbnnic@gmail.com – this is a free service to help you get an honest answer,  to erase any doubt you might have about your image or what to wear.

Hope to hear from you soon

                                  STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST


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Hello Everybody 

Guess what? This is Blog number 100!

Having written about ‘how to look your best’ for over a year now, today , in Blog number 100 I want to recap what should be important to us, and I think number one on that list is to be WELL GROOMED.

If this brings up  images of bullet proof hairstyles and white gloves, be assured we have left that look behind a long time ago. Being WELL GROOMED really means that you look like you are taking care of yourself – clean, shiny HAIR, manicured HANDS and FEET, healthy SKIN, and TEETH……… and if you can manage a trim BODY, your wardrobe will be but an accessory.

An accessory that should be simple –

– don’t have too many clothes. You really only need four to five outfits for each season. This does not require too much maintenance, and deciding what to wear will be easy.

– narrow it down in terms of colors, have fewer colors which interrelate to give you more use.

– buy outfits? – some women can mix and match very well, others are at odds, so they should just buy what they see and wear it like that.

– make sure whatever you buy feels comfortable. What makes a garment uncomfortable? When the material doesn’t fall and break probably on the body, it looks awkward and then you will feel awkward.

To be able to take care of yourself and your wardrobe there are two other things needed –

1. – you must know yourself – and to get to know yourself  spend some time in front of the mirror to understand who you are, and to see your assets and make the most of them.

2. – you need time for yourself! It is often difficult to find that time, but if you set yourself up as another priority in your life, you will become part of the routine – a routine that will make you feel better and make you ‘look your best.’

Until the next time

                             STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST



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Hello Everyone

There is something I want to share with you – some time ago I was watching Dr Oz on television talking about moisturizer.

He had asked several women to test their favorite moisturizer, and all the big brand names were represented – Lacombe, Ester Lauder, Revlon and so on  – and then there was ST. IVES, Timeless Skin – Collagen Elastin Facial Moisurizer.

Testing all these different products the one who was the most effective was – guess who? – St. Ives.

So I went out and bought it. I have been using it for about six weeks now and I can confirm that it makes a difference.  My skin. is softer and  some of the fine lines are less visible – and the other great news is – I paid only $7.95 (at Duane Reade) for a 10 oz. jar.

My motto for new things or suggestions is TRY IT – WHAT CAN YOU LOSE – if it is not for you, just discontinue using it, but you won’t know until you try!




Hello Everyone

Today I want to share with you my latest discovery on how to improve your look. Seeing its benefits I can say without hesitation that it must be one of the best beauty products I have found. It makes me look relaxed and happy, and it gives me a feeling of luxury. And if that is not enough, it takes extra good care of my hands. Broken fingernails are something of the past and so is dry skin or shipped nail polish.

By now you must be wondering what this miracle product is, and how much it costs? Well, it isn’t a bargain, but how can it be considering all the wonderful things it can do. I admit that without it I would save $120 a months, and for that money I could buy a new blouse or sweater. I did consider it, but then I came to the conclusion that a new blouse or sweater could do nothing for me when I look exhausted.

Sorry for getting carried away and keeping you in suspense, but I feel like a different person since I found Tania  ——– She is a dark-haired girl, 5’6 inches tall with a lovely disposition and strong arms to take care of my apartment. She comes twice a month, and I pay her $60 per visit.

Before finding Tania I was a person who wanted to do everything herself. But now having her help, I rather go without a new dress than not having Tania in my life. When I feel overwhelmed by having to take care of my apartment, I think of next Wednesday when she comes; and I relax and appreciate that I am not alone in a task that can overwhelm any woman who works and has a family.

If you worry about finding the right Tania – don’t! Just put out the word, with your neighbors, or other people who have a help. Soon some nice person will come and offer her services. If she is not to your satisfaction, you will find somebody else. Since Tania started, three other women came and left me their card -‘ just in case’ they said.

Should you still  be in doubt, let me reassure you that the shine of your sparkling house will be reflected on your face.

Until the next time

                              STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST



Hello Everyone

Who ever thinks of feet as pretty? Most of the time we regard feet as a necessary evil. And evil they are when they hurt or are neglected. But with the right care, feet can be an asset that you  can proudly expose in open sandals, or no shoes at all.

The reason we treat our feet as stepchildren is that we think nobody sees them. But that’s not true. For one thing, YOU see them all year around and what about your husband or boyfriend? Furthermore, during the summer when you wear open shoes, everyone sees them So the first step to having pretty feet is to realize that they are as important and visible as the rest of your body, and they certainly need more care than just a daily bath. To wash them properly work up a soapy lather and scrub lightly in and around your toenails and between your toes. When drying your feet, it is important to dry them thoroughly , and if your skin is dry, use moisturizer, if not, a foot powder. In addition to your daily routine you should set aside an hour a week to give yourself a pedicure.

Start by soaking your feet in warm, soapy water for about 10 minutes. Then rub a pumice stone or callous file on the dry, flaking , or thickened skin that accumulates on the heels and soles. If the accumulation of the dead skin is very thick and cannot be removed with a pumice stone or callous file, don’t use a razor but have a professional  pedicure. Once the dead skin has been removed, you can follow-up by doing your weekly pedicure.

After using the pumice stone, cut and file your nails (they should be a little longer than the tip of the toe) then massage them with a softening  lotion. Vaseline Intensive Care lotion is excellent for this. (Or you can finish face creams and lotions you don’t use on your  face anymore).

To speed up the recovery of feet that have lacked care, moisturize them every night before going to bed, and wearing a pair of socks keeps the lotion working longer.

The last step of your weekly pedicure is to apply nail polish. Even if you don’t wear any on your hands, wear it  on your toenails. A touch of color will bring your feet alive and makes them look feminine and sexy – did you know that many men find women’s feet sexy? Of course it helps when they are pretty. A few days ago my friend Barbara was walking along the busy street, wearing a simple dress and  sandals. She was amused and pleased, when a man who passed her gave her a big smile and said: “What pretty feet you have!”

When it comes to color of the nail polish, a darker shade is more effective than a very pale one. If you have never painted your toenails, don’t dismiss my suggestion by, “It’s not for me” Try it and you too might fall in love with your feet.