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One day you might have to decide if you want to go to a bar or wear real fur!

Last night on the CBS News at 11 pm, it was reported that a bar in Lower Manhattan is refusing clients who wear real fur to come in. Of course, that is the owner’s  prerogative, and he justified his decision with his love for animal  – very commendable – but my question is ‘does he only love FURY animals?’

 What about all the animals which provide us with leather shoes, handbags, clothing, and leather goods. I am afraid if  the owner of this bar will think of those animals too, the airport will no longer be the only place where we have to take off our shoes!

Let me know what you think about this!

Until the next time – don’t look at your leather handbag feeling guilty – remember it  gave work to a lot of people

                                         STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST




Hello Everyone.   

          I left this one for last because it is not a necessity. But a fur vest will give a very feminine and attractive touch to anything you wear.   

Kate Moss/Harper's Bazaar


          If you don’t like wearing real fur, you can find a vest made of imitation fur. They are so well made today that it is hard to see the difference. You can actually only tell when you touch it. So if you like real fur, or not, a fuzzy, warm, cozy looking vest will make any jacket, or sweater, or even a coat look new again   

          But if you would like real fur, and the price ticket is a little high, there is another way to get it. We know that nothing is ever for free, so we have to do some work. Do you have a fur jacket hanging in the back of your closet which you have not been wearing,(or maybe your mother has one she does not wear)? The type of fur really does not matter, as you can see in the picture above. And don’t let the style of the jacket hold you back. Because once you take the sleeves out the look will change totally.   

       I had a fox jacket, with huge, wide,  sleeves which made me look like a football player – the reason I never wore it. So I took it to a furrier and had him take out the sleeves. OK, he charged me $150 for it, but now I have a very nice vest for a fraction of the price it would have cost me if I had bought a new one. To find a furrier, look up “Furriers” on the internet, and find one in your town. When you take your jacket in for the alteration, ask BEFORE how much he will charge, and don’t let him talk you into buying a new one – yours will look just right once the sleeves are gone. If you live in Manhattan, I had mine altered at the: Ritz Furs, 345 Seventh Ave, 9th floor, New York. NY 10001. 212 265 4559.   

          But let’s say neither you (or your mother) have a jacket that can be altered, there is another way to get one for little money. The other day I was in a Thrift Shop and there were 6 fur jackets for sale. All  in very good condition.  There was a mink one, a racoon one, a rabbit one, a long-haired lamb one, and a squirrel one – what a choice  – and none of them was more than $50. So adding that to the price of the alteration, you will have a real fur vest around $200 – a fraction of what you will pay for a new one, which can run into thousands of dollars. No. I am not exaggerating – check it out yourself in any fashion magazine or store.   

          The vest, (shown below)worn with an evening gown is not what most of us will need, –but then I should not say so, YOU might! Here is an option   

Harper's Bazaar


Harper's Bazaar


            If I could not talk you into a fur vest, you can still add a little fur to your look by wearing a scarf made of fur. Again you can find them in real fur or imitation. They will enhance anything you were and really zap up your jeans on the weekend. 

Until next week   


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