Dress To Impress – Find Out How! – Instalment 5 – Prints

Good Morning – I hope your Sunday is sunny and you are ready to find out why flowers might look better in a vase than on your dress.

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To choose a suitable print that will enhance your colouring and personality is not easy. Many of them are too busy, too bright, or too large. Asking men how they feel about printed clothing, the answer was ‘Prints make a woman look older’; and ‘Prints make me think of curtains or tapestry.’

It’s true that many patterns tend to make one look older, especially floral prints. (Maybe this has to do with memories of our grandmothers’ aprons!) Other prints tend to overpower the wearer. While a woman client and I were shopping, we saw a dress made from a beautiful coloured floral material. She liked it so much that she tried it on. When she looked in the mirror, she kept admiring the dress, never looking up at her face. I asked her if she thought this dress did something for her. Now, looking at herself, she had to admit that the loud colours and the big print did seem overpowering.

Anyone seeing this woman would have noticed and admired the dress—but the wearer would never have been seen. In order to avoid being overwhelmed, choose a subdued print. A flattering print is one that is soft in colour or widely scattered.

Corn Yellow Twill by Premier Printsl

What also helps to make a print more attractive is a quiet spot somewhere in the ensemble, like the tops in this picture. If a print is on the loud side, wear a solid colour next to your face and wear the print in the skirt or pants, in the underside of a collar and cuffs, around a hemlines of a skirt, or on the back of a dress. Image result for floral dresses and pants

Here is a general rule that will guide you in your selection: if the pattern is small, the colours, can be bright and multiple, but as the print gets larger, the colours should become lighter or less frequent. For example, a small paisley print can be done in red and yellow on a blue back­ ground, but a large design should be more muted.

But most importantly when you try on a dress or blouse which has a pattern, don’t only look at the garment but see what effect it has on your face.

Wishing you a Happy Sunday with flowers on you dress or in a vase, until next time when we will speak about how important fit is!

And never forget – A Smile Changes Everything!







Author: Brigitte Nioche

Author of Getting Over Growing Older Other titles - Dress to Impress, The Sensual Dresser, What Turns Men On.

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      1. Yes, I agree. I am little selective…..in floral patterns i pick….and looking forward to more tips from your blog.

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