This means taking everything out of your closets, out of your drawers, and off the shelves – including shoes, handbags, underwear, and all other accessories. There will be quite a few items you’re in doubt about. So ask yourself:

– Does this still suit me?

– Do I still like it?

– Do I still need it?

– Does it still fit my lifestyle

– Try on any garment you are in doubt about.

Once you have decided what to keep, look at what is left in your wardrobe and think what you would like to add to it, or what you need, keeping in mind your lifestyle and professional needs.

I know this is a tall order but don’t feel discouraged if you can’t do it all at once – depending on the size of your wardrobe, you might have to do it in stages.

See you tomorrow

             scan0004-2                      Brigitte



Author: Brigitte Nioche

Author of Getting Over Growing Older Other titles - Dress to Impress, The Sensual Dresser, What Turns Men On.

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