Tip No. 11 Look at what you have before you buy.

A comment from Dana, who is following my blog, was, and I quote “I suppose if I took more time to assess my closet, instead of shopping, I can know better what pieces to purchase.”

How true! Have you ever said, while looking into your closet “Oh I had forgotten I have that!”  This happens because you don’t take inventory of your wardrobe. I know time can be an issue, but if you go through your closet once a month – by going through, I mean take a quick look at what is hanging there, put the tops together, the pants, etc. you will get a feeling of what you have – and next time you are in a store you won’t buy a second pair of brown pants, you know you have one – you just saw it in your closet!

See you tomorrow



Author: Brigitte Nioche

Author of Getting Over Growing Older Other titles - Dress to Impress, The Sensual Dresser, What Turns Men On.

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