TIP NO. 8 – You need a clothing budget!

Yes, I know I speak a lot about ‘budget’ but it is necessary to have one because it will prevent you from buying here and there, on sale, or when you need a pick-up – having spent your money that way you won’t have enough to get what you really need. We budget other things in our live, food, transport, etc. so why not for clothing.

To get you started add up your credit card receipts and find out how much you have spent in the last six months – was it too much? Or could you have spent a little more? Let’s say you determine that you can spend $ 500 in the  next six months. Now think what you need – is it a new coat? Or a good pair of pants? Knowing what you need and how much your budget is won’t let you fall in love with cute top for $45 you don’t need.  You will be able to put it back thinking ‘ I better put that money towards my new coat’ and not having spend the money on that little top you can buy a better coat!

See you tomorrow

         scan0004-2                         Brigitte

Author: Brigitte Nioche

Author of Getting Over Growing Older Other titles - Dress to Impress, The Sensual Dresser, What Turns Men On.


  1. Hello Dana – I really appreciate your comment and I am happy that my tips are a reminder of what is important – by the way I will make your comment ‘ about spending more time assessing your closet instead of shopping’ a Tip of the day – thank you – very good advice – Stay warm today

  2. Thank you Brigitte, I find all of your tips useful, and this one is especially great for me. It’s true, as I was going through my closet I realized that the simple yet quality pieces I own are the ones I go to. And it’s true that instead of more shirts, I could buy just one nice scarf that goes well with them all. I suppose if I took more time to assess my closet, instead of shopping, I can know better what pieces to purchase. It’s not always easy for me but I’m working at it…. Thanks

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