Hello Everyone

The last days of summer are here, fall is around the corner, and the windows of Department Stores and Boutiques show us the latest fashion for fall and winter.

Therefore it is time again to switch our wardrobes, from summer to winter – I must admit I prefer to change from winter to summer. because I never look forward to wearing coats, and boots, and I never look as good in winter clothes than in a pretty summer dress –  but what choice do I  have?

So since on this sunny Saturday afternoon, I had nothing important to do I opened, with a deep sigh, the doors of my wardrobe. I have three closets, not counting the one for coats – and yes, you are right that means I have too many clothes!

Standing in front of these closets , I decided that this has to change. and while thinking about it I asked myself  ‘why do I have so many clothes? How did this happen?’ – and looking closer at what was hanging there I had to ask myself another question
‘how many of these do I actually wear? About 50% or less. So what are the other garments for?’ I took then out and when I had them all hanging together they answered my question. They were the ‘IN CASE’ pieces –

– IN CASE I am invited to a wedding

– IN CASE  I have to go to a dressy affair

– IN CASE I need an extra jacket

– IN CASE I go on vacation in the Bahamas

– IN CASE it rains -(do I need 3 raincoats?)


– IN CASE I lose weight

Well most of these events happen very seldom or never,  and if they do – do  you really want to go to the wedding with a dress that has been hanging in your closet for many years? Or do you think the bathing suit that you bought the last time you went to Florida a few years ago, is what you want? And when it comes to losing weight……..we really don’t have to speak about that, because we know the reality is  -we did not lose the weight – and losing it in the future is just as unlikely.

You wonder if I did what I am telling you – yes, I did and guess what I have only two closets with clothing now instead of three.  I feel so good ..  so relieved not to see that blue top I never wore hanging there.

What did I do with the rejects – they are sitting in bags waiting to be taken to The Bottomless Closet.This organization, located here in New York, gives economically disadvantaged women a chance to select interview-appropriate clothing.  If you live in New York and want more information go to


As one of my friends always says: “Let someone else enjoy what I don’t need anymore.”



Author: Brigitte Nioche

Author of Getting Over Growing Older Other titles - Dress to Impress, The Sensual Dresser, What Turns Men On.


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