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Since skirts and dresses are going to be an  important part of our summer wardrobe this year, we must make sure that the length of the skirt is becoming for our legs. And remember legs play a big part in looking feminine and sexy. As the fashion magazine show, this summer any length is worn.  

So which length is best for you? This depends on what kind of legs you have and how much you want to show. If your legs are beautiful and without any marks you can wear your skirt above the knee – maybe two or three inches.

If you feel that this not the best for you, or it is not appropriate for your lifestyle, try two inches below the knee. But if you go longer, remember that skirts to the floor are nice for evenings, the beach, the weekend, a party but not for business.

Small women have to be especially careful to find the right length, because if the skirt is too long, it makes her look as if she’s standing in a hole. And when  finding a skirt you like, that is it too long, remember any Dry Cleaner has staff that does alterations.

I once had a customer who was five feet tall. Her skirt, made from a lovely beige fabric, reached her ankles. When I said what a pity it was that we could not see her legs and that her skirt should be shorter, she said, “Oh, I wouldn’t cut this lovely fabric. I paid $95 for this skirt.” I made one more attempt, but she repeated that the fabric was too good to be cut. I guess she was afraid of losing $20.

Note: This is a typical example of a garment wearing the person and not the person the garment. Don’t ever forget that clothes are there for you, not you for them.

The most flattering length for ninety-five percent of all women is just below the knee. For s SHORT WOMAN, it would be about an inch below the knee, and for a TALLER WOMAN two inches or more but not longer than mid calf, or it can look dowdy. 

To find the best length for you, you must take the trouble to try your clothes on and look at them. To see how a skirt will look shorter, turn the waistband over once, twice, or more. With a dress, use a belt to pull the dress up to a length which you think suits you. If a skirt is too short, you can take the hem down, providing there is enough hem there. In order to save on fabric the hems are often very narrow. So when you buy a skirt or dress and need to take the hem down, make sure there is enough to take down.

The reason you should look at each garment in your wardrobe individually, is because the right length can be affected by cut, the weight of the fabric and even colour. A straight skirt in a dark, heavy material can be shorter than a light, full skirt, which needs a bit more length so you won’t look like a little girl.

No, I am not going to talk about the short,short skirts,  those which are difficult to sit down in, and just cover the crotch, because I don’t think it is matter of length anymore, but more about ‘where is the rest of the dress?’

Until the next time

                                        STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST


PS. Photos from Bostonb Proper Trend Catalogue


Author: Brigitte Nioche

Author of Getting Over Growing Older Other titles - Dress to Impress, The Sensual Dresser, What Turns Men On.

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