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The idea of improving or supporting the breasts goes back a long way. Greek women wore a kind of band around the chest. It served its purpose but did not give a sensual look. When the corset came. engulfing the whole figure, breasts looked sexy and provocative but women were not always comfortable. Today we’re lucky because we can look sexy and be comfortable at the same time, providing we find the right bra. I recently read that over 80% of women do not buy the right size or shape. Here are some tips to help you.


– a slightly padded bra, the type that is padded all over. It feels like several layers of material without any rubber inside

– a bra that is padded only on the lower part of the cup. The padding is like a small pillow supporting the breasts.

– a bra with a underwire. This always helps to push the breasts up and give a fuller look

– a push-up bra. Some of you might remember the one Warner brought out in 1969. It was sexy, exposing part of the breast and a the same time giving an illusion of volume. and they are still around today. The straps must be on the outside of the cup to create a fuller look by really lifting the breasts.  

– a bra with molded cups, if you want your bust to look round not pointy. If you want a pointed look buy bras with seams and darts in the cups.

NOTE: A word of caution. If you want your bust to look bigger or more seductive, stay away from the soft n0-bra looks. The molded ones give the same general effect as the no-bra look, but they will give you a better shape.


a push-up bra that pushes the breasts both up and together gives the best effect


– demi-cup bra is another style for a provocative look. It leaves the upper part of the breasts exposed, plus showing a cleavage.

– a push-up bra that is cut away in the middle, exposing the breasts. If you have a natural cleavage and want to show it, don’t wear bras with molded full cups; instead wear lacy ones open at the middle.

– and if you want to wear a plunging neckline without showing your cleavage, choose a bra with cups far apart and connected by only a small piece of elastic. It will separate the breasts and allow you to be sexy without being obvious.

Many styles in a small or medium size have the closure in front. This is not only more comfortable when getting dressed, but also moe gracious when getting undressed. If you have a choice and are not sacrificing the style and shape you want, choose a bra that fastens in the front.


– a minimizer bra will reduce the breasts up to one size. It does this by pulling the breasts apart rather than pushing them together.

– a bra with round cups, not pointed ones. The pointed type adds volume to a large bust

– an underwire bra with molded round cups. It separated the breasts and gives a youthful look

– a bra that does not pull the breasts up too high. To avoid this be sure the straps are in the middle of the cup, over the nipples.

NOTES: A word of caution here – pay special attention to the straps of your bras. They must be adjusted so as not to pull your breasts up too high, but high enough to avoid sagging. How they feel is not the only factor here; see how you look with your outer garment on. Yes, when you try on bras and you think you found the right one, put your t-shirt or sweater on and see how it looks. This is very helpful, because a pretty bra might not look so pretty under a garment – so check it out.

A sagging look can often result if the elastic straps are worn out. A drooping bust looks heavy and not at all sensual. Remember that a firm, upstanding shape will improve your image one hundred percent.

And if the back of your bra is riding up, it means that you are wearing the wrong size.

And when buying a bra, do get the matching panties right away. Better yet, get two pairs, as they wear out faster than bras.

I know from experience that finding the right bra is not an easy task – the number of bras that await us in any department store is so overwhelming. My reaction is  ‘how can I possibly find what is right for me among the hundreds and hundreds of bras.’ To overcome this taunting task, try a specialty store. There are more and more of them, and that might be because more and more women  appreciate the help of an expert.

May your future purchases be a little easier and until the next time

                      STAY WELL AND LOOK YOUR BEST



Author: Brigitte Nioche

Author of Getting Over Growing Older Other titles - Dress to Impress, The Sensual Dresser, What Turns Men On.

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