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Let us start with COLOUR

     Colours have a great influence on your femininity. They sent out all kinds of messages. Think of black. It is known to look sexy when worn as lingerie; on the other hand, as the colour of a judge’s robe it imposes authority. White is known to stand for purity, but a white bikini on a tanned body looks very appealing. It is impossible to say that one colour is more becoming than another. What makes the difference is the person who is wearing it. and how the colour contrasts with her skin.

    The contrast a colour creates is very important because contrasts bring out vitality, and vitality is associated, even if unconsciously with attractiveness. For example, a blond dressed in black or a brunette in beige will more vibrant than the reverse. A blond dressed all in beige or white will project a monochromatic look and appear a bit lifeless. Only strong make-up can improve the situation. (I can speak from experience here, being blond myself). If you are blond and wish to look alive, make sure that you wear your beige suit, with a darker-coloured blouse or sweater, such as black,brown, rust, or burgundy. A white or pastel shade will look well on a brunette with olive skin.

        Colours affect how we look and how others see us, more so than style.(We say, for instance, that a dark colour is authoritative – without even mentioning the style of a garment.) Colour is the first thing in our wardrobe to which we should give our attention. No style or design can make up for a lack of colour co-ordination, or for a shade that does not complement a person’s complexion, personality, or lifestyle.

                            LOOKING AT WHAT YOU HAVE

    Many fashion designers never follow any guidelines; ignoring all the rules, they trust their instincts. I am asking you to do just that. Look at yourself and the colours you wear and decide what you like and what you feel good in. If you answer that you really don’t know, now is the time to find out. I know from working with women that there is hardly a woman alive who doesn’t react when something looks well on her, provided she makes a real effort to notice. Therefore, the first thin I am asking you to do is trust your own judgment. When you are in doubt, the colour is not for you. If it were, you would have immediately responded to it in a positive way.

     What you need to do now is work with your present wardrobe. Try on your clothes and look at yourself. Do you like what you see? Maybe you think: I never should have bought the burgundy blouse for the charcoal-grey suit – it’s drab. Well, why not try the white blouse instead. See how much livelier that looks? The message her is that two muted colours don’t enhance your appearance because your face needs more light.

     Trying on all your clothes will help you see what you look best in, and it will prove to you that you do indeed know what colour is just right for you.

NOTE: Never (if you wear make-up) try on any garment without make-up,because the results will not be dependable.

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Author: Brigitte Nioche

Author of Getting Over Growing Older Other titles - Dress to Impress, The Sensual Dresser, What Turns Men On.

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