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Hello Everyone

Maybe you don’t know that I have written a book  about how to –  –                                                                            

I now would like to share this book  with you by publishing  part of it every day on my blog. I hope you will find it interesting and keep reading – every day



        How good-looking you are, and how confident you feel about yourself is not a matter of how fashionable you are, or of how much money you have, or even of how beautiful you are, it is a matter of how well you can present and package yourself.

     Yes, packaging is what sells most products and when it comes to looking good, you are the product and your clothes are the wrapping.

     The belief that there are no ugly women, just women who do not know how to look attractive, is truer today than ever before. Today there are not limits on what a woman can wear. There are not do’s and dont’s, and not even the fashion designers impose any particular look on today’s woman. Our options are varied and plentiful and if a woman cannot find her particular look among them, she can only blame herself that she is not looking her best.

     Without over-emphasising the importance of appearance, don’t forget that the biggest asset you in life is yourself and you must use it to its best advantage. The French philosopher Voltaire once said: ‘DRESS CHANGES THE MANNER.’ That was true in the eighteens century and it is still true today. Think about how good you feel  when wearing your favourite outfit – or how you want to fade into the wall when you are wearing something you don’t like, and know you don’t look good in.

     Choosing the right clothes can make you look and feel your best everyday. However, it does not happen by itself. It takes a little time and more importantly a commitment to yourself

     Having made the decision to find out HOW TO LOOK AND FEEL YOUR BEST EVERY DAY you might ask, ‘Now wat?’

     The first step is to take inventory of yourself. This is not an exercise in scrutinising your defects. The point is to look at your body objectively and make a list of your assets; my legs are good; I should probably wear more skirts. My hair should not be pulled back, or maybe it would look more feminine a little longer. What about make-up to bring out my eyes?

     To see what you like about yourself, you need – besides an open mind – a full length mirror. Stand in front of it and try to imagine that the person  is someone else. This way your good points become more apparent. Being more objective will make you more generous. You will give yourself credit for what you have instead of being over-critical.

     Start with your hair. Does it frame your face the right way? Is it too short to do so? Or if your hair is long. would a shorter style make it appear thicker and more sensual? Would more frequent brushing add the life that is missing?When looking at your face, it might occur to you that make-up could improve it. If you are not used do wearing any, or if you don’t want to look made-up, relax: having good make-up that enhances your face does not mean a heavy, painted look. It can be very subtle and still create the effect you want.

That is all for today – please come back tomorrow and read the rest of the INTRODUCTION and find out how you can TELL THE TRUTH about your body.




Author: Brigitte Nioche

Author of Getting Over Growing Older Other titles - Dress to Impress, The Sensual Dresser, What Turns Men On.

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