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Our blog today is for all those brave, and determined ladies who have lost weight —

          Attending a Weight Watcher’s meeting (yes, I needed help too), I met a lady who had lost 45 pounds and had become a Life-Time member.  “CONGRATULATION.” 

          But her weight loss had not carried over into a positive, self-confident attitude. She sat with her legs crossed, her arms folded over her chest, clutching her handbag. With her head bend down, she looked around shyly . In no way did her triumph of losing 45 pounds show in her posture or behaviour. Don’t let this happen to you !

          To get the full reward for your efforts,  to eliminate that ‘fat person’  from your mind, and  to show the world that a new person has emerged, clothes can help you do that.  They can finish what you started by losing weight.

         How can that be done? Of course the easiest way is to buy new clothes.  However, few women can afford to eliminate their entire wardrobe and buy everything new. Therefore, part of your present wardrobe will have to be altered until you can replacement it. So alterations is the answer. Who does alterations? Most Dry Cleaners have somebody who can help you.

           So to know what will be altered and what will not, you have to look at your clothes. Start by taking out the items you wore when you were your heaviest. I know that you have several different sizes in your wardrobe – the result of all the different weight stages you went through. Now, however, I am referring to the biggest size clothes you ever wore. GET RID OF THEM. It will be a great psychological relief. Even if they were altered they would remind you of the time when you disliked yourself most. I know it is only a memory, but a bad one, and who wants to be reminded of an unpleasant time in their life?! Seeing yourself  in those clothes – even if made to fit you now – would not be helpful in getting rid of the ‘fat person’ in your mind, on the contrary they could make it harder for you to stay on course.

          The elimination of ‘fat clothes’ must be considered an investment in the new phase of your life., in the new you. Once they have disappeared, the next step is to alter and adjust the rest. Don’t delay! Don’t give yourself a way out by hanging on to the garments that are too big now. Remember that you are slim now, and you will NEVER need them again.

          In order to make this task of altering and adjusting easier

– examine each item carefully, try them on. Separate the items into categories. Some things won’t need alterations. You can change the look of a loose dress by wearing a belt; or a blouse you wore outside your pants, you can now tuck in. Hang those items back in closet. 

– the second category to be put back are clothes that fit now – those you had bought in anticipation of losing weight.

– the rest, the items to be altered should be hang separately, in another closet if you have one.

          When it comes to alterations, you must find a good tailor or seamstress. You might have to pay more for really professional work, but the extra charge will be worth every cent. How do you know who is good and who is not? To find out, take just one garment,  one that needs a substantial alteration. If it is done to your satisfaction, you can proceed with the rest of your clothes. If not, try someone else.

          The new, slimmer person that you are now has fewer don’ts and lots of dos. It gives you new experiences and pleasures, like a new wardrobe, giving you more confidence with every smaller size you buy.  This new look will do wonders for  your  self-esteem, it will make you feel great,  helping you to keep the pounds off  in the future.

        Of course, this being the Holiday Season, we might be tempted by all the treats, so to remind you not to take a second or third or fourth cookie, wear something tight – it will be a little nudge –  shouting ‘don’t.’

         Wishing everyone a very


   Until the next time





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Author: Brigitte Nioche

Author of Getting Over Growing Older Other titles - Dress to Impress, The Sensual Dresser, What Turns Men On.

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