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          Now that dresses have made a comeback, hose are an important accessory – so important, that they have taken on many different looks and purposes. Choosing the wrong kind can ruin your appearance, as much as the right kind can enhance your look.

          You can also use hose to change your look. A black suit worn during the day with natural hose, looks totally different when worn with lace hose in the evening. But to know which kind fits your outfit best, remember this;  it is the fabric of your dress or skirt that determines the type of hose you should wear.

– Tweed and heavy wool fabrics, for example, look good with opaque or textured hose.           

–  Light wool materials (or mixtures thereof) need a slightly sheerer look.

– Silk, chiffon, cotton, voiles need a nude, very sheer hose.

         Then there is the question of colour.  This is more influenced by the shape of your legs than anything else. Therefore, start by looking at your legs. Do you want to draw attention to them or not? If you have good legs, you can wear all kinds and colours. But maybe your legs are not your best feature and you don’t want to highlight them by wearing unusual designs or colours. To be more specific:


– don’t wear light shades.

– don’t wear heavy textures or very thick opaque hose, and never woolen ones.

– don’t wear gold, or silver, or lace hose – they too add volume.

Stay with darker shades. Flattering are hose in shades of dark brown (coffee), blues, blacks, and grays.


– don’t wear sheer black hose. They will make your leg look skinnier.  A 30 denier weight or a light opaque is more becoming, and you can wear it in any colour.


– it is advisable never to wear anything sheerer than a 30 dernier weight 

– the many types of light weight opaque are very flattering and hide a multitude of sins.

To give your legs a longer look,  match the colour of you hose to the shoes (with or without matching the skirt). Of course if the colour of the skirt matches as well, your silhouette will still look slimmer.

          Besides the shape of your legs, you need to keep in mind the shoes you are going to wear. Heavier textured hose should be worn with lower-healed shoes or boots. Nothing looks worse than a rough textured stocking with a delicate, high-heeled shoe. The higher the heel, the sheerer the hose should be.

         If in doubt, a plain opaque hose is your best choice. They come in any imaginable colour, and thickness – so have fun with your legs this winter – and if you are daring, a wild animal print one can make all the difference.

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Author: Brigitte Nioche

Author of Getting Over Growing Older Other titles - Dress to Impress, The Sensual Dresser, What Turns Men On.

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