Can you tell?  Can you see yourself? Do you have a full-length mirror?

According to their appearance, there are many woman who don’t have one. How, otherwise is it possible that many women look good until the waist and further down things deteriorate. At the airport recently I saw a lady who was dressed in a pretty top and jacket, but her pants dragged on the floor over her shoes by at least 2″ – and worse yet, they were all frayed and worn out, and since with every step she cleaned the floor with them, they also looked dirty.  No, you can’t tell me that it is the look, or that it was done on purpose in the name of fashion.  She had just not seen herself in a mirror before leaving her house.

To feel confident about your image you have to see all of you —  in a full-length mirror!How many times do I think that something goes together, only to find out that it doesn’t when I look in the mirror.

If a pair of shoes fit your outfit you can only be sure of by seeing it together with the rest of you. Or how do you know if your pants fit well, or are baggy in the back, unless you can see it. For a skirt to have the right length and be flattering  for your legs, you have to see it. Or does your jacket bulge in the back?

“I have no room in my place” is one excuse I often hear, but it is an excuse, because you don’t need room to attach a mirror to the back of a closet door. I mean the ones you buy in a hardware store, they are very light and not expensive.

So if you don’t have a full-length mirror, please buy one, put it on your To-Do list as a priority. You will feel so much better knowing that the lower part of you, and the back of you, look as good as front of you – which until now is all you could see in the bathroom mirror

And when you see all of you –  in that new, full-length mirror – you will know who is the fairest of  all!

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Author: Brigitte Nioche

Author of Getting Over Growing Older Other titles - Dress to Impress, The Sensual Dresser, What Turns Men On.

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