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         Coco Chanel is the designer who gave us, among many other looks still with us today, the “Little Black Dress.”

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          Is it back? It was never gone and I don’t think it will ever disappear because of its versatility. It can be worn by everyone – everywhere. For the young it is a new experience, and for the older women among us, it is like an old friend.

          What makes the “little black dress” so unique? For one, the assurance that you can’t go wrong wearing it . It is appropriate anywhere. It can easily be changed through accessories. It can be worn for day or evening. Most importantly, it suits 90 percent of all women. No wonder it is one of the most popular and perpetually fashionable dresses ever designed. It can be worn to the office, as well as to the theater, or to go dancing. But for a black dress to look its best, remember the following:

1. A black dress needs a colorful, heavier makeup. Without makeup, or a very light one, you may look dowdy or sallow.

2. A little bare skin should be visible somewhere. The dress might be sleeveless, have low-cut back, or a v-neck, or scooped neck. If your dress buttons up high, leave several buttons open to show some skin.

Following are some suggestions for changing the look of your “little black dress.”

1. FOOTWEAR –  a dress worn with boots during the day can look dressed up in the evening when worn with open sandals or sling-backs. Color as well as style can change the look. Try red shoes and a long red silk scarf flowing over your shoulder. Mauve, gold, and silver are also a good choice.If you are not game enough for red shoes, look at a black-and-red combination, or two other colours of your choice. However, if your look is all black, you can brighten it up with

2. JEWELRY – it does not only brighten up the look it can also change the mood of the dress. Simple gold chains give a different message than long earrings worn with lots of chains. So if the occasion is more festive, add lots of jewelry: a big pendant, or a large brooch (or several if they are small ones) and many bracelets – and of course, rhinestone (or diamond) jewelry is the perfect match with that “little black dress.”

3. BELTS – we all know that a belt can alter a garment, but it’s surprising how few women use this to change the look of a dress. Many styles today can be worn with or without a belt. When choosing a belt there are many options, and not just the style of the belt, but also how it is worn. You can wind a wide soft leather belt tightly around your waist, or let it hang loosely below the waist. The belt can be in silver or gold, or satin with a rhinestone buckle. The buckle alone can be the attraction of the dress when it is big and attractive.

4. SHAWLS AND STOLES – nothing is simpler than throwing a fur, lace or chiffon wrap over your shoulders to get a totally different look.

             But if you have a black dress in your wardrobe that is from a few years ago, make sure that the colour is not the only thing it has in common with the styles of today. Here are some of the latest creation and interpretations of the “little black dress.” 

Peruvian Connection Catalogue
Peruvian Connection Catalogue
Peruvian Connection Catalogue
Boston Proper Catalogue
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Author: Brigitte Nioche

Author of Getting Over Growing Older Other titles - Dress to Impress, The Sensual Dresser, What Turns Men On.


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