Hello Everyone

          Have you ever wanted to wear designer clothes? Have you ever dreamed of owning a Chanel Original? Have you ever thought that a beige Burberry coat could change your life?

          There is hardly a woman alive who, while looking through Vogue or watching a fashion show, has not felt the desire to own one (or more) of the clothes she admires. Why are we so fascinated by them?

          The obvious reason is the beauty of the garment and the fabric, the workmanship and the originality of design. Another, not so obvious reason is that women like diversity. The fact that designers present new collections at least twice a year, satisfies our desire for change. Still another reason has little to do with the actual clothes, but a lot with the status attached to owning a designer dress.

           The price of designer clothes vary, but are always much higher than those for items bought off the rack – an explanation why some women wear designer cloth and others only read about them. Of course, the fact that they are out of reach for many women makes them even more desirable.

           There are designers who have Ready to wear lines which are more affortable.A case in point –  last year Karl Lagerfeld designed a special collection for H & M. But these clothes do not have the status of a couture gown.

          The last but most important reason for our fascination with designer clothes is that we admire the man or woman who  make these clothes – for his/her talent. Dress designing, like any other creative field, is an art. The ability and courage to innovate, to start new trends, to have new ideas, to be different, are characteristics found only in artists.

          Our admiration for these men and women has increased over the years to a point where their names not only sell clothes, but everything from accessories and luggage to sheets, and even candy.

          The reason for the success of designer endorsed products are very human. For many women, including me, who cannot afford a designer garment, an umbrella, a pair of shoes, or a scarf are like a consolation prize. It gives us the feeling that by owning a Hermes scarf, we too can share the glamour and excitement designers represent.

          Designer labels also help us avoid making decision. I had a friend who only bought designer clothes. When I asked why – she said because I know I can’t make a mistake – I did not quite agree,  but the name of a designer gives confidence. After all how wrong can you go when the label says GUCCI?

          For all these reason – the clothes, the designers themselves, our own needs – designer clothes and the men and women behind them are deservedly fascinating.

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Until next time


            AND LOOK YOUR BEST


Author: Brigitte Nioche

Author of Getting Over Growing Older Other titles - Dress to Impress, The Sensual Dresser, What Turns Men On.

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